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Summary: "How come I was the last to know
Took the stage then you stole the show
Another unsuspecting Sunday afternoon.

Everything happened on Sundays. The beginning, the being finally together and the realization that happily ever after wasn't meant for them. But on an unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, Frick went to Frack and their story began.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Brian, Group, Howie, Kevin, Nick, Other
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Death, Slash M/M
Series: None
Chapters: 3
Completed: No
Word count: 10632
Read: 2479
Published: 08/11/17
Updated: 08/24/17

1. Prologue by mamogirl [ - ] (1049 words)
I've been toying with this idea for a little while. Cause I do love those kind of stories but I've always thought that I wasn't good enough to write one. But then I decided to try it anyway, even if it's going to suck. lol Plus I missed the whole plotting a long story, knowing how it's going to end but the unknown of everything between. So I hope you'll stick around for the ride. =)

2. First Chapter by mamogirl [ - ] (3734 words)

3. Second Chapter by mamogirl [ - ] (5849 words)