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I felt suck, really, you had no idea about what i was feeling. God, yeah i mean sometimes i’ve act like a child, but honestly i really hurted by Nats actions this time. Even if she wanted to go with them at least she would fucking call me when she were leaving, right? But my friend, she didn’t even tried to bother me. Anyways, i went into my crib and closed the door. I went directly to the kitchen and took a bottle of JB and turned my living room. May be you were wondering why i was started to drink, right? Because thats all i needed!!! I needed to celebrate my success even if i needed to celebrate by myself. After a while , i was all relaxed listening Mariah Carey’s latest hit ‘Bye Bye’ and chilling on sofa, I heard someone at my frontdoor. I thought it would be Nat, so i didn’t even bother to got up and opened the door. I heard the door bang a few seconds later. Nat would be taking upstairs to went through her room i thought cause i didn’t hear any voice after the bang. Living room s light were off so she didn’t guess that i would be here.

AJ thought that she didn’t come home . So he called Nick after he checked all the rooms upstairs.

‘Guess what, nobody’s here’ He said.
‘Really she should be there any minute man, did you check all the rooms?” Nick asked.
“Yeah man, listen, i m gonna go downstairs to wait her at there” He answered and turned off the call.

Shit, I heard someone s noise and it didn’t sound like Nats voice. I got up silently from the sofa and went through to kitchen to got something like a knife or a fryer. I sweared i heard a male voice, i didn’t even famous yet so why would someone got into my house until he would want to steal anything. So i needed to face to face with a thief. Fuck Nathalie. Why didn’t she here with me. After a few seconds later ,living rooms lights were on, what a thief i thought. I started to walked to living room slyly with a fryer on my left hand and that JB bottle on my right hand.

“Hey” Someone whispered to me and i jumped. When i turned my back and saw who it was i was relieved.

“You scared the shit out of me” I told AJ.

“Yeah i guess” He said while he was looking at my hands, again he started to laugh at me.

“Why are you laughing? I thought you were a thief.” I pissed.

“So you thought that if i were a thief then you would actually had a chance to hit me by these.” He said while he was pointing the fryer and a bottle.

“Yeah whatever, can you cut it out please.” I asked. “Plus what are you doing here, in my home?” I added with a curiosity on my face.

“Cause you don’t feel tired. After that huge success, you should be at Les Deux celebrate with us besides, you promised me to come, so im here to take you to the club” AJ said while he was still laughing at me slyly.

“I didn’t promise you anything.” I pissed again, he was making me so nervous. The way he looks, the way he talks, the way he smiles…

“Can you please calm down a second?” He precisely yelled.

“I’m not nervous , i didn’t promise you anything besides Nat was the one who said it would be ok to come. Why do you care? I’m celebrating in my own way, see” I said while i was raising my right hand to show the bottle.

“I thought it was for hurt me” He said sarcasticly.

“Before you came , i was drinking and relaxing.” I said while i was rolling my eyes. This guy was starting to irritate me badly but all i thought was how incredible looked his body with these tight jeans.

“Oh” He nodded. “I’m really sorry but you need to come with me” He started again.

“I don’t want to go outside as I said Nathalie before.” I shouted.

“Ok so we ‘ll sit at home” He said a while after he sat down on my loveseat.

“We? Are you fucking kidding me?” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, we, cause your friend asked me to. Plus i drived all the way to come and get you out of this home. But if you don’t want to go out then i can be a good company while you ll sit here and have fun without noone.” Again with that sarcastic voice.

“I thought you were my neighboor so you would have a chance to go to your own home ” I blurted.Yeah i know, shit happens sometimes.

“Where do you know, where I live. Are you a stalker fan?” He said again with that fucking sarcastic voice.

“Nat told me that she saw you while you were shopping at the grocery store this morning, you idiot, arrogant, self obsessed dumbass.” I started to yell at him practically.

“You know you look so much hotter when you were pissed” He said jokingly while his eyes were completely glancing at mines. .

“ Leave” I shouted.

“Oh ok..” He said and then he got up but after a few seconds later he turned down at me and pushed me againsts with his left arm.

“What are you doing” I started to yell again.

“You told me to leave, so i’m leaving but honey you know, i told you, i m not gonna leave this house without you so you are comin with me.”Said AJ and grinned.

“I hate you” I shouted while i started to pinch his shoulders.