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Months passed and we moved from one place to the next just to avoid my father and Timothy who were not giving up on getting me to go back with them. My mom got a lawyer who her friend recommended, and they started dating. He soon got offered a job in L.A and asked my mom and us to come with him, we all agreed.
Three years have passed and Megan has tried to move on with her new life in L.A. She has friends here, but only one best friend named Kendra who knows about Megan’s past life.
“So are you going to go to college?” Kendra asked
“I don’t know, maybe, Mike offered to pay for me but I think I might look into scholarships, or I might try modeling or acting, I don’t know what I want to do, I think a part of me wants to do something that would be looked down upon back in Utah where my father is and I want them to see it” Megan said and ran her fingers through her long brown hair.
“hmm, I can’t imagine being married and with kids by now, I’m glad your mom got you out of there” Kendra said
“yeah me to” Megan said taking a deep breath, she was happy with her new life. They live in a beautiful 4 bedroom house. Mark was great with my mom, he gave her space and time and also her independence, but he was also there for us kids. Mark has a great clientele mostly dealing with the doctors (plastic surgeons).
“So how’s work?” Kendra asked sipping her drink
“it’s good, a little hectic but good” Megan answered playing with a strand of her hair and looking out the window
“I still don’t understand why you work, you don’t need to, mark will cover you expenses like your car, clothes” Kendra said smiling. Megan turned her head towards Kendra and rolled her eyes
“I like working, it gives me independence you know and I’m working at a job that I love” Megan said smiling
“Megan you work as a tutor to kids, what’s to love about that?” Kendra asked
“Kendra you need to realize that we grew up in two completely different worlds. I work because back in Utah that wasn’t allowed for woman, our job was to have babies every year, and that’s not me. I mean I want kids in the future for sure, but right now I want to know what else is out there in this world that they hid me from” Megan said. Kendra smiled sympathetically and nodded understanding
“Hey you ready to go?” Kendra asked
“not yet, I think I want to stay here and just relax, I’ll talk to you later” Megan answered
“You sure?” Kendra asked, Megan nodded. Kendra stood up and hugged Megan and left knowing that Megan needed time alone, she hated talking about her past life knowing that her father and Timothy were still looking for her. Mark had someone keeping them updated on her dad, and he had every intention of getting Megan back and getting her married to Timothy. About 10 min’s later Megan got up and grabbed her car keys and placed her sunglasses on, and grabbed her ice tea and they headed out to the car when she bumped into someone making both her and his drinks falling to the floor and spilling mostly on Megan.
“oh my god, I’m so, so sorry, I’ll buy you a new one, what did you have “ Megan asked and grabbed some napkins
“hey, hey it’s ok, it’s just clothes they can be replaced” the man said stopping Megan from cleaning the mess. Megan took a deep breath and looked up, the man was covered in tattoos all up his arms and on his neck, he had his shades hanging from his shirt and had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen.
“What did you have I’ll buy you a new one” Megan said
“It’s no problem really” the man said smiling at Megan
“no, please let me, I wasn’t watching where I was going, it’s my fault, believe me I’m a clutz” Megan said and got back in line to order his drink. She got his drink and was ready to leave
“I’m really sorry, I can get you a new shirt as well” Megan said
“no, no, it’s ok really. Well since we are here why don’t we sit down and talk, I mean you owe me” the man said. Megan looked at him and bit her bottom lip
“um, I don’t think I can, I’m sorry” Megan said, this man was gorgeous but he had tattoos and that meant he was bad news, well from what she’s been taught.
“uhh excuse my manners, my name is Alex” he said sticking his hand out
“umm, Megan” Megan said and shook his hand
“good, now we know each other’s names, now can we sit and chat?” AJ asked smiling. He thought this girl was gorgeous, there was something about her that intrigued him, he wanted to get to know her.
“I…I just don’t feel comfortable really, please don’t take this the wrong way but your tattoos” Megan said, Alex squinted at Megan, what was wrong with this girl, did she not recognize him
“I’m not a bad guy, they just express the way I feel, it’s just art” AJ said
“oh, no please don’t be offended I didn’t really mean that, oh my “ Megan said and ran her fingers through her hair
“hey it’s ok, I usually give off that vibe” AJ said.
“I should really go” Megan said and headed for the door
“Uhh wait a minute, here’s my number I would really like to get to know you better, can we meet up together tomorrow here and just talk, please?” AJ asked with puppy dog eyes, Megan looked at him while biting her lip
“o..ok, 6 o’clock ok?” Megan asked
“perfect. I’ll see you tomorrow night Megan” AJ said and watched Megan leave