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Being single in the city isn't always what the television shows make it out to be. It's not one swinging party after the next. Sometimes being alone is just that, lonely. What happens with two people; one a humble passionate pastry chef from Manhattan and the other, a single father in LA; find out they're not so alone after all?

Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick
Genres: Angst, Dramedy, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Death, Graphic Sexual Content, Sexual Content
Series: None
Chapters: 22
Completed: No
Word count: 81351
Read: 38746
Published: 11/09/08
Updated: 05/08/09

1. Chapter 1: Some Hearts Just Get All The Right Breaks by Teri [ - ] (4539 words)
So yes, another Nick romance. I know, I know but I can't help it, he's just SO easy to write about. Anyways, this was an interesting storyline that has been bugging me for months to post. I'm almost done with the second chapter and decided to begin posting this. (Yes I will be finishing my series AND my other stories) This is yet another sideproject I have going...woo! lol. Enjoy and please let me know what you think!!

2. Chapter 2: Rash Decisions Don't Itch Do They? by Teri [ - ] (3190 words)
So for the wonderful response I got from the first chapter I decided to post the second! I'm working on WSIT at the moment hope to have another chapter of that out today too (hopefully). Enjoy and lemme know what you think!

3. Chapter 3: Leaving On A Jet Plane by Teri [ - ] (3082 words)
Cool yet another chapter! I'm excited and the response has been amazing! Thank you all so much for liking this story. I hope you all enjoy!!!

4. Chapter 4: Kismet by Teri [ - ] (3260 words)
Wow, just wow I am so insanely pleased and thrilled with the fantastic response this story is getting! So much so I decided to update AGAIN! lol I hope you all enjoy and feedback = much happiness and cookies! Thanks so much!

5. Chapter 5: In the City, City of Angels, Lonely as I am.... by Teri [ - ] (4080 words)
So holy freakin crap...you guys are awesome. So dun dun dun! Another chapter for you! I figure this will help me get more inspired for WSIT this weekend (since i plan a major writing party to get the next few chapters of that rolling). Enjoy!

6. Chapter 6: The Blue Note by Teri [ - ] (3099 words)
wow i'm so pleased to see everyone is enjoying the story so far! Enjoy another chapter!

7. Chapter 7: Bloody Mary, Full of Grace by Teri [ - ] (4956 words)
So i stayed true to my word and got another chapter out today! lol 7 for seven ladies and gents! it's only 11:07pm here when i'm posting so it still counts as Saturday for me lol. Anyways I'm sitting here watching Across the Universe for the zillionth time (LOVE that movie) and got som serious inspiration for Nick and Marie. I hope you all enjoy...and don't throw shoes at me for the massive cliffie i left you guys at LOL. Thanks so much for reading! And holy flippin crap almost 60 reviews for 6 chapters? you all are AMAZING. I love my readers! If you all hadn't guessed this story is sort of based off of the movie The Holiday with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz. It has some elements of it to it and some of the lines of dialogue I were directly inspired from the movie. If you haven't seen the movie it's excellent. The first scene is inspired from a scene in the movie which made me giggle immensely so I used it with my own special twists upon it! Hope you all enjoy!

8. Chapter 8: The Night Before The Morning After by Teri [ - ] (2425 words)
Wow, just wow everyone, I'm still in shock about your love of the story. I'm glad you like it! I know I left you on a mean cliffie but...I hope this makes you feel better hehe! Enjoy everyone!

9. Chapter 9: Falling, Falling Fast by Teri [ - ] (3150 words)
Yay i am so glad you all like the story so far! it's about to get deliciously complicated as Darby so rightly put it! I hope you all enjoy!

10. Chapter 10: Flashbulb Glare by Teri [ - ] (3215 words)
so i think i'm really on a roll here. lol I popped in my UnBreakable cd and just jammed this chapter out within a couple of hours. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks so so much for all the reviews! It's getting complicated in here!

11. Chapter 11: Evergreen by Teri [ - ] (3370 words)
Woo! another chapter, this one has a pretty big cliffie at the end hope you all enjoy!

12. Chapter 12: Revelations by Teri [ - ] (2868 words)
Yay another chappy! thanks so much for all the reviews so far! more to come soon!

13. Chapter 13: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Teri [ - ] (5590 words)
So wow finally another chapter! I know it took me longer than I had hoped but I need to take a break every once in a while lol. Anyways without further hesitation here is chapter 13!

14. Chapter 14: Decode by Teri [ - ] (2627 words)
Yay! I think I found my momentum again!! It's a short introspective chapter from Nick's side of the issue. Next up is Marie's side then them back together soon...hehe. As you can tell from the lyric and the song title I'm kind of obsessed with the twilight soundtrack. Tis my new favorite thing to write with in the background. I haven't seen the movie yet...which yeah...I am going on thursday after turkey dinner! Also the new videos of Nick shirtless on stage (oh thank you kevin for that one finally!)

15. Chapter 15: Mercy by Teri [ - ] (2568 words)
Yay another chapter! hehe anyways thanks for all the reviews so far! keep em coming! now this is marie's side of the issue and a lead in, to the next chapter dun dun DUN! lol.

16. Chapter 16: Facing the Music by Teri [ - ] (6201 words)
So yeah...it's uh been quite a while eh? I've been so busy with work, with everything going on in my life that I haven't had much time to write. However I have an awesome beta (Darby) who's been bugging me everyday about writing. And finally I finished this chapter woo! Hopefully more to come soon! Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement thus far!

17. Chapter 17: Handle With Care by Teri [ - ] (3032 words)
So wow...it's been um a while. I've been so busy with work and writing on other things. But I got a fit of inspiration on this one and I hope you all like it. Some more dramz on the way! I think you'll totally giggle at the next chapter's title when I get around to posting it (got to write it first though LOL). Thanks so much for staying tuned and continuing to read despite my abhorrent lack of updates!

18. Chapter 18: Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition! by Teri [ - ] (4177 words)
So wow, two updates in as many days? WTF?! LOL i know, i know. But this was a relatively easy chapter to get out. I'm still blaming darby for this. LOL damn you! JK i heart you darbs! Anyways the title as promised - hehe - hilarious to me, if you don't get it then you my dear reader must be insane! Go rent the dvds to Monty Python's Flying circus. You'll probably pee yourself laughing (cuz hello the funny!) anyways here's chapter 18! enjoy!

19. Chapter 19: Sex On Fire by Teri [ - ] (4097 words)
So this one took me a couple days to get out. I'm going into a 36 hour day between tonight and tomorrow so I won't be around much this weekend. This is a pretty huge chapter as far as plot and such. (Aside from the lemony goodness at the beginning) It sets up the rest of the plot and keeps things moving, anyways, I hope you all enjoy! A huge thanks to Darby and Mel for kicking my butt into gear with this one!

20. Chapter 20: Freudian Slips by Teri [ - ] (3130 words)
So I busted this chapter out today after the hellish weekend I just spent at work. Thankfully I have wednesday and thursday off. and to top it off i get paid today woo! Okay here is chapter 20! A big thanks to Darby for helping me sort out this chapter. Next chapter we head to LAS VEGAS BABY! All right enjoy!

21. Chapter 21: Poker Face by Teri [ - ] (5520 words)
Sorry it took me so long to get this one out. I was stuck on it for a lil bit, but now I think I got the flow back. Enjoy!

22. Chapter 22: Revelry by Teri [ - ] (3175 words)
Yay another chapter! Quite an introspective one at that. I hope you all enjoy. A big thank you to Darby for kicking my butt and helping me plan the rest of the story! If you haven't already go check out Casual, her story. I'm sure most have checked it out but go read, enjoy and leave her some love too!