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Nick Name: Meg or Meggy
B-day: May 26
Sign: Gemini
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5? 1? (Go right ahead and make fun of me. Every one else does.)
Weight: 113 lb (Raise your hand if you hate me.)
Music Genre: Rock
Instruments: Guitar
House at Hogwarts: Gryffindor
Word of wisdom: Laugh at yourself before
anyone else can.
Car color: Silver
Favorite color: Blue
Theme Song: ?Just a Little Girl? -Amy Studt
Crush/Lusting for: Orlando Bloom
Favorite Actor: Rupert Grint
Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie
~*Personal Quotes*~
Did you know the whole car moves when you take you foot off the break? ~Me (I?m not vary bright sometimes)
If Britney Spears?s is a brunet I?m going Blonde. (Later that day.) I?m going blonde! ~Me
I bet Valdmort or Voldmort whatever his name is Harry?s father. Hermione will probably end up being his twin sister. And what?s his name is Han Solo. ~My dad comparing Harry Potter to Star Wars. I agree with him on Ron being like Han Solo.
Cannor: What can you do when you turn 18?
AJ: you can to the booby bar!
Nicole: If you?re calling it that you shouldn?t go to one.
I can write a better Beitney and *NSYNC song. I could but I?d feel a little guilty about it. ~My brother
One time I had a nightmare where a fill-in-the-bubble test was chasing me screaming ?None of the above!?. ~Me

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