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As soon as the meeting was over, Brian, Howie, and AJ came upstairs. Where was Nick? "Hey, Brian, where's Nick?" I asked. "He's still downstairs, probably waiting for you." He winked at me. "Oh pulleasee." I smiled. I quietly walked downstairs. "Nick?" I asked. "You down here?" I got to the bottom and saw him sitting down on the floor staring at the wall. "Yeah, I'm down here." What was he doing? "Um, is there any reason why you're staring at the wall?" He looked up at me. "No, not really." Something was wrong. "Aw babe, what's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing's wrong, I just had to make up an excuse to stay down here alone, so that you would come down here, so I could ask you something." This didn't make sense. "What do you need to ask me?" I asked. "Shannon, I.. I really like you, but I know our age difference is, well, not that close, but I was wondering... would you like to be my girlfriend?" I was shocked. Well, not really shocked. I knew this was coming, just not now. I sat down next to him. "Yes, Nick, of course I would. I like you alot, I don't even care about the age difference. All I know is that I like you, I like being with you. You make me feel like myself. You're the only one that really understands me." I sat in closer to him and hugged him. "I love you, baby." I said. He hugged me back, and we sat there for about 5 minutes before letting go. He kissed my cheek, and we headed upstairs. I stopped. "Wait, so when's the movie?" I asked. He still hadn't told me. "The movie is tonight, 7PM, my hotel room." I thought about it. Hotel room? "Uhmm... ?" He seemed to know what I meant. "No, no, I'm not like that, Shannon. That's how I used to be, but not anymore. And anyways, you're too complex."He looked at me. "Yeah, I am."

Nick left with the guys 5 minutes later, and I rushed upstairs to get ready for tonight. Did he want me to wear my pajamas? Maybe I should ask. I got out my cellphone and called him. "Hello?" he answered. "Hey Nick, it's Shannon. I got a question." "Okay." He replied. "What should I wear? Do you want me dressed up, casual, or in my pajamas? He didn't answer for about 15 seconds. "Whatever's most comfortable to you. I'm just wearin' casual, but if you want your pajamas, go ahead and wear them. Bring a blankie, stuffed animal, anything. It's all about us tonight. Do whatever." I thought about it. I knew exactly what I would wear and bring. "Okay, I'll see you later." We hung up.

I went back upstairs and slipped on my teddy bear pajamas, and got my fleece blanket I got when I was little, and my little doggie stuffed animal I had gotten for my 12th birthday by this guy, and put them in a bag. I bounded down the stairs, and got on the computer. I wonder if Nick is on. When I signed on, the only person who was on was Brian. I decided to IM him.

Shannondx3: Hey Brian(:
BrianLittrell: Hey, Shannon! What's up?
Shannondx3: Just gettin' ready. I'm goin' out tonight.
BrianLittrell: Ah, I see. May I ask where and with whom?

I paused. Becoming my body guard? Whatever, should I really tell him? I would've thought that Nick told them..

Shannondx3: Well, I'm guessing Nick didn't tell you then..
BrianLittrell: Tell me what?

Hold up, maybe Nick didn't want me to tell them yet. What should I do? I thought about it.

Shannondx3: Nothing, nothing. About tonight, I'm just going out with a few friends to a party.

I lied, but I couldn't let them know what was going on.

BrianLittrell: I see. Well, hope you have fun. Hey, I got a question for you.
Shannondx3: Okay, thanks! Shoot.
BrianLittrell: Do you have this thing for Nick? It really seems like you do, with what happened at dinner Friday, and what we saw earlier.
Shannondx3: Um, well, I do have this thing for him, and I think he has this thing for me, but it's probably only contemporary.
BrianLittrell: Well, I just want to remind you how he is. He may say he's not like "that" anymore, but just a week ago we found him and this girl doing you-know-what in his room. I just wanna watch out for you.

I paused. He had lied to me! And I was going to his hotel room later tonight! What should I do? I'm not ready for that! I'm only 19. I'm sophisticated. I don't go for that.

Shannondx3: Well, he told me that he wasn't like that anymore, and that he wouldn't do that to me because I'm too complex and sophisticated. Do you think he was lying?
BrianLittrell: I'm afraid he most likely was.. Be careful.
Shannondx3: But he said so himself! He really likes me, and he asked me out just before you guys left. I even asked him about what we were doing and all he said was watching a movie, and then he said that he's not like that anymore. I believe him.
BrianLittrell: Well, I'm just warning you then. Be careful tonight. Have fun, but don't let him make any moves on you. If it seems like he's trying to get you to do things, make up an excuse and say you have to be home or something.
Shannondx3: Okay, okay, I will. I'll leave if I start feeling uncomfortable, and he should be able to understand.
BrianLittrell: Thank you. I wouldn't ever want anything to happen to you.
Shannondx3: Aw, thanks Bri :) Well, I need to go now. I'll talk to you later. See ya!
BrianLittrell: Have fun! Bye! :)

I signed off. Wow, I didn't know who to believe, Nick or Brian. Brian is his best friend, but Nick is Nick himself. He wouldn't lie to me. But neither would Brian. I'm so confused. I'll just go tonight, and if anything gets out of hand, I'll leave. I checked the time and realized that I needed to get going. I got in my car and headed for the hotel. When I got there, Nick was sitting in the lobby, waiting for me. "Hey, babe. Follow me." He grabbed my hand and we went up the stairs, instead of the elevator. We got to his room, he took out his door key, and unlocked it. "After you." He said. I walked in. Wow, it was actually....actually clean. There was one bed, a couch, a bathroom, and a tv on a desk. He had his laptop on the desk also. He handed me a movie. The title was The Sound of Music. "No way, you like this movie!?" I looked at him. "Well, no, but your dad said it's your favorite movie, so I'm going to take a chance and watch it." How sweet. "Aw, thanks." I plunked myself down on the couch, getting out my blanket and doggie, and got myself situated. He put the movie in, and then sat down next to me. "You need anything?" He asked. "No, no, I'm fine. I normally don't eat or drink during a movie. I know, call me weird." He laughed. "Weirdo." I hit him with a pillow. "That's not very nice." I said as I hit him again. "I'm just kidding, don't worry. If you're weird, then so am I." He said. "Okay, that's fair enough." I looked at the tv. The previews were over, and the movie was starting. We settled down, and watched. My favorite part about this movie was the songs, and the singing. Whenever there was a song, I ended up singing out loud, and Nick would just give me a weird look, since he doesn't know the songs. "You have a good voice." He said. "Thank you. So do you." Oh, nice move. Of course he has a nice voice! He's famous! "Well, thank you. I get that alot." I laughed.


A few hours later, the movie was over, and I was yawning nonstop. "You tired?" Nick asked. What a loser. "No, I'm just yawning because I'm a weirdo. Yes, I'm tired!" I said. He laughed. I looked at my watch. It was almost midnight. Not that late. I figured I could stay another hour or so.

"Hey, I have an idea." I said. He looked at me. "Wanna play Truth or Dare? I know it's childish, but it's fun." I said. He laughed. "I'm into childish things. Just this afternoon we were running around in the sprinklers playing tag. Is that not childish enough?" I laughed. "Okay, okay, so we're both a little childish. You start." "Truth or dare?" I thought about it. I wanted to go extreme. "Dare." I replied. He thought about it, looking around the room. "I dare you to go get a can of Coke from the fridge, and chug it." I laughed. Oh gosh. "I'm going to be sick tomorrow." I got up and took a Coke out of the fridge. I opened it, and started to drink it. About halfway through, I stopped. My mouth and throat were freezing cold. "Hey now, you have to drink it all! Not half. Keep goin'." My stomach was hurting already. He watched in amazement as I kept drinking. I needed to get this over with. I finally finished and threw the can down. "Bravo, bravo." Nick said. I jumped back onto the couch, feeling hyper, yet nauseous. Oh well. The feeling will pass. "My turn. Truth or dare?" It took him a whole minute to decide. Finally, he said, "Truth." "Oh,come on, that's no fun!" I sighed. "Fine. Let me think of a question.." I looked up, trying to think. Should I ask him something about us, about someone else, about the girl he supposedly slept with last week, about his family, or what? I decided to ask him if he really liked me or not. I know, it's dumb, and he'll probably lie if he really doesn't like me, since I think he does, but whatever. "Do you really like me, or are you just trying to get me in the bed?" I asked. He looked down. Oh wow.. He didn't know what to say. "I need an answer, truthful answer, Nick." I said. "Well, honestly, at first, I wanted to, but that was right when I first saw you; before I had even met you. Now I don't want to, because I like you for who you are, not for what you can do. Even though I have no idea what you can do.." I was shocked. I didn't know whether or not to believe him. And I didn't even know what I could do. I laughed in my head. I didn't wanna find out. "Okay, that's sweet. Your turn." "Okay, truth or dare?" He asked. I wanted to do truth, but then I didn't wanna have to answer a question, I wanted to do something, so I said, "Dare." "Dang girl, you're a daredevil." He said. "Oh right, chugging a can of Coke was sooo hard." I laughed. He looked into my eyes, shocking me. What was he going to make me do?

"I dare you.." He paused. "To kiss me." I looked at him. That wasn't hard. I leaned in, and kissed him. I don't know how long he wanted, so we just kept kissing for a little bit. His hands clasped around my neck, and so I decided to put my hands on his chest. I was starting to lose my balance since I was sitting in an awkward position on the couch, so I let myself fall back to where I was laying down. That broke off the kiss. Oops. I looked at him. "Sorry, I was starting to fall." I said. He said," That's alright. Do we have to play the game still, or can we just kiss more?" He asked. Was he really wanting to kiss, or did he want more? I couldn't tell. I decided to stop the game. "Okay, the game is over." "Great, " he said as he moved forward. Oh geez, why was I laying down? He probably thinks I want to...you know. No, he knows me better than that. I let him move in closer, and kiss me. I kissed back, not knowing what to do with my hands this time since I was laying down. If I wrap my hands around him, he'll end up on top of me. Maybe that's okay...I decided to go for it. I wrapped my hands around his neck, and he immediately was on top of me, still kissing me. He put his hands on the couch, to make sure he wasn't squishing me. After about 5 minutes, he stopped, and got up. "What a dare." I said. He turned red. "I..I'm sorry, if you didn't want that.." "No, no it's, um, fine. ..After all, we are going out." "True.." he said. I went and sat down next to him, wondering what we were going to do now that it was almost 1 o clock. "Hey Nick, I think I should get going, it's kinda late." He looked at the clock on the tv and nodded his head. "Yeah, it is. I'll walk you out." I grabbed my things and we walked out to my car. When I got there, I turned around. "I had alot of fun, I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" He sighed. "Actually, I'm going to Florida tomorrow. I won't be back for a few weeks. I meant to tell you earlier, but I kinda forgot.." He said. I looked down. "Oh, I see. Well, that's okay, I guess. We'll have our phones and computer to keep in touch." He smiled. "Yeah, I'm really sorry. I need to go see my family; that's why I have to go." I looked at him. "Family is important. I guess I'll see you in a few weeks then." He hugged me. I placed my head on his chest. My eyes were starting to water. I looked back up at him. "I'll miss you." I tear ran down my cheek. "Babe, don't cry. It's only a few weeks. I promise, nothing will happen. I'll be gone, you'll have school to think about, and before you know it, I'll be back. Don't worry." He hugged me again, tighter this time. "Okay. Well, I need to get going.." He let go and kissed me on the cheek. "Bye, babe." I got into the car, and waved back at him, not knowing when I would see him again. He waved back, and off I went.