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Story Notes:
PLease Review!!! Jessica is a 22 years old singer who is about to explode in the popular music world. When Jive Records heard her voice and saw her sense of style in music, they were quickly contracted with her. She is mostly known/ famous for her wild, crazy side.You can recognize her from famous beautiful green eyes. She didn’t have any sad story behind her, her family owns a big local textile company ,she has a little sister, her family loves her and she had a good childhood.
After spending her years under the rules of her parents, when she finished the college, she left her own country for chasing the dreams. She moved to Los Angeles to start a new life and finish her education but the city gave her something more. Not just the career which she is never been so care at all but the love… As you know love concequers all. She is least person who expects love in her life after her bad relationships and trust issues. Besides when this love comes from not a complete stranger for her heart, she loses all of her control.
“You know you are the luckiest bitch on earth right now” said Nathalie , my BFF.
“I think you just exaggerate the situation over here babe, its just the beginning” I told her.
“Like you said it’s just a beginning girl, you know there will be so many other things come right after this” she said while she opening the radio.
The song was Florida feat T-pain s ‘Get Low’ and i was really glad to heard that song because it just kept me down for a little while. Last three months of my life was just unforgettable and blast, i signed my contract with Jive, spend my days in studio and (hell yeah) i have an album lunch party tomorrow.
“We are gonna meet so many cool people tomorrow, may be we can meet some handsome guys too.” said Nathalie again .She is still over exaggerating the situation. She is always like that , there was one time she was just feeling sick because of flu but everybody thought she was gonna die the day after because of her reactions.
“Yeah, i’m sure we will.” I said with an uncared voice.
“Seriously girl, I always believe in your talent but i never imagine this,i mean look at us, we are in LA, damn, you are driving a convertible Mercedes and have a condo in Malibu and a freaking album lunch party tomorrow, i love you so much you know that.” She shouted jokingly.
“Well thank you for loving me because of that stuff. “I said playfully.
“I didn’t mean that, you know right? You were always dreaming about coming LA, starting your own fashion line, and live there happily ever after but this chance is just beyond your dream.” She said seriously with a puppy look on her face. Yeah, see, thats why she is my bestfriend, she always tells the right things to make me feel comfort.
“Yeah you are right, so have you ever thinking about moving to LA? I mean seriously, dont you love here?” I asked her but then she shook her head
“Dont change the damn subject Jessy, what are you gonna wear tomorrow?” but without waiting my answer; “I was thinking may be we can stop by at ‘Madison’ to look around for some fun clothes, you know, its been like two years since our last shopping together and after that we can go to hairdresser.” She added.
“How can i say no?” I asked happily, she was just knocked me on the heart.
“Ok, cool.” She said and then we hit the road.

After spending almost the day at shopping and hairdresser we decided that to have lunch at Nobu. While we were ordering our foods i saw some press outside of the place.
“This is goig to be huge you know, after tomorrow ,that paparazzis will chasing you for some pictures.” Said Nathalie excitingly.
“And is that a good thing because…?” i asked her nervously, even thinking about it makes me nervous as hell.
“Because you are going to be famous, everybody s gonna love you, i have a feeling that everything s gonna be allright. ” she said but i sweared she was as nervous as i am i thought.
“Yeah, yeah.” I said while i was in deep thinking and without noticing the vibe in my handbag.
“Your telephone’s ringing honey” said Nathalie while shaking my shoulders and looking at me with big eyes.
‘Hey there our rising star, whats up?’ The voice asked me.
‘Oh hey Johnny.. just having lunch with Nathalie, you know, my dearest friend from back home.What about you’ I answered , Johnny is my manager and the CEO of the Jive Records.
‘I’m fine, Listen,i need to talk you about tomorrow.’ He said.
‘Ok, is there something wrong?’I asked nervously.
‘Oh no, not at all girl, i just wanted to informe you about some news which Amanda mentioned me earlier today’ He said with a calming voice.
‘So?’ I said, i was wondering , what was going to happen..
‘You really should know that, tomorrow s going to be big, i mean more than you imagine, everyone s gonna be there, i set up your vehicle and your crew for help you to get ready for the night, they will be at your place around 1 pm and you need to be here at least 5 pm for sound check, ok?” He asked.
“Oh ok cool.” I said while the tears coming to my eyes, i was scared to death, i have never ever thinking about in my whole entire life that i have a chance to make big , you know.
“So get a good sleep tonight, be relax and dont worry about anything, everything s gonna be fine.” He said, i guessed he understand my emotions at that time.
“Well thank you, i hope i will.”I said to him and then turned off the phone.
“SOOOOO??” Asked Nathalie and then when i saw Nathalie s wondering eyes, i was started to cry because of my stupid nervousness.
“Oh honey, you dont need to worry, everything s gonna be fine, as i said everybody s gonna love you, they are gonna adore you, all the teenies will want to become you and all the handsome s want some piece of you.” She said jokingly while she hugged me.
“I hope so” I whispered to her.