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Author's Chapter Notes:
this is my first story and i'd appreciate any feedback :) hope you enjoy it
“How can you just say it’s over? We have a daughter together!” Brian yelled at his girlfriend Rachel.

“It’s not working out,” she said as she walked out the door leaving Brian standing there alone.

“Daddy where’s mommy gone?”

Brian turned round to see his two year old daughter Elly standing in the doorway, her soft strawberry blonde hair all shapes.

“Mommy is going away for awhile,” he explained walking over to Elly and picking her up. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“Will you sing me to sleep?” she asked lying her head down on his shoulder.

“Course I will princess.”

“It’s just me and you now, isn’t it daddy?” Elly asked quietly. Hearing his little girl ask that made Brian’s heart break in two. He may have only been 20 years of age but he had wanted the best for his daughter. She meant the world to him and would die for her if it meant that she didn’t have to go through any pain. As he tucked Elly into bed that night, he couldn’t help but think to himself, was it really just going to be the two of them? His world revolved around that little girl but he didn’t want to have to bring her up on his own especially at his age. What if he did something wrong? He was on his own now.