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It's been 2 weeks, and I missed Nick terribly. We had been talking on the phone and computer alot, but it wasn't the same. The last time I talked to him, he said he was starting to get sick from the cold weather that was weirdly starting to come over. I told him to drink lots of hot tea and take tylenol to help the headaches, and take warm showers to help the cough. I was starting to get scared for him, he was having trouble sleeping, and it was a hassle trying to watch over his brother and sisters while he was sick. I decided to call BJ and talk to her. "Hello?" "Hey Beej, it's Shannon." I answered. "Oh, hey Shannon. What's up?" She asked. "Nothing much. Just missing Nick. How is he?" I asked. "Hold on, I'll go check on him." I heard her walk around, most likely to Nick's room. "He's sleeping. He has been for hours. When he's awake, all he does is cough." I sighed. "Aw, I wish I could do something. All I can do is tell him what to do, and obviously that's not working. How are you and everyone else?" I asked. "Oh, we're, well, fine, I guess. Alot of fighting since Nick isn't exactly well enough to tell us to shut up. Aaron is always going off at Leslie for singing 24/7, and Angel tries to get inbetween them, but it doesn't work, and so she ends up in the middle of the fight. Then I come in and try to break everyone up, but then I end up yelling too much, and everyone gets mad at me. I'm surprised Nick sleeps through it all." "Wow." That was all I could say. I wish I could be there to help them..but I can't leave school. "Well, if Nick gets worse, please tell me. You should take him to the doctor tomorrow, and see what he says. If something is really wrong, you guys should probably send him back here where there's parental supervision and everything."I stated.. "Okay, I'll make an appointment for tomorrow. It'll be hard to get him up, but he should understand that he needs help. Thanks for everything." "No problem. I'll call you later. See ya." I said. "Bye." I hung up.

Wow, Nick must be really sick. I wish I could do something, but I can't. I'm on the other side of the US for crying out loud. It's not like I can get a plane ticket, fly over there, and help him. I have to stay here for school, and I can't leave the family. I sighed. I walked slowly back upstairs, dreading school tomorrow. The last 2 weeks I've had so much homework, it's not even funny. I have 3 tests tomorrow: Social Studies, Science, and French.
I have no idea how I'm going to pass them all. Sure, I'm a straight A student, but that was back in Kansas. Here, the curriculum is way harder, and it was getting hard to focus now that Nick was away, and now it would be even harder since he was away and sick. I worry about him. I'm sure BJ will call me with the results tomorrow. For now, I need to focus on my work.


The tests were'nt as hard as I thought they were going to be. I'm pretty sure I aced the Social Studies test. The Science test was a little difficult, but I managed. I probably got a B or something. The French test wasn't that hard, either. I was stumped on one word, but that's it. I probably got a high A. I got off the bus, and ran inside to see if I had any missed calls from BJ. Sure enough, I did. "Hey honey, what's the rush?" My mom said as ran upstairs. "Oh, BJ called! She's going to tell me the results about Nick! I need to call her back!" With that, I finished running up the stairs and jumped onto my bed. I dialed BJ's number. "Hello?" she answered quietly. "Hey, what's the news?!" I eagerly asked. "Um, Shannon, can I call you back in a few minutes?" She sounded upset. "Okay..bye." I hung up. What was wrong? Did something really bad happen? Was Nick dying? I needed to know! I paced back and forth in my room, impatient. A few minutes passed. No call yet. 5 minutes passed. Still no call. What's going on over there?? Suddenly, my phone started to ring. I grabbed it and flipped it open. "Bj! What's going on?!" I practically screamed into the phone. "Hey, um, well, I'm okay..the family is okay...almost." I stopped pacing. "What do you mean almost?" "N..Nick." She paused. "He's is really sick." "Yeah, I know, that's why I told you guys to take him to the doctor. What're the results?" I heard her start to cry. "BJ, what's going on? Tell me!" "Nick has pneumonia. Really bad. The...the doctor said..that..that he might not..." She stopped again. "Might not what?!" I asked frantically. "Live." OH MY GOSH. "Oh my gosh, BJ what's the percentage? 50/50?" She started to cry harder. "Shannon...it's very low. There's..there's a 10% chance he'll make it." OH MY GOSH. This was not happening! "You're joking, right? Please tell me you're just messing around! Really, how is he?" I started getting upset. "Shannon! I'm not joking! This is really happening!" I couldn't believe it. Nick, dying? I needed to be there! "BJ, tell everyone I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm going to ask my dad if I can come. I REALLY need to be there!" "Okay, I'll see you soon..." Her voice trailed off and then she hung up. I ran downstairs, yelling, "DAD! DAD! WHERE ARE YOU?!" "I'm right here sweetie, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I hadn't noticed that I had started to cry. "Dad, it's...it's Nick. He's..he's in the hospital d...down in F..florida. He has Pn..eumonia, r..r..really b..bad. They said..they said that there's only a..a 10% chance he'll..he'll.. make it! I need to get down there, N..NOW!" I cried. My dad hugged me very tightly, trying to calm me down. He raced over to the computer and started looking for flights to Tampa Bay, Florida for tonight. "Honey, while I'm looking for flights, go call the guys and tell them what's happening. They'll need to know and go with you. Go!"

I raced back upstairs to get my phone and dialed Brian's number. I could barely see the numbers, but I guess I got it right since after two rings I heard, "Hello?" in a Donald Duck impersonation. "BRIAN!" I yelled. "Shannon, what's wrong?" He quickly asked back in his normal voice. "Nick, he's in the Tampa Bay hospital. He has Pneumonia, and there's only a 10% chance he''ll make it! You gotta pack your bags and come over here as soon as you can. My dad is looking for flights for me, you, Howie, and AJ for tonight. Hurry!!" I screamed. "Oh my~...Okay, we're coming! We'll be there in a few minutes!" I hung up. I raced back downstairs and told my dad that they were on their way. "Have you found a flight yet?" "Yes, it's for tonight at 9:00. Is that alright? You'll get to Tampa Bay around 3:30 AM." I sighed. "I guess that's the earliest we can get there. Take it. I gotta go pack my bag." I ran back upstairs, grabbed my 'Shannon' bag, and started throwing clothes, a blanket, Ipod, and my stuffed animal in. I raced to the bathroom, grabbed my hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, etc. and threw it all in. I raced back downstairs. I was getting really tired from all of this racing around. The doorbell rang. "I GOT IT!" I yelled. I ran to the door and opened it. As soon as I did so, I was embraced into a big hug by Brian. I started crying. "Shannon, it's going to be okay. Nick will make it. He's very strong. He'll make it. He'll make it." Brian let go and looked at me straight in the eyes. "You believe in him, don't you?" I wiped my eyes while nodding my head. Howie and AJ were over by my dad talking about how we were going to get by all of the fans to get to the plane. "Dont worry, you guys. We'll have 4 security guards with you. Fans won't be able to get near you, and you'll be the only ones having first class on the plane, so no one can bother you. It'll be fine," I heard my dad say. The guys said thank you to my dad. Howie looked at his watch. "It's 7 o clock. We should get going. We need time to grab some supper on the way to the airport." I grabbed my bag. "I'll call the security guards and tell them to meet you at the airport," My dad said. "Okay. Thanks again." He turned towards us. "Guys, we're off."

I followed Brian, Howie, and Aj and got into Brian's car. It was about a 30 minute drive from the airport, so I took out my Ipod and put it on shuffle. The first song that played was Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely. Oh, how I hoped I wouldn't end up without Nick. I started to get tears in my eyes. I put the volume down a little lower and wiped my eyes. Howie, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my hand and held it in his hand. "It's gonna be okay, Shannon. Don't worry. He'll make it through." He put his arm around me and I placed my head on his shoulder. It was nice having such great friends. Well, these guys were like dads to me, except for Nick. Nick wasn't that old. I laughed in my head. That thought cheered me up a little. A few minutes later, we pulled up to the airport. A security guard opened the door, and Howie and I got out. We were surrounded by 3 more security guards. I guess I'll have to get used to this now. The security guard that let me and Howie out went around to the other side and opened the door for Brian and AJ. I followed Howie into the airport, not knowing where to go since I had only been in here once. That was when I moved here. We went up to the room where you wait to get on the plane. We couldn't really see anyone else since the guards were blocking our view. I looked at Brian. "Get used to it, Shannon." I quietly chuckled. "Okay." I said. "Will the people who are sitting in first class please make their way onto the aircraft now." I heard over the speakers. The only people who were going on first class was us, thank God. Who knows what it would be like without these guards and not being in first class.

When I got onto the plane, I didn't know where I was supposed to sit, so I let the guys and the security guards sit first. There were two seats I could choose from, one beside Brian, or one beside a security guard. I chose the one next to Brian. It would be weird sitting next to a security guard. I got myself situated in my seat, and leaned back. "You okay?" Brian asked me. I turned to face him. "Yeah, I think I'm okay. I'm just really wanting to get to Tampa Bay right now." I said. "We all are, hun." He replied. "Brian?" I said. "Yeah?" He turned to face me. "What.. What if we get there, and he's already gone?" Brian took my hand. He never answered. I guess it was one of those questions that has no answer. I mean, it has answers. Either you could say, "That won't happen," or "Then we tried," but he never said anything. All he did was take my hand. Maybe it was implied. I can't think straight, I'll just forget it. I laid my head back and looked at Howie and Aj, who were listening to music. Am I the only one that really cares?