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Story Notes:
 Brian and Jordan hold MOVIE-A-THONS every two months in their hotel rooms when they guys have 3-5 days off. Somehow the guys get stuck in the old Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild West. Inspired by the song, "Wild Wild West" by Will Smith, Songs from Howie's new album, and from old western movies and books, and legends from there. Any and all material used will be cited or mentioned in the story. Some cussing, some sexual content, mild nudity, and lots of fun, for late teens and adults rated P -13!
Author's Chapter Notes:

The guys are on tour and decide to go see a movies of Western's in Jordan's hotel room, while on the NKOTBSB tour. They watch the beginning of a movie and things get weird.

 "Howie!" I shouted. "Howie!" I shouted. "What?" Howie replied back. As he slapped me back on the head playfully. I giggled. "You know it's on now, Brian." As we tickeled each other a little and play tackeled each other, for almost 40 year old men, we still act like teenagers alot.

"What is wrong with you too?" AJ asked. "Donnie hates when you do that you know." He explained. "So, when was he a Backstreet Boy?" Howie asked. "Brian, you are the healthy for all that is wrong with ya', you could be better. "Whatever AJ." I said.

"Are you guys going to watch the movie as we realaxed in their big penhouse suite of the hotel, it was furnished with the most popular everything but paintings, and a painting of an old town like from the play, "Our Town". Which is of a town from the 1890's and people's lives in that small town in Ohio. Anyways, Donnie came out with 3 Western movies.

"AJ we have it!" Donnie shouted, "ALL THE WESTERN MOVIES YOU COULD EVER WANT, DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted as he put in, "Wild Wild West". "YAY!" AJ shouted as he gave Donnie a huge hug. Of chorse the whole group couldn't stop smileing. "I got a surprise for you guys." Jordan Knight said, as he opened a door to reveal Kevin with nachos and all the cheese dip with popcorn and tacos on a huge platter plate.

"How long have you been here?" Nick asked. "I got here 10 minutes ago." Kevin told us. "So we set up all the taquila and fruit drinks and milk we wanted and drank and watched the whole movie, then Jordan put in "High Noon". Within 15 minutes, "I LOVE THIS PART!" AJ shouted. "BEST ACTING EVER!" The group giggled and compared.

"Dudes are we this boring?" Nick as retorically. "Yes, we are." I answered being the smart alec I am. "AJ what do you think?" Nick asked AJ. "I don't know." Then a bullet hit that old painting in the back of the living room and people came out from it and grabbed us all at once. "OMG!" Nick said as he ran. Then someone knocked him out and me, all we saw were shadows and little purple and green sparkles of lights all over the room.

"HELP!" I heard someone shout in the distance, and I prayed and I hoped my family was ok and so were the guys and Kevin too, my poor cousin.