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Author's Chapter Notes:

The guys are knocked unconscience while watching Westen movies in Donnie's Hotel room. They wake up in an old west town and wondering how they got there, near the tiny town of Pensville. Near the Organ trail. AJ is shocked that the guys have no idea what is going on. Nick is wondering where the people went. Jordan and the New Kids on the Block are trying to figure a way back home or at least a direction somewhere.

 My head was shaking hard. I felt like, I knew I was hit with something hard on the back of my head. Like I was in some bar fight or club fight or something. I didn't remember.

"Brian?" Nick asked. "You ok, man?" He asked me gingerly. "I am fine, Nick. What happened?" I asked him, rubbing my head on it's bump. "We were watching movies of the old west, and appearently we're in a forest by AJ's house I think." he told me clearly, feeling a little shock still of his own psychically and emotionally.

 "I don't understand." Nick told me. "Hey Don, yo!" Johnny said. "Is AJ and Kevin up yet?" Howie asked Donnie who was watching us to make sure we got better health wise. "We need to find people or water fast and a place to stay." Donnie told us. "Ya'll are lucky Howie likes camping." I said with a small giggle.

"Ha Ha Ha, Brian." Howie said with sarcaism. "You know I hate camping." Howie told me. "I know, but you went on trips with us for man bonding in the past and with God." I finished. "I know, Brian, I know." he told me.

Then we realized. We heard people shouting and we decided as soon as AJ and Kevin woke up, we were going in that direction. North West. "Dude," Nick told me. "It's nothing but plains here and like 2 hills, I think we're near Arkansas." Nick told me. "Your kidding?" I asked. "Nope, we went from being on tour and all the way up north in North Dakota to somewhere that has good odds of being Arkansas." Nick told me. All of us shocked.

"Ok, let's try and find a the nearest town, then we'll ge the authorities to get who did this to us and then we can go back home. I hope." Jordan told us. "Unless we're in Howie's dreams again like 3 weeks ago. I mean you think'd J and him we're born out west." Jordan said with his thick massechutes accent and a cute laugh. Donnie slapped him, as the rest of NKOTB came to and so did Kevin and AJ at the same time.

"What happened? Where is Rochelle? And where is my cats?" AJ asked with a shock on his face. " Follow those people shouting and stay close to the ditches and bit of forest out here. I think their fighting over the land, most likely Nick told Kevin and AJ, we'll catch you all up in a bit." Nick told them as Howie and him tried to calm them down. I played the "Fearless Leader" for the moment. "We'll fit right in here, Kevin." I said for no clear appearent reason at the moment, just my male intution kicking on as it does occassionally.

" Run Jacob Andrews RUN!" some men were shouting. "GET AWAY BEFORE THE SHERIFF COMES!!!!!!!" He said. As we all hid in the trees near a small mound and some hills. " We got the money form the bank and they'll make this part of North Kansas and South Kansas soon enough, it won't be any state of Arkansas!" They shouted as they ran fast and furiously through the trail towards the trains and north. The sheriff rode by.

"So plan A is out." Jordan said. "What about Plan B and C?" He asked nervously. "We're screwed." AJ said, shaved head and all. Nick gave him huge hug. "We wouldn't be back here unless we could do some good." Nick finished.

"See this is what spending too much time with Brian, Howie, Kevin, and that Seer chick in our fan base does to a person." He said with a nervous giggle. I just smiled a small smile of hope.

"Ok, whoever wants to pray meet me by that tree real fast then we'll go to town." I said. The whole group was behind me and over there in five minutes. While Nick and AJ were debating what and when it was, and so was Kevin.

"Guys, come on. It can't hurt ya'!" Joey called them. They came and we prayed.

 "Heavenly Father, We love you, please help us figure out why we are back in the late 1860's and please bless and protect us and our loved ones. Help us survive here and fit in. We love our family, friends, fans, and our employees and manager people and want everyone safe. Please bless this town so it works out how it should for your plan and your will and history itself. Amen." I finished leading the prayer. We all nodded, gave each other hugs and cried a bit, and then cleaned up and went on into a small old western town known as Pensville, population 250.