Being Jamie Baker

Congratulations to Honey for the publishing of her book, Being Jamie Baker! Woooooot!

You can get information at the book's website

Congrats, Kelly!

--Chaos on 07/06/10 12:13 pm 23 Comments
Just checking in...

Hello everyone on AC. It's been awhile since we've updated our news so, just a few things.

Julilly is working on getting another season of the Felix Awards up and running so keep your eye on the news section and the forum for details.

Speaking of the forum, for those of you who haven't joined, I suggest you do. It's a fun way to actually meet some of your favorite authors and readers from this site.

Also wanted to say, watch your banner sizes. You guys have been doing well for a while but now i'm seeing some bigger banners again. Also be aware of the length of your summaries as well. We don't want one story taking up an entire page on the AC site because your banner is huge and your summary is even bigger.

Have a great summer!

--Mare on 06/19/10 02:30 pm 34 Comments

I posted this on the AC forum, but since many of you do not go there I felt the need to post it here as well.

There is a girl named Tanja who is known for stealing a lot of stories from this site as well as others. For the backstory, go here:,1808.0.html

In that thread there is a list of ALL the stories Tonja aka LuckyMe aka LuckyBailey aka Jess has stolen that we know of at least. There are over 60 stories on that list! Check to see if you are one of them! 

This behavior needs to stop so please, if you see this person posting on any other forums, notify the mods of that forum immediately!

--Unmasking a plagiarist on 06/20/09 04:33 am 17 Comments
Banners *sigh*

Once again a 'friendly' reminder. Banners are to be no bigger than 600 pixels in size. Some of you are trying to skirt these rules by creating banners in weird sizes. I've been letting it go, but i'm going to start deleting ANY banner that is more than 600 pixels, meaning if it's 290 x 350 it'll be gone. I know it seems harsh but really, it's not that hard to create a small banner for your story. Some of these are just really big and take up space on the first page. Especially when they are vertical.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The banner police! aka Mare

--Mare on 03/10/09 02:28 am 39 Comments
Plagiarism Again...

It has been brought to our attention that once again, someone decided to take credit for someone else's work. The story "Just My Luck" has been revealed to be an Eminem story by CrazyEvilDru. You can find the original at if you want to know how the story ends. "Love is a Losing Game" turns out to have been lifted from a book called "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella which can be purchased through or at your local bookstore. Goodbye, absoluteheiress.

--Chaos on 02/23/09 09:41 pm 19 Comments

Just because the rules have moved off the front page, doesn't mean they no longer exist. I have removed three banners because of size within the last day or so and I know Julilly has removed some as well. Please follow the rules or banners will be a thing of the past. 600 max!

I hate banners! :O) But I love all of you....who follow the rules.

--Mare on 01/31/09 04:05 pm 4 Comments
Reviewing the Rules.

Things aren't that difficult to follow around here as long as you read the rules, and this news section.

There's a few things we've mentioned in the past that maybe the newer authors haven't seen so I want to reiterate. 

1. Proof read your work, or it will be deleted. There's no excuse for not using spell check.

2. Read the banner rules. If you break them too many times your privelege to post banners will be revoked. 

3. Don't hog the "Most Recent" page. People go there to see if the fics they like have been updated. What no one wants to see is 20 stories by the same author all being updated or added.

4. Be considerate of the fact that you aren't the only person on this site and we all have to coexist.

If you don't like any of the rules, too bad. :) 

--Julilly on 12/08/08 03:13 am 11 Comments
Proof read your stories before you post!

Hi gang!

I just wanted to emphasize how important it is to edit and have someone beta your work before you post it to be read by everyone. Some of the things on this site are in desperate need of editing. A small typo here and there is one thing. I think we're all guilty of that, but some of the stories on this site are littered with errors that would have been prevented if you took time to proof read your stuff. ESPECIALLY summaries! If your summary has a ton if mistakes in it, no one is going to want to click on your story to read.

Rule number one on this site is to make sure your work has been proofread before posting, so please try your best to do so.



--Mare on 11/15/08 03:58 pm 13 Comments
Anonymous Reviewers

To those of you who DO NOT have accounts:

You will now have to sign up in order to leave reviews. You can still read without being a member, but it's nice to leave reviews so please take 30 seconds out of your day to sign up! It doesn't mean you have to write!

Eliminating anonymous reviews will cut down on spambots getting onto the site and leaving porn spam all over stories, as well as reducing anonymous flaming. 

Anything you say you should be able to put your name on! 

Like I said, it only takes a couple of seconds and then you'll actually be part of the community!

--Julilly on 10/03/08 02:15 am 6 Comments
Getting tired of banners...

If you want to be able to put up banners in your summary, READ THE RULES!

It's not that hard to limit your banners to 600 pixels, yet people who have been posting here for years are still oblivious if not ignorant to the pixel limit. 

Make sure you are familiar with all the rules before you post. It's getting really tiring spending all of my time on the site measuring banners. 

I will remind of you all of the rule addition posted in JANUARY.

Lately people have not  been following the rules sooo....The first time you do it, we'll delete the banner and it will say *mod edit due to banner size.* The next time you do it, we'll delete the entire story. That means reviews and all!

You've been warned a thousand times now!

--Julilly on 09/11/08 11:26 am 6 Comments

I'm sure many of you have noticed... we've started an archive of some older/hard to find fics here on the site. Many of them can no longer be found on websites, and many other archives have also disappeared.

Hopefully we'll be able to make a collection of favourites for everyone to come back and enjoy! If you have any suggestions for what you might like to see let us know!

--Julilly on 08/13/08 02:13 am 6 Comments
Banner Makers...
Hey ya'll. I've been intending for a long time to create a few new skins for the site (and probably retire some of the older ones). I've learned, though, that I'm not all that great at creating banner/graphics. I'm looking for a person or two who might want to create new banners for the site (perhaps for a Backstreet skin or two; other fandoms or designs more than welcome as well!) If any of you are interested, please Contact Me.
--Chaos on 08/06/08 02:58 am 6 Comments
Bug Reports
The site upgrade *seems* to be working for the most part. There is a known issue where co-authors are not able to respond to reviews; I'm working on it, but not sure how to fix it yet...

If you encounter any other "bugs" please comment here and I'll fix them as soon as possible.

Thanks! --Chaos
--Chaos on 07/30/08 02:39 am 9 Comments
The Great Banner crack down of 08

I am cracking down on these banners again. Please read the rules for posting a picture to go along with your story. I'm really being a stickler now and if it comes to more than the 600 pixels even if it's 601, i'm removing it. Sorry to be so harsh but i'm tired of having to go through these banners everyday and I feel like people are now just trying to skirt the rules by adding on here and there.

Also please don't make your summary the length of a story. Short, sweet and to the point.

Here are the rules:

--Mare on 07/13/08 10:33 am 14 Comments

Just a reminder that flaming stories is something not tolerated on AC. It's okay to give some constructive criticism for a review but there's no need to be rude to anyone!


--Mare on 06/11/08 11:44 pm 5 Comments