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Deanna drove 2 hours to Nick’s old apartment that he had since gave to Madison a year ago.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re up to, Carter...” She thought. “But I’m gonna catch you...one way or another...” She then put the pedal to the metal, when she sped up, approaching ever closer to the apartment.

“Oh...god...Ma...Maddie...” Nick’s strokes became faster, as Madison drove his cock inside him deeper. “Oh, shit...I’m gonna cum...” Before he even said it, he came hard around his hand, some landing on his belly.

“Nick...Nicky...oh, shit...” Madison pulled out of him, and came in his mouth, some of his warm stickiness landed on his face.

“Mmm...” Nick moaned, taking in everything he could dish out. “My God, you’re incredible, Maddie...”

“Not as incredible as you, Nick...” Madison leaned in, and kissed his lips softly.

“I love you, Madison Michaels.”

“And I love you, Nick Carter.”

Nick and Madison then got under the covers, and snuggled as if one in their warm bed.


Deanna finally arrived at the apartment. She then got out of the car, and walked to the door, banging on it hard.

“I know you’re in there, Nickolas...” she thought to herself. “I’m gonna catch you, and your bitch...”

Nick and Madison’s eyes sprung open when they heard the door. “Who could that be?” Nick got up, and put his robe on, walking to the door, tying it up. As he opened it, he received the shock of his life.


“The hell are you doing here, Nick? I was worried fuckin’ sick about you!”

“Dee, I just needed to think about some stuff, that’s all.”

“Thinking about what? Fuckin’ your next whore? Is that what you needed to think about?!”

“Nick, what’s goin’ on out there?”

Now it was Deanna’s turn to be absolutely shocked. She saw Madison stand next to Nick, staring down at her. Deanna was disgusted at what she saw.

“Nick say that this isn’t so...please say that you’re not...”

“Now you know.”

Deanna stood there stone cold, as she saw her boyfriend, her one true love, stand next to another person. Another man.


One Week Later

“You saw what?” Kevin said, shocked at what Deanna had told him.

“You heard what I said...I saw Nick...and another man...doing things that I do NOT wanna know.”

“So, what you’re tryin’ to tell me is...Nick’s gay?”


“Oh...my god. Why couldn’t he just tell you that?”

“I don’t know...because he’s an asshole?” Deanna just couldn’t believe it. How could Nick do this to her? Why wasn’t he truthful up front?

Since then, Nick and Deanna broke up. She never knew that he would do that to her. She thought he loved her, but she thought wrong. Upon that week, Deanna went to the doctor for an AIDS test. She didn’t want to take any precautions on getting sick, thanks to the one person that she gave her heart to.


Two years later, Deanna sat in her room, typing up a letter to Nick. She wanted Brian to deliver it to him, since she said thoroughly that she never wanted to see him again, and that she’ll move on without him.

“Nick? It’s Brian. Open up.” Nick walked to the door, and was met with a cream envelope. As he took it out of his hand, he stated: “What’s this?” “Something that you should really think about.” After he said that, Brian walked off of the stoop, got in his car, and drove off. Nick walked outside, and sat on the stoop steps, opening the envelope. He then read its contents:

Dear Nick,

I hate you. I thought that you were the one man that I thought was good. But I guess I was wrong. I never thought that you would cheat on me behind my back, let alone with a man. You should have told me that you were gay, even if it was hard for you to explain. You let me down, and you shattered my heart in thousands of shards.

I recently took an AIDS test, to see if I was infected. It turns out that I’m not, thank God. If I was, I would have had you arrested for murdering me, cutting my life short.

I also found out one thing, that you’re a father. That’s right, a father. Charina will never know about you...hear about you...or even look at you. I wanted us to work, and most of all, I wanted us to be a family, but I guess you never even gave it some thought, huh, you lying sack of shit.

So this is all that I have to say to you. I never want to see you again, and I never want to hear from you again. As of now, you no longer exist, and you are invisible to me, and my daughter. Stay away from me, and keep away from us.

Yours Truly,
Deanna Littrell.

Nick couldn’t believe it. Deanna moved on in a midst of a year: giving birth to a daughter, and marrying his best friend, Brian. He looked at the note some more, and looked up at the sky.

Just then, Madison walked out, and stood behind Nick. “What’s that, Nicky?” Nick balled up the note, and threw it out onto the sidewalk. He then turned to Madison, smiling.

“It’s nothing, baby. Go on back inside.” Nick stood up, and kissed Madison, before following him into the house.

Well, that’s the story of my shitty life to this point. As of now, I’m still with Maddie, and I never gotten the chance to see my daughter, Charina. But, no matter. Madison is all I need to get by...I’ll be ok.

But surely, if I feel ok why do I feel like absolute shit?

Because I don’t deserve Madison, and I sure as hell don’t deserve life.