In light of the slew of spam memberships on the site, when you create a new profile please be sure to put something in your bio! This will help us differentiate legitimate accounts from spam accounts.
--julilly on 09/30/17 08:03 pm 0 Comments
100th Featured Story!
As you all know, every month we feature a story right here on this page. We have been doing this for a very long time and have finally gotten to story number one hundred!

In honour of this we asked everyone to vote for who you considered to be the top ten authors of all time on AC!

Coming in at #1 on our list, with the 100th featured story is Mare with "Hope is the Last Thing Ever Lost" To learn more about Mare and to read along and particpate in her thread, head over to the forum and under Featured Authors look for her thread.

Congrats to her and thanks for participating in the Top 10 countdown! Check back soon for June's featured story.
--Julilly on 05/01/15 03:15 pm 1 Comments
Site Moving Servers
If you're seeing this notice, you're on the new server. Woohoo! We made it.

If you see any unusual errors, please comment here--I haven't had time to do thorough testing yet. I will work on fixing things as soon as I can.

There MIGHT be a problem already where stories are making us validate them before they post, but that may just be some weird setting I applied to only my account at some point and have to track down. If anyone else posts and it doesn't appear to actually post, please let me know. If you post and it does post, well...let me know that, too, so I know it's just a weird setting on my account.
--Chaos on 08/19/13 05:41 pm 0 Comments
On Absolute Chaos... TONIGHT!

Be sure to tune in tonight at 8 Eastern for the 2011 Felix Awards!

Follow along with the awards presentation on word press:

Then be sure to come back to the AC forum for all the congratulatory chatter you want! :)

See you tonight!

--Julilly on 02/18/12 08:03 pm 16 Comments
Card for Nick

Emma over at our sister-forum The Dark Side came up with a really great way for us to all show Nick our support after the loss of his sister, Leslie.

It would be great if everyone could go sign this card for him:

Eddie from Ground Ctrl has said they will make sure Nick gets the card so let's get the whole Absolute Chaos community on board here and show Nick our love!

Thanks guys.

--Julilly on 02/03/12 08:41 pm 23 Comments
Rock the vote!

Now that you're done rocking the boat, it's time to rock the vote.

Take a break from watching cruise vids and vote for your favourites for the Felix Awards!

Voting runs until 11:59:00pm on January 8th but don't leave it to the last minute!

There's only one vote allowed per person (yes, it does log them and I will delete multiple votes), you don't have to vote for every category, and you are able to go back and change your vote once you've completed your ballot! Good luck!

--Julilly on 12/10/11 06:34 pm 17 Comments
And the nominees are...

It's official! The nominations have been tallied and it's almost time to go to the polls!

Check out the list of official nominations for the 2011 Felix Awards and congratulations if your name is on the list!


--Julilly on 12/10/11 04:29 pm 22 Comments
Felix Awards 2011

It's that time again - awards season! Nominations are now open for the 2011 Felix Awards!

Head on over to the forum and vote for your favourite stories AND authors. Nominations are open until the end of November, get yours in!,2900.msg97209.html

--Julilly on 10/28/11 08:30 pm 10 Comments
Rules for posting update
Just letting you know that the rules for posting have been revised to include the consequences for breaking the rule listed above it. These will go into effect starting tomorrow.,2168.0.html
--Mare on 11/14/10 05:16 pm 12 Comments

Moving Servers

In an attempt to gain back functionality of the site and hopefully end the errors some people are experiencing, the site will be changing servers some time in the next few days. I actually don't know exactly when this will be happening, and I do not have much control over it. I will do my best to make sure that nothing is lost, but i can't guarentee it, so PLEASE make sure you keep a backup of anything you post (you should always do this anyway!!!)  If anything is lost during the server move, I really don't have any way to retrieve it.

--Chaos on 11/04/10 04:48 pm 13 Comments
Important site news on the forums.

Please read this, if you don't it could mean your story will be deleted.
--Julilly on 10/16/10 11:57 am 22 Comments
Most Recent page issue

Just wanted to let you know that the site is having some problems with the most recent page. Some stories are being updated but aren't showing up as most recent. We would suggest that you favorite the stories you are reading, this way when they are updated, you will get an email notification. We're not sure how many people this is effecting but based on the MB, there are at least a small handful of us that are having this issue.

--Mare on 10/05/10 09:53 pm 22 Comments
Spell check, spell check, spell check!

This summer's review of the rules has lead up to this moment. We have to start cracking down on the amount of rule breaking that is going on. I don't know why it's so challenging to read and abide by a rather simple set of rules but somehow people continue to do so.

The amount of stories that are being posted with serious issues in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be addressed. It's time to start using spell check or finding a beta reader that has it!

People hogging the most recent page is also going to be watched, and addressed when it becomes an issue.

READ THE RULES! If you read them forever ago, refresh your memory. If you've never read them, why not?

--Julilly on 08/30/10 03:15 pm 6 Comments
Everyone please read the site rules!

Even if you are not a forum member, please go read this post! It's very important!,2168.0.html

Thank you!

--Mare on 08/16/10 02:53 pm 16 Comments
Think before you post :O)

Hello everyone. Please refrain from posting a story on this site unless it's ready to be posted.  I have noticed a few stories that seem ready to go but when you click on them it's only a coming soon thing. All that does is take up space on the most recent list from stories that are actually being written and ready to go. You can always add an author's note on your current stories with a 'coming soon' teaser, but there's really no reason to post before you have anything written.

Also, please take a minute to edit your stories. We talked about this a long time ago and it seems to be a problem again. I feel like a lot of the stories being posted aren't being edited for grammar mistakes etc.. If there are a ton of mistakes in your story, no one is really going to want to continue to read them, so please take a minute and think before you post.

Thanks so much! Also watch your banner sizes! 300 x 300 or not more than 600 pixels!

--Mare on 08/16/10 03:58 am 20 Comments