A place to be reviewed.

There is a new board on the AC forum called 'so you want detailed feedback eh?' If you want constructive criticism for your story that's the place you would go to request it. You have to be a forum member though. The rules and how to go about doing it are posted on the board, so go check it out!

--Mare on 08/29/07 03:33 pm 6 Comments
No More Stars Upon Thars...
Due to abuses of the system, the "star" ratings have been disabled. It's not that your story has suddenly become 0-stars ;)
--Chaos on 07/01/07 02:42 pm 12 Comments
Holy Huge Banners Batman!

Just a reminder because it hasn't been said in awhile. If you have posted a banner on your story summary and it suddenly disappears, it's not your imagination. It means it was too big so it was deleted.

Remember banners are to be no larger than 300x300. And I do delete them off your stories if they are bigger than that.

Sorry it's a pet peeve of mine lol the big banners just take too long to load for people with slower connections.

Thanks for following the rules!

--Mare on 06/14/07 04:09 am 11 Comments
Site Maintenance News
Okay, so my first attempt at upgrading the site didn't actually work out quite right (yay backups!). I will be attempting again probably some time this weekend, so if you're experiencing troubles with the site, it's probably caused by that. I might need to trim down some of the reviews (I will do my best not to, but just be warned it may have to happen.) I will *try* to just stick to just removing obvious spam reviews but may have to go farther than that. If I do have to remove some of the actual reviews for sure, I will let you all know so those who want to can save their old ones.
--Chaos on 03/31/07 11:15 am 8 Comments