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I've been writing fanfic since I was 12. There weren't any Backstreet Boys or NSYNC when I was 12 and I didn't even know there was something called fanfic at that time. It just seemed a natural progression from playing with dolls and Barbies to making up stories involving favorite singers and actors. I gave up the fanfic avenue for quite a few years but still held the love of writing and creating. I got back into it around 2001 with my 'discovery' of BSB. Yes, I am a cross-fandom writer. I started writing NSYNC fic in 2002 and all kinds of writing of fizzled but when it came back, it came back with a vengence! I actually created the name "FantaCwriter" just for my NSYNC fics as a way to separate myself from the BSB-fic-fandom. Then somewhere along the way, an idea for a story came to me, literally, in a dream and I knew it wouldn't fit FantaCwriter. She's more of the Harlequin or other paperback type of writer. No, this one was more lusty and intense so my alternate writing persona of Sugar Magnolia was invented. I'm still not sure where that name came from, though...

Now, however, I'm back to just being plain ol' April. It's who I am and I just don't see a need to hide it. I'm glad to have found a place like Absolute Chaos where I can "house" all of my fics and as time goes along, I will be doing so.

Most of my stories involve heroines loosely based on the the type of women I grew up around--the very dynamic Southern woman. I'm from the South and have the accent to match so it only makes sense that most of my creations are set it places I'm familiar with and involve rich characters I've met along the way. I love the sappy, happy, dreaded 'Mary Sue' stories. I love stories that don't always involve the guys in their element. I'm not above writing or reading a little smut every now and then, either. Even though I know it can't always be this way, I want my happy ending, dang it. Bonus points if the story gets to me enough to envelope me emotionally and can make me laugh or cry. I love well-written stories the best, complete with correct grammar and punctuation.

In my 'real life', I have an English degree and taught English and creative writing for a couple of years. I love language and the pictures that can be made from it. I am married and the proud 'mama' to two cats. I have a dry sense of humor, but love slapstick, and am slightly snarky at times. I love to read and hold onto the dream that one day, I will get enough nerve to try to get a book published. Until then, I'll keep being a feedback whore and use the reviews as my 'pay.' They might not buy a new car, but they make me happy.

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