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I walked back inside, hoping no one was looking at me or Nick. "I finished the dishes, mom." I said. I looked at Nick, who smiled, but then looked away and started talking to Brian. I walked out of the room. I went upstairs and laid down on my bed. Oh crap, I forgot my homework downstairs. I opened my door and skipped to the stairs. I looked down, just to make sure no one was watching. To my surprise, Nick was gathering my stuff together. I ran back to my room and laid down on my bed just like I was doing before. Knock, knock. I got up, and opened the door. "Hey.." I said. "Hi..you, um, left your work downstairs.." he said. "Thanks for bringing it to me. I totally forgot about it," I lied. He turned around, but I didn't want him to leave. "Hey, you owe me another game of tag." I suddenly said. He turned around and smiled. "Name a time and place, and I'll be there, babe." Oh my god, he just called me babe! "My backyard, tomorrow afternoon?" He thought about it and then said, "That'll work. You better be prepared." He winked at me. "You better be too." I smiled. "What's the prize for the winner?" I asked. He smiled. "Winner.. has to take the loser.. to a movie." Oh my god. He made it so that whoever loses, we both end up going to the movies! "Okay, be here, 1 PM." I said. "Can't wait. Now, get to work on those math problems." He winked. "But, I...I need help.." I lied. I wanted him to stay here, and I would do anything to make that happen. "No, you need to do that on your own. You'll get enough of me tomorrow, I'm sure of it." With that, he closed the door. Oh my. How am I supposed to do the problems now? I had tomorrow to think about! Sigh. Oh well. I took out a pencil and got to work. I couldn't let my grades get caught up with my love life.

The next morning, I bounded happily down the stairs. "Mom, what's for breakfast this morning?" I asked happily. "Bacon and eggs." She replied. "Oh sounds yummy!" "Okay, what's going on, you hate bacon and eggs!" my mom said. "Nothing! I just decided maybe I should try it today." She handed me a plate and I happily ate it and drank my milk, said thanks, hugged her, and ran back upstairs to get ready for this afternoon. What bathing suit should I wear underneath my tank top and shorts? I wanted to look hot, but not too hot. I didn't want to make him think that I was showing off for him. How about the navy blue one with white flowers? It's not too showy, and it's comfortable for running around in. I decided to go with that, so I slipped it on, put my little sundress on over it, grabbed a towel, and headed downstairs to get on the computer. I threw the towel on the couch, and sat down at the computer table. I signed onto AIM. Hm, I wonder if Nick has AIM. I got up and went downstairs to ask my dad. He would probably know, being a computer person AND the manager of the Backstreet Boys. "Hey dad, do you have any of the guy's instant messaging screenames?" I asked. "Yes, I do, do you want them?" What a silly question to ask. "Yes, please!" He wrote them down for me and I bounded back up the stairs to put the names in. After adding them, I realized that Nick was on. I was afraid to IM him, he might think I'm stalking him or something. Suddenly, an IM box appeared. It was NickyC. Whoa..

NickyC: Hey Shannon.
Shannondx3: Hey..how did you get my screename?!
NickyC: I asked your dad for it. Do you not want to talk to me? =/
Shannondx3: No, no, I'm perfectly fine with it. So what's up?
NickyC: Just gettin' ready for our little game in about an hour ;)
Shannondx3: Hehe, I'm already ready. If you want to come earlier, you can. My mom and dad are just doin' work, and Austin would probably like to play basketball with you for a litle bit. What do you say?
NickyC: I say sure, why not? I'll be over in about half an hour. See ya :)
Shannondx3: See ya ^.^

I signed off. Today was going to be so much fun! I couldn't wait. I ran upstairs and barged into Austin's room. "Hey, hey, can't a guy have some privacy?" He said. "Nick is comin' over in a few minutes. He wants to play some basketball with you. What do you say?" I asked. "Okay, okay, that boy is ON!" He barged up from his bed and grabbed his basketball. We jumped down the stairs and headed out to the backyard. Nick was surprisingly already there, running around the pavement for excercise. "Hey you guys," he said when he saw Austin and I. "Little man, you're on! he said to Austin. I sat down next to Nick's towel and watched them play. Nick was so sexy when he was running up and down the court, shooting baskets, sweat runnin' down his face. I bet he couldn't wait to get soaked with water. I know I couldn't. It was a really hot day for late August and I was already needing some water. I went back inside and grabbed three water bottles, one for me, one for Nick, and one for Austin. When I came back out, both of them were sitting on the pavement, gasping for breath. "Are you guys alright? Here, take some water." I handed them their bottles, and sat down next to them. Ouch, the pavement was hot. I jerked back up. "Dang, that cement gets hot! Are you sure it's not because you're sitting on it, Nick?" I asked. I looked at Austin. He suddenly got up, and headed for the house. "Maybe it's because I'm sitting on it, maybe it's because you're standing on it. Either way, it's burning hot." I blushed. "Let's get on with the game already!" I yelled. " No, no, first I wanna play you in basketball." Nick, you know I can't play!" He laughed. "Come on, I could teach you if you suck that bad." I gave in. "Okay, okay." He gave me the ball. "Here, try one shot." I took the ball, and he told me where to stand. That was too far away. I moved up until I was about right underneath it, but in a place where I could still possibly make the shot. I threw the ball and it hit the backboard and hit the ground. I ran to go get it. "This is too hard, Nick." I complained. He came over behind me and said, "Here, get on my shoulders." "Are you freaking crazy? I weigh like 90 pounds!" I exclaimed. "Are you freaking crazy? I can lift alot more than that, thank you very much. Now get on." He ducked down, and I got on his shoulders. He handed me the ball, and lifted me up till I was right in front of the goal. "Now shoot!" He yelled. I threw the ball and made it! "Yes! Now get me down!!" I yelled. He let me down and gave me a highfive. "See, you don't suck." I laughed. "Yeah, but it's not like I can ride on your shoulders during a game." He got his water and drank like half of it in one gulp. "Wow, need more?" I asked. "Nah. Let's play some water tag!"

With that, he ran to the bush and took out a bucket of water he had been hiding. "What?! That's unfair!"I yelled. "I said come prepared!" He said. "I'll just go in and get something, then!" I started for the door. Suddenly, something really cold drenched my neck and back. I turned around. "That's cheating! You didn't come prepared, your fault." He laughed. "Ugh, fine!" I pretended to be mad and sat down on the grass. "Aw, come on babe, don't be like that." He set the bucket down. I suddenly got up, grabbed the bucket, and ran off. "Hahahahaha I got you!"I screamed. "Hey, hey now, that's unfair!" He just stood there. "No, it's not!" I came up behind him and dumped the bucket of water on him. He was soaked. Good thing he was wearing swimming trunks. "Now, I can't be the only one wet. Come here and give me a big hug." He started coming towards me. I ran off to the front of the house and hid behind the garbage cart. He won't find me here, I thought. Suddenly, I was freezing cold. He had found me, and snuck up on me, and gave me a giant hug. I was soaking wet, and I couldn't get out of his embrace. "Ahhh, let me go, let me go!" I fought and fought, but he was too strong. Finally, he let me go, and I went crashing to the ground. I turned around and laid on my back on the nice, cool grass. Nick laid down beside me. "You win, again." I said. "Haha, you know what that means. I get the prize." I looked at him. "Okay, you get the prize." "So." He got up and laid down behind me, his face right above mine. I looked up into his blue eyes. "So?" I asked. "What movie and when?" he asked. "Hm, I don't really care, it's your pick since you won. Anything is fine with me." He got up again, and laid down next to me. It's like he couldn't decide where to lie down. What a dork. I laughed. "What's so funny?" "Nothing, nothing, you just can't stay put, can you?" I asked. "Well, I'm trying to figure out what position is best for me to kiss you." I smiled. "Baby, any position is fine. Just kiss me." I sat up, and he leaned in and kissed me, the most passionate kiss I have ever received. Well, the only kiss I had ever received. I swear, it was about 5 minutes long. He finally let go, and I fell to the ground once again. He stood up, grabbed my hands, and helped me get up. Suddenly, the sprinklers came on. He took my hand, and we ran through them like little kids on a hot, summer day. Again, me and my klutzy self, slipped and fell back onto my back. Nick fell right on top of me, didn't hurt at all, and we rolled down the hill. I was hoping we would land in such a way that I would be on bottom. Well, we did. Once again, we stared into eachother's eyes. "I love you, Shannon." Nick suddenly said. "I..I love you too, Nick." He leaned in to kiss me..

Then we heard a car honk from the driveway. It was Brian, AJ, and Howie. "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Two lovers makin' out on the front lawn in the sprinklers?" AJ said. Nick and I suddenly got up. Brian and Howie laughed. "It's alright guys, you're not in trouble." Howie added. "Nick, we have a meeting in 30 minutes, you might wanna dry off.." Brian said. Nick looked at me and I knew that our fun was over, for now anyways. We walked back to the backyard, and I watched him dry off with his towel. "Where's your towel, baby?" "I must have forgotten it in the living room. Silly me. Always forgetting something." Nick laughed. "It's okay, you can use mine. " He wrapped it around me and then went inside. I'm guessing he brought an extra change of clothes with him. I smelled the towel, I know, I'm crazy; but I couldn't get enough of him. It smelled so good.

Once dried off, I walked inside and upstairs to go change. I guess Nick and I will have to discuss the movie plans after the meeting. I took a shower, and threw on a pair of capris and a nice shirt, who knows why, since I was just going to be around the house. I checked to see if Austin was doing his homework, since he likes to procrastinate and do it on Sundays. I barged in his room, again. "Hey, are you done with your homework?" I asked. "Are you done with your lover?" He asked. "Austin, he is not my lover, we're just friends!" He laughed. "Yeah right, I know the story about you and him makin' out on the front lawn. Brian told me." Oh great ..my brother was going to make fun of me now.."Well, okay, maybe he is, but we're not going out or anything." "You my as well be going out." I closed the door. He was right. We should be going out. Maybe that will change when we go to the movies. Maybe he'll ask me out. After all, he's the one who kissed me first, and made the prize turn into a date, and said 'I love you' first. Just maybe..