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ok diary here goes ..my mom came to tell me that shania twain and the backstreetboys will be performing a song at her concert together called from this moment! Only one problem..it's half way around the world an i have school on monday.well maybe he will let me go just this once..or maybe i can just sneak out nah i better just wait and play this by ear..speakin of ear i just got a txt so bye

DAD:Hey sis i got a surprise 4 you !
Reply:k sweet wat is it?
DAD:shania twain an that group you like ..they r performing a song they haven't done together in years for a charity event this Friday night!
Reply:omg! daddy that is soo awesome can i go please daddy please?!
DAD:well honey i wouldn't have brought it up if i wasn't gonna let you go
Reply:Dad your soo awesome thanx so mch .lve u!
DAD:love you too sweetheart ,start packing your gonna meet me at the airport and we are gonna fly out there just me you and mom!
REply:omg..i gotta start packn!

okay so wow!!!i didnt even have to put my plan into action my dad is sooo awesome he knows i love the backstreetboys especially Nick! And now i get to go see them live!!!Glad my dad has connections or it mite be a lot harder to meet these guys!