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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story may start out a little slow..i have many different thoughts on how i wanna portray whats runnin through my mind..an this is my first story soo bare with me. please R&R!
:This story starts out with txt from her diary
Dear Diary,
since this is the first time i have ever written in you maybe i should take the time to introduce myself ,so here goes. My name is Cecilia Lynn Jennings i'm 16 ,i just got my liscense ..yay me! And i am completely in love with this one guy that will knock your socks off an take your breath away..the only problem is he's a celebrity ,a rockstar, a GOD! He doesn't even know i exist but if i have anything to do with that it's all about to change! I have a plan and i intend on doing everything possible to get my man, who is it your askin ok i will tell you he is none other than NICK CARTER!!! I have a plan and i'm gonna get him..he's gonna fall in love with me..he just has to but first we have to meet.That would be possible if my dad managed somebody like the backstreetboys instead of some country singer named Shania Twain. I mean she's good but come on shania or bsb? that's what i thought ! well here's my plan..."Cecilia" (heard from outside the door)
oh no my mom guess we will just have to continue the plan later..bye for now.C
Chapter End Notes:
i no that it sounds kind of child ish but that would be comin from a 16 year old rite? it gets better i promise