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My name is Melissa but everyone knows me as "Misha". My penname comes from my middle name which is "Rubelle" and my cousins used to call me "Maye" for fun :)

I love to sing and write, but I haven't written any songs of my own. I can also play a little bit of piano but i'm not a virtuoso or master pianist LOL. I enjoy writing in my spare time and I have been writing fan fiction for a while (probably since i've been a BSB fan). I'm so glad I found this place to share my stories with other BSB fans. I usually just write them in a private journal and read it for myself but I'm glad I have the opportunity to share it with others and get reviews on it :D

I love listening to music (via my iPod), watching movies, and playing the Nintendo Wii or any other videogame console i'm a gamer hee hee. I listen to pop, R&B, rock, some hip hop and a little bit of everything. I love action and comedy movies the most, and I usually pick an action flick over a chick flick :P but i hate horror movies.  

I've been a BSB fan for 12 years now (and counting :D) and my favorite Backstreet Boy is Nick :p but i also like the other guys (which include Kevin :)). I have only been to a few concerts and have never met them in person.

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