Site Issues
As you may be aware, over the years, this site has had a lot of issues when it comes to spamming etc. Unfortunately, that is why we had to shut off the reviews. We are also aware of instances where people’s stories have disappeared or their entire accounts. We are not sure why this is happening but we are trying to figure it out. This is a very old and outdated database and some things are just not working anymore.

In the meantime, I highly suggest any of you who have stories on this site and don’t want to permanently lose them, you should consider sharing them on another platform such as ao3.

We have been around for decades and it breaks my heart that these problems are worsening, but it would really break my heart to see all of your stuff lost as well.

Please consider joining our forum. It’s still a place fanfic authors and readers can get together and discuss things.

Thanks for reading!

--Mare on 08/03/20 09:56 am 0 Comments
100th Featured Story!
As you all know, every month we feature a story right here on this page. We have been doing this for a very long time and have finally gotten to story number one hundred!

In honour of this we asked everyone to vote for who you considered to be the top ten authors of all time on AC!

Coming in at #1 on our list, with the 100th featured story is Mare with "Hope is the Last Thing Ever Lost" To learn more about Mare and to read along and particpate in her thread, head over to the forum and under Featured Authors look for her thread.

Congrats to her and thanks for participating in the Top 10 countdown! Check back soon for June's featured story.
--Julilly on 05/01/15 03:15 pm 3 Comments
The Felix Awards are underway!!

For information on the First Annual Felix Awards for the Absolute Chaos site, go here:

--Mare on 10/10/07 11:41 pm 13 Comments
Awards judges chosen!
As I'm sure you all have heard over the past little while, there is a fanfic awards on the way! Absolute Chaos will be hosting the Felix Awards.

Last week we canvassed for judges, you put your hand up and now we are on our way to getting the awards party started!

Please, a round of applause, for your judges!

blueleeryan, RokofAges75, MonkeyAbu, nicksgal, LenniluvsBrian!! And me! Smiley

I want to thank everyone for their applications, and please keep checking back for more updates and information on the Felix Awards!

Have a good long weekend for those who have one, and for those who don't happy Monday!!
--Julilly on 10/08/07 02:37 am 6 Comments
Fanfic Awards on the way! Judges needed!

Absolute Chaos is going to be putting on their very own fanfic awards, and we need help from you!

I am taking applications for judges, to be responsible for reading, grading, and choosing fics to be winners in our very first awards!

Note: Judges will NOT be judging categories in which they may be nominated, will NOT get to choose what genres/categories they judge, though I will keep in mind what you read and try to accomodate (awards are open to all fics/all fandoms), MUST be willing to be fair, honest, keep to rules, and keep to deadlines set by the ringleaders..e r..Mods (will be annoyed by me on a regular basis).

If you feel that you have all of those qualities, then please fill out the following form and email it to:, Re: Judges!

Name: (Please list your name or nickname, and your AC/board usernames)
Preferred method of contact: (email? through the board? through AC? msn?)
-writers on AC:
Have you ever judged an awards before?:
What will make you a good judge?:
What is your availability like?: (We need to know people will see this through.)

I hope that many of you are interested, and I'm sure it will be great fun, but keep in mind that if we do get many applications we may not need everyone! I will let you all know on October 7, 2007 via the AC Discussion Boards who our judges are!

--Julilly on 10/01/07 12:54 am 10 Comments
For those having problems with the skins...
For some reason on some computers on some stories the skin seems to "disappear". I'm still trying to figure out what's causing that (I can't get the problem to duplicate on my own computer...) and hope to have a resolution so that all the skins are actually usable.

Until then, I've created what I *think* should work on those computers having problems. I will try to create a "light background" version of it as well, but for right now, the FireDark skin I think should work for those who are having problems with the other skins. (FireLight should now mostly work--though it still has a few more quirks than FireDark does...)

Please comment here if you are having problems with that skin--and let me know what the problems are: I admit I was in a bit of a rush and didn't test everything, so may have missed some things. I'll correct them as soon as possible. Thanks!

(The reviews page should be fixed for both these skins; let me know if you're still having issues with that...)

--Chaos on 09/29/07 07:53 pm 7 Comments
Fire Skin...
The fire skin has been updated and seems (from my computer) to be working better (still a few quirks) on IE and Firefox. If you're using that skin and having problems, please let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

(If it gives you an error when you first log in, it seems to work after refreshing the page or hitting one of the links. Am still working on that glitch...)
--Chaos on 09/23/07 01:58 am 10 Comments
New Skin#s1 and 2...Crayons-by-Kali and Paint
Okay, so some people have reported having problems with the "Fire", "FireLight", and "Lightning" skins since the upgrade (since they're currently all the same thing not surprising that they're all causing the same problem...)

I will still be working on those skins to make them (hopefully) usable, but in the meantime, I have uploaded the first 2 of what I hope will be several alternate skins. I did some testing and it appears that they're working on both IE and Firefox (sorry did not try any other browsers yet...). If, however, you are experiencing problems with it, please leave a comment (please include which browser you're using and a problem discription). (Note: The Paint skin does not really work well with desktop settings of 800x600; I'm not sure how many out there use that setting, but...thought I'd throw that out there...)
--Chaos on 09/22/07 12:48 pm 15 Comments
Site Update...
The upgrade should be pretty much complete (except for the skins...) Submissions should be turned back on.

Be sure to keep a copy of anything that you post over the next few days (actually you should always keep a copy!!!) I've done some testing, and think everything should be working just fine, but if there are unforseen problems, I might have to "roll back" to the previous version in which case anything new that's been posted would be lost.
--Chaos on 09/21/07 04:19 am 17 Comments
Upgrade Attempt #701...
Erm...okay, the number is an exaggeration, but finally after months (of me being able to work on it only minimally...) I was able to successfully upgrade a "mirror" copy of this site to a new version of the e-fiction script. I believe that the upgrade will help with the spamming issue we've been experiencing and add some nifty features as well.

The site may look a little odd over the next few days as I do the upgrade and "tweak" the appearance of the page.

When I am about to begin the upgrade, I will be turning off the "new submissions" (including updates to stories). I will keep them down only as long as necessary to complete the upgrade and do some testing to be sure that it's working.

When the upgrade is complete, I will put another message here to let ya'll know. I will add, however, that once the site is back up you will want to make sure that you save copies of anything you submit for the next week or two--if any unforseen bugs pop up, I will have to revert back to the old site and any new submissions will be deleted. (I will try my best to be sure that doesn't happen, but I like to prepare for "the worst", too...)

I hope to complete the upgrade tonight (Thurs) but may continue working on it on Fri and this weekend as well if necessary.
--Chaos on 09/20/07 05:54 pm 7 Comments

It has come to our attention that there has been a lot of spam type reviews showing up on this site. While I managed to stop the major spamming from happening on the forum, it's not quite as easy on this site with the huge amount of people signing up everyday.

If you find a spam review, please leave a comment here with the story link and one of us will delete them as soon as possible. I know it's annoying, especially when you get all excited seeing an email for a new review, but for now there's really nothing more we can do. If it makes you feel any better, it's equally annoying for us to have to go delete them lol

Sorry about that!
--Mare on 09/04/07 02:15 am 7 Comments
A place to be reviewed.

There is a new board on the AC forum called 'so you want detailed feedback eh?' If you want constructive criticism for your story that's the place you would go to request it. You have to be a forum member though. The rules and how to go about doing it are posted on the board, so go check it out!

--Mare on 08/29/07 02:33 pm 6 Comments
No More Stars Upon Thars...
Due to abuses of the system, the "star" ratings have been disabled. It's not that your story has suddenly become 0-stars ;)
--Chaos on 07/01/07 01:42 pm 12 Comments
Holy Huge Banners Batman!

Just a reminder because it hasn't been said in awhile. If you have posted a banner on your story summary and it suddenly disappears, it's not your imagination. It means it was too big so it was deleted.

Remember banners are to be no larger than 300x300. And I do delete them off your stories if they are bigger than that.

Sorry it's a pet peeve of mine lol the big banners just take too long to load for people with slower connections.

Thanks for following the rules!

--Mare on 06/14/07 03:09 am 11 Comments
Site Maintenance News
Okay, so my first attempt at upgrading the site didn't actually work out quite right (yay backups!). I will be attempting again probably some time this weekend, so if you're experiencing troubles with the site, it's probably caused by that. I might need to trim down some of the reviews (I will do my best not to, but just be warned it may have to happen.) I will *try* to just stick to just removing obvious spam reviews but may have to go farther than that. If I do have to remove some of the actual reviews for sure, I will let you all know so those who want to can save their old ones.
--Chaos on 03/31/07 10:15 am 8 Comments