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The next day they went to the Tapestry Against Polygamy for help. We waited a couple hours, they had the police come and talk to my mom and I. Lillian who worked there gave us money, food stamps, an address of where we would live until my mom got a job, and a list of schools of where my sister, brothers and I would attend.
We drove and found the address of our new home, it was a mobile home.
“Mom this place looks scary, look at our neighbors” I said looking around at some bikers and some lady who didn’t look fully dressed I looked away embarrassed
“that lady’s naked almost” I said
“don’t point” my mother said. We got out and went into our new home.
A month went by and we were adjusting to our new life, my father called the police saying my mother kidnapped his kids but with the report my mother had already filed nothing happened. My mother cut her hair, as did I, I wanted nothing to remind me of my past, I got new clothes from a vintage store, I got skinny jeans and graphic tee’s to express how I was feeling, my mother didn’t like what some of them said but understood.
“So Megan where are you from, you’ve been avoiding it” Jessica a girl who I hung out with asked. I bit my nail and thought if I should mention where I was from
“you know I’m just not ready to talk about it” I said
“oh, well ok, I’m just interested” Jessica said and ate her pizza. I took the bus home with my brothers and sister and we saw my father’s truck.
“Papa’s here” Mary said and ran towards the house
“Mary stop” I called running after her. My father was at the front door stop with my mother
“what is he doing here?” I asked standing next to my mother
“he wants you girls to go back with him” Judith said
“yeah, I’ll pack my things” Mary said happily and ran to get her stuff
“Mary you can’t” I said following her
“why, I miss our life” Mary said
“as soon as you get there he’s going to marry you off” I said
“no he won’t, I’m not mature enough yet” Mary said
“Mary please don’t go” I begged
“I’m going, come with me” Mary said holding my hand
“are you kidding, I want nothing to do with that life, it’s hell there” I said, Mary gasped and pulled her hands away from me
“May god have Mercy on you Megan Levitt for saying such a horrible thing”
Mary said and walked out the door and into our father’s arms. I soon came out and stood next to my mother and my little brothers
“Mary baby, please don’t go” My mother cried, and I soon saw a cop car come by, officer Jackson came up to us, I guess my mother had called ahead of time.
“he’s taking my baby” My mother cried
“I want to go with him” Mary said
“I’m sorry Mrs. Levitt, but if she’s willing to go, I can’t stop her” Officer Jackson said, my mother just nodded. My father then looked at me
“well Megan say goodbye to your mother” he said
“I’m not leaving, I’m not going back to that place and with you” I hissed
“well then I guess we will be leaving. I will be coming back for Megan, and you will be with Timothy, he is the Prophet’s son, and he wants you” Josiah said
“well he’s not getting me, I’ll never go back to that hell hole” Megan said and ran inside.