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The next day i was woken up by Nat as usual. She tortured me with some old flicks like ‘Fame’ and ‘I will Survive’ while i was still wanting to staying in bed. I just wished i would pass the day without attend my album release party but Nat wouldn’t make it happen even if the world would stop.

“Geez Jess, your crew will be here in any minute.’She shouted outside of my door. I looked at my cell and it was freaking 11 am

“Shit.” I yelled and got out of the bed. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and wore my black J.Couture tracksuit.

“Girl, you never told me , you have a Backstreet neighboor.” Nathalie said while i was entering the kitchen.
“What?” I asked, i was completely in shock.

“ Tattooed boy from the Backstreet Boys” she said with a careless voice.

“I have a Backstreet boy neighboor?” I asked again with a quiet disbelief.

“Geez, yeah you have a Backstreet Boy neighboor. I saw him this morning while i was shopping for some grocery stuff.” She said and then rolled her eyes.

“Why didn’t i saw him before? May be he was just a look a like? ” I asked curiously.

“Or may be you were just too busy to saw him.” She said while taking sip of her orange juice.

“How can i never see him? He was my crush when i was sixteen, remember?” I asked her.

“Thats why i recognized him,you idiot!”She said jokingly.

“So then may be i’ll see him later here.” I said with a huge grin on my face.

“Or may be you’ll see him tonight at the party, aren’t you guys both in Jive Records?” She asked with a much more big grin on her face than mines.

“Yeah , but we are talking about Backstreet Boys, not some newbie singers or artists plus Johnny never mentioned about the guest list.” I said with a disbelief.

Right after my words, my door bell rang and my slow day became into such a nonsense fantasy day. Everbody in the home was taking care of me. They were running around me, some of them were taking care of my hair while some of them were taking care of my nails and stuff. Actually, i felt like a princess so many times before but today was upgrading my level countless times. When they were finishing their job with me, i wore my black Gucci boho dress and red Louboutin booties.

“You look really beautiful girl, i’m so proud of you.” Said Nathalie while she hugging me

“Pleaseee don’t make me cry, i don’t want anyone to touch my face again, ok?” I said her jokingly.

“Ok then, let the fun begins!!” She said cheerfully and then we left the house.