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During their unexpected hiatus, Kevin decides to reconnect with the boys on a camping trip. Healing old wounds, sharing old stories and just spending time as brothers.

Rated: PG
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Brian, Kevin, Nick
Genres: Dramedy
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 15
Completed: Yes
Word count: 39541
Read: 39676
Published: 07/07/08
Updated: 07/09/09

1. ~ One ~ by Mare [ - ] (2956 words)

I know I said I was done. You can thank Rose for giving me this idea. I ran with it and I hope you enjoy the outcome. I'm hoping it'll be Fishing meets Why lol

2. Chapter 2 by Mare [ - ] (2467 words)

Hello! Here is chapter two. This will be the last chapter in third person. The rest will be told in first person. I hope it doesn't mess anyone up but I just felt like it flowed better in first person. Enjoy and as always, thanks for reading!!

3. Chapter 3 by Mare [ - ] (2774 words)
AHH! this is my 3rd attempt to post this chapter! Just a reminder that we are now in first person. I hope you enjoy! And as always, thanks for reading!

4. Chapter 4 by Mare [ - ] (2714 words)

I hope you enjoy this, it's my tribute to Howie since he's not really in this story. :O) I'll be back in two weeks with another update. Next week we are taking a break form this story for a new short one about AJ.

5. Chapter 5 by Mare [ - ] (2558 words)

Howdy, i'm back! Hope you enjoy! :O)

6. Chapter 6 by Mare [ - ] (2739 words)

Here's chapter 6. I hope you enjoy!! Thanks for reading! :O)

7. Chapter 7 by Mare [ - ] (2794 words)

I almost forgot to post this tonight lol I have to let you know I am starting school this week so i'm going to try to keep this regular update thing going but if I miss a few down the road please don't hold it against me!  In the meantime, thanks for reading! You guys rock!! *hugs anyone reading this*

8. Chapter 8 by Mare [ - ] (2275 words)

Hello! I'm back with another chapter! I hope you enjoy!

9. Chapter 9 by Mare [ - ] (2460 words)

Hey Gang....sorry about the lack of update last week. I was in the hospital which brings me to this chapter. I have to say that this is the last chapter I have written which means I have officially caught up to myself... which means you probably will not get an update next week. I will try to do my best with writing and staying no more than a week or two behind. For now, enjoy!

10. Chapter 10 by Mare [ - ] (2766 words)

Howdy all and sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy this chapter. As much as i'd like to promise you another one next week it all really depends on how I feel and how much time I have. I shall try my best though. As always, thanks for reading and you all rock my socks!

11. Chapter 11 by Mare [ - ] (2628 words)

Hey everyone! Better late than never, right? I hope you enjoy this chapter. I would like to think in my head, that this kind of conversation did go down, but once again it's all in my head. I know a lot of you ask me if I based this off of actual events and sometimes I do. This chapter I didn't except for the blurry Brian part. lol Enjoy and thanks for reading!

12. Chapter 12 by Mare [ - ] (2678 words)

I finally got around to writing another chapter of this one. Happy Birthday Dee, if you're even reading this anymore lol hope everyone has a very Happy New Year! Thanks for reading!

13. Chapter 13 by Mare [ - ] (2297 words)

Hello! I know it's been a long time but i'm infally back with a brand new chapter. You can thank the South American leg of the tour for this one. I know i'm touching on fish again but I also had to bring up some of the other stuff that has recently came up. See? If you wait long enough to update you find more to be able to talk about lol Thanks for reading!

14. Chapter 14 by Mare [ - ] (2624 words)

I'm back with another chapter and it didn't even take me months this time! YAY!! I think there's only one chapter left of this one so i'll try to get it out before the end of May. I promise. Thanks for reading! :O)

15. Chapter 15 by Mare [ - ] (2811 words)
Well, this is it guys. The very last chapter. I just wanted to say thanks so much for sticking by me and this story for such a long time. It really meant a lot to me!