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Hi i'm Tracy and live in South Africa I've been writing stories for ages also got a whole stack on my penname is tracy34
also if you like my stories add me as a friend at your myspace page,

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Summary: The world was filled with darkness and chaos. Men battled each other for power and wealth; the earth shattered with their anguished cries. The demons emerged from the darkness for peace and sanctuary, but God had other plans. For each country, a priestess, Pandora, emerged at the crux of chaos. Her goal was the coveted Holy box. Something precious was sealed inside, and it was only waiting to emerge. Which of the four would obtain it? And what would happen when she did?
Parent Series: None
Categories: Fanfiction > Music > 98 Degrees, Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys, Fanfiction > Music > NSYNC, Fanfiction > Music > O-Town, Fanfiction
Characters: AJ, Ashley, Brian, Chris, Dan, Drew, Erik, Howie, Jacob, JC, Jeff, Joey, Justin, Justin, Kevin, Lance, Nick, Nick, Other, Trevor
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Warnings: Death, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content
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