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Nick Carter, traveling musician-slash-train stowaway is joined by a girl thrown out of her home during the Great Depression.  But in order to keep their cover, Carla must become Nick's traveling companion "Carl," a mute boy who plays the piano.  As they wander the country, Carla learns to trust Nick and tells him the truth about her past, but she soon realizes that he has secrets of his own.



Author's note: This story and time period have lived and grown in my head for so long that I forget what are facts and what are flights of fancy. So please take historical discrepancies with a grain of salt, and pretend that I intentionally took an artistic license!

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick
Genres: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Historical, Romance
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 13
Completed: No
Word count: 38071
Read: 25363
Published: 12/18/08
Updated: 04/03/11

1. Intro: Fall 1929 & I: February 1932 by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2702 words)

I've been writing this story for a long time... It started back in 2003 when I watched a documentary in my history class about teenagers during the Great Depression, and since I was really into Nick fanfic at the time (still am, haha) I decided to write a story about Nick living during that period.  Enjoy~

2. II: Two Days Later by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3249 words)

I just realized that the summary for this fic gives total spoilers through the first couple of chapters... D'oh!  Well, it can't be helped so here's another chapter to move things along until we're no longer in spoilers territory =D

3. III: Wednesday by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2308 words)

I have to confess... I'm not overly fond of the title "On The Rails" because I already have another fic with a similar title.  So if anyone has any suggestions for a better title, please share!

4. IV: Later Wednesday by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2114 words)

Merry Christmas!  Here's the next chapter because I have a feeling that I'm going to be pretty busy up through the first week of January.  Maybe if we're lucky, I can get one more chapter posted after this before I disappear for a bit~

5. V: Arriving in Belleville by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2118 words)

I disappeared for a little bit longer than I'd intended!  Suffice to say, I had an AWESOME New Years~  Hope you guys did, too.  ♥  Here's the next chapter; I've been trying to flesh out each one so that every update has at least 2K words.

This one's dedicated to Julilly because I nearly cried when I read her compliments for On The Rails over at the Author Inquisition boards!  Note to self: participate in the "Let's ring in the new year with some praise!" thread discussion.

6. VI: Piano Lessons in Melancholy by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2475 words)

This chapter was a toughie!  It's always difficult trying to squeeze in character development without breaking the natural flow of the story.  I kept writing and re-writing certain passages.  Hope this turned out okay, and I'll try to have the next chapter posted once I resolve some timeline issues!

7. VII: April Showers, Girls and Sours by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2894 words)

This one is dedicated to my girl Ashley! ♥  Thanks for reading and reviewing~

8. VIII: A Rising Star by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3107 words)

I think the judging period for the Felix Awards is past, but I still wanted to get this chapter out there for all of you.  ♥  I actually wrote this story arc as an afterthought, separate from the rest of the fic, and inserted it to fix some timeline issues.  It seems to have changed some things that I had planned for later on in the story, but I think the end result will be much more fun this way!  Sorry for the long delay in updating; I got really stuck on this chapter for a while before I decided to set it in Chicago.  Looking at period photographs, listening to music from the 30’s, and reading an old book on Chicago all got me in the mood to write again! =]

9. IX: Not-So-Secret Identity by FiliKlepto [ - ] (4601 words)

This one goes out to Mare, who puts me to shame with her insanely frequent updates.  Thank you for motivating me to write again!

This is actually only half of what I intended to write for chapter nine, but it ended up being so lengthy that I just had to split the chapter in two.  Of course, that also means that all the action I planned doesn't happen until chapter ten!  So this one's a bit slow, but if you can sit through it, I promise the next chapter will have you on the edge of your seat.

10. X: It Gets a Little Windier by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2336 words)

Happy New Year!  This one’s a short chapter, but only because I had to split a really long chapter in two.  Expect the other half soon~

11. XI: Carla Carter by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2484 words)

It feels good to have another update ready so soon!  Hopefully the next chapter will be up quickly as well.  This one is dedicated to my newest reviewer, Victoria in South America.  ♥  Thanks for all your reviews!

12. XII: Blown Out of Chicago by FiliKlepto [ - ] (5006 words)

I did it! I came right down to the line with this one, but still I managed to stay on top of my resolution to update bi-weekly. I wanted to wrap up the Chicago arc with this chapter, so it's a big update (for me) at just over 5K words. Enjoy!

13. XIII: A Return to Wildnerness by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2677 words)