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Kevin had awoken that morning blissfully happy. He couldn't remember a time when his heart felt fuller. He made quick work of showering and dressing, anxious to get downstairs and see the man he'd loved and finally had all to himself. He heard them as soon as he stepped outside his door. Odin was shrieking and he could hear Nick saying something but couldn't make out the words. He walked into Odin's room to find Odin hitting Nick repeatedly on the leg while he juggled the baby on one hip and his cell phone in the other hand. Kevin wasted no time in remedying the situation. He walked over to Nick, smiling as he reached for the baby and took her out of his arms. Nick smiled at him gratefully and straightened up. He mouthed the word lawyer and Kevin nodded and shooed him from the room. Nick hesitated unsure if he should go, until Kevin stepped forward and kissed him ever so gently on the lips before pulling back and pushing him towards the door. The blush was back on his cheeks as he exited the room. Kevin chuckled to himself before turning around and facing the smaller blonde.

"And just why were you hitting your daddy?" Kevin asked closing the door to the bedroom and settling Saoirse on the floor to play. With the door shut there was less chance she would try to escape and offered Nick some additional privacy for his conversation.

Odin shrugged."Dunno."

"It's not nice to hit, little man, especially not daddy okay?" Kevin said looking down at the boy.

Odin nodded. "I sowwie."

"Don't tell me, you'll have to tell your daddy." Kevin ruffled his hair and took a seat on the floor between the kids.

Odin pulled out his tote of dinosaurs, handing Kevin a T-Rex, he took out a Triceratops and tried to attack Kevin’s dinosaur. They played like that for a while. Saoirse started taking dinosaurs out of the bucket and standing them up on the floor. Odin would then attack them with his t-rex. She thought this was hilarious and would continue to stand them back up everytime he knocked them down. Kevin just sat back and watched them play, wondering what Nick’s lawyer was calling about. He was a little concerned how Nick would react. This was the first call after their night together. Would he be open and forthcoming about what the lawyer said, or would he hold back and keep it to himself? Kevin had meant every word he’d said the night before. He wanted to do all of this together, not each of them handling their own separate business. He knew Nick didn’t have the best examples of how to have a good relationship, but he was hopeful they could find a rhythm that worked for them, as long as Nick didn’t try to shut him out. He hoped Nick took him seriously when he said they were now in this together.

Twenty minutes later Nick opened the door to the room and stepped inside. He looked worse for wear but Kevin remained silent, waiting to see he would react. He smiled softly at Kevin as he closed the door behind him. He crossed to where Kevin was sitting on the floor and plopped down beside him. Leaning close he softly brushed his lips across Kevin’s. Kevin smiled into the kiss and brought one hand up behind Nick’s head, bringing him closer and deepening the kiss. They broke away a few moments later, breathless. “Good morning.” Nick said softly, resting his forehead against Kevin’s. “Good morning to you too baby.” Nick blushed and brushed his lips across Kevin’s again. “I still can’t believe I can do this.” he whispered softly, pulling away.

Kevin smiled. “You can, and I hope you will.”

Nick chuckled and shifted to lean back against Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin wrapped his arm around him, supporting them both. They sat in silence and watched the kids playing. “She’s refusing treatment.” Nick said quietly. Kevin breathed a sigh of relief he hadn’t even been aware he’d been holding. Nick was talking. He was actually sharing about what was happening with the lawyers, including Kevin in the conversation. His heart soared. “So what happens now?” Kevin asked, squeezing Nick’s shoulder gently.

“Now they start preparing to go to court. They will have to get statements from everyone involved, we have to have a child welfare worker come and interview us, see the house so they can testify we’re taking care of the kids and they are safer here than they would be with her. I have to start going through text messages and emails to start documenting times when I knew she was drinking or could have possibly been putting them in danger. Apparently she’s not fighting about the divorce part, she just wants to fight me for sole custody.” Nick said softly, turning to look at Kevin.

He pulled away startled as he observed the tears running silently down Kevin’s cheeks. “Kev, baby what’s wrong?” Nick asked, his voice full of concern.

Kevin shook his head as more tears slipped out. He cleared his throat before speaking. “You said we. You said we have to do this, we have to be prepared for this.” The tears catching in his throat.

“Well yeah.” Nick said confused, turning to take Kevin’s hands in his. “I thought that’s what we talked about last night. Was I out of line?”

Kevin shook his head vigorously. “God no baby. It just touched me, to hear you say those words, to know you’re taking this as seriously as I am. That you want it as much.” Kevin said softly.

“Of course I do. It’s all I’ve ever wanted Kev. I meant everything I said last night. I’m all in.” Nick leaned in and caught Kevin’s lips with his own, kissing him deeply, trying to convey how much the older man truly meant to him. Kevin smiled into the kiss and swiped at Nick’s lips with his tongue until Nick’s mouth gave way and allowed him inside. They broke away regrettably, when Saoirse hit them with a dinosaur.

Kevin laughed and took the toy from her before standing it up with the rest of the line she’d made. “This is going to be fun.” he said with a laugh. Nick smiled too. “It’s not going to be easy Kev.” he said suddenly serious. “I hope you’re not mad, but I told the lawyer what’s going on. I figured if things had the potential to start getting ugly with her then they needed to know all the facts up front. He said that our relationship could cause things to get trickier, but he was optimistic that we had enough evidence and of course i have enough money to make our case. He just wanted us to be aware that she could go to the press, or our families, that it could get messy much quicker than we wanted.”

Kevin nodded, squeezing Nick’s hand in his. “I was actually thinking about that. I figured it would be the first move she made. I don’t know where you are emotionally, if you're ready to make a statement to get out ahead of her. This is all moving so fast, but I knew it would once the wheels started spinning. This is what I was trying to explain last night but not doing a good enough job. We’re not two normal guys starting a relationship. We’ve got a lot going for us and just as much going against us. Between the kids and the press and the ex-wives, we’re in for the fight of our lives to be together. But I’m prepared to face whatever comes at us because I know at the end of the day I love you enough to make it all worth it.”

Nick smiled, his eyes filling now. “I feel the exact same way. I didn’t want to push you into anything you weren’t ready for. You didn’t ask for any of this bullshit.”

Kevin caught his chin before Nick could look away. “You’re right. I asked for you. I asked for all of you. I asked for the chance to spend my life with you, the chance to love you. This is just part of the deal.”

Nick leaned into Kevin’s palm as he gazed up at him. “I love you.” He pushed against Kevin’s hand until he could gently place a kiss in his palm. “I love you too.” Kevin whispered softly. “We’re going to be just fine. I guess we’re going to need to make some phone calls.” he said winking at the blonde. Nick laughed and leaned back against him. “Yeah, you’re probably right. We’ve got a little bit of time. She has no idea yet, she doesn’t even know yet where I am, but when she does we’re going to have to make a statement or deal with the rumors.”

“Thank you for including me in this. Taking these steps to beginning our lives together.” Kevin whispered as he kissed the top of Nick’s head.

Nick squeezed his hand. “Thanks for loving me.”


Kevin walked into the kitchen for a drink. He’d been working on his song in the studio for most of the morning. He was suddenly inspired and didn’t want to let a moment get away from him before he had it down on paper. He’d gotten quite a bit done before he’d decided to take a break to see what Nick was doing. They had played with the kids for another hour that morning before Kevin had excused himself to the studio. Nick hadn’t asked what he was working on and Kevin wanted to get the song finished before he brought it up to the blonde.

His heart stopped when his eyes fell on the blonde, leaned over the island watching something on his phone. The way the sunlight from the patio danced off his blonde hair made him look almost angelic. He was absolutely beautiful, and he was his. That thought alone made Kevin’s stomach leap in excitement. He crossed to the side of the island and leaned over Nick’s shoulder. “Whatcha watching baby?” he breathed against Nick’s neck. Nick stiffened at first, jumping at Kevin’s presence so close. He turned to peer at him and smiled mischievously. “It’s some stupid cat video Brian sent me.”

Nick turned around and wrapped his arms around Kevin’s neck, playing with the hair gathered there before leaning up to kiss him. Kevin opened his mouth for the younger man, allowing him to take control of the kiss. Nick licked and sucked at every inch of Kevin’s mouth before caressing his tongue with his own. Kevin shifted closer, pinning Nick between him and the island. He broke the kiss and dropped his mouth back to Nick’s neck, remembering all the spots that had gotten such a delightful response the night before. Nick arched against him, exposing more of his neck for Kevin’s kisses. Kevin obliged, licking and sucking every bit of skin he could get to. Nick moaned, his fingers threading through Kevin’s hair as he held the other man’s head against him. “Baby,” he moaned, unable to form any other words. Kevin smiled against his skin and nipped it for good measure before pulling back and taking his mouth in his again. Nick responded almost immediately, forcing his tongue against Kevin’s as they battled for control.

Kevin pulled away first and smiled down at the blonde before quickly turning him around. Nick’s hands shot out to steady himself against the island. “What are you ooooh,” Nick moaned out as Kevin moved in behind him, grinding his own hard cock against his ass. “Mmmm. What am I doing baby? Well right now, I’m showing you how much you turn me on. How hard your kisses and that pouty little mouth makes me. Can you feel it Nicky? Can you feel what you do to me?” Nick nodded, throwing his head back against Kevin as he pushed his ass back against Kevin’s cock. “Mmm. I’m glad you like that. Maybe you’ll like this more?” he said, his voice husky. Nick never would have guessed that Kevin’s voice could be any sexier than it was, but dear god when he was turned on it just dripped sex. It was almost too much, hearing Kevin saying all of these things to him, pressed up so close.

Kevin wrapped one arm around Nick to hold him in place while the other hand came around and squeezed his hip roughly. Nick bucked and pressed even further back against the older man. Kevin chuckled and leaned down to kiss him as he slid his hand in the waistband of his shorts. Nick groaned out the moment Kevin wrapped his fingers around his cock. He was so hard already, just from Kevin talking and grinding against him. Having Kevin finally touch him was almost too much. “God Kevin, what are you doing to me?” He moaned as Kevin began moving his hand up and down his shaft, slowly, teasingly. Nick wasn’t sure how he was going to stay upright. Between the feeling of Kevin’s hand torturing him and the feel of Kevin’s hard dick grinding against his ass, the pressure was almost too much. Nick thrashed his head around against Kevin’s chest as Kevin pumped him quicker, sliding his hand up and down. Nick was so hard he shifted his hips into Kevin’s hand, trying desperately to convey his need for the other man. Kevin got the message and picked up his pace, moving his hand quicker now. Nick was a bundle of nerves, suddenly he felt his stomach tighten in that delightful familiar sensation. “I’m gonna cum Kevin.”

Kevin growled and bit his neck, grinding into him even harder now as he increased his motions again. Nick braced himself against the island as his orgasm slammed into him, spurting his load against Kevin’s hand and the inside of his shorts as he went. If Kevin hadn’t been so close, pressed against him he would have fallen to the floor. The rush of his release so overwhelming his legs felt like jelly. “Jesus Kev.” he whispered, trying desperately to catch his breath. “Mmm, did you like that baby?” Kevin whispered against his ear. Nick shivered. The things this man did to him. “More than liked. I cannot believe the way you make me feel. I can’t believe I went through my whole life without feeling anything remotely like what I feel when you touch me.”

Kevin smiled. “I feel the same way baby.”

Nick turned around and could see Kevin’s own erection straining against his jeans. An idea took hold and Nick sank to his knees. Glancing up at the older man, almost asking permission, he rubbed Kevin through his jeans. He loved the feel of Kevin in his hands, loved knowing was the one making him moan. He unbuttoned and then unzipped Kevin’s jeans before sliding them down his hips. His cock sprang free, resting against his stomach as Nick moved in between his legs. Taking a deep breath he moved closer, taking the length of him into his mouth. “Oh god Nicky,” Kevin groaned, his turn to hold on tight to the island counter. Nick smiled around Kevin’s cock as he quickly licked and sucked, running his tongue back and forth over the swollen head. Nick had never done this before and as nervous as he was about doing a good job and being able to please the other man, he was enjoying the feel of Kevin in his mouth, the taste of him was addicting. He sucked harder, his hands coming up to caress Kevin’s ass as he licked and sucked him.

“God baby, I can’t take much more.” Kevin groaned.

Nick quickened his motions, squeezing his ass harder and increasing the suction with his cheeks. He felt Kevin buck against his face and knew it would be any second now. Making a quick decision he pushed further, taking the older man completely in his mouth until he hit the back of his throat. Kevin yelled out as he came, releasing in Nick’s mouth as he gripped the counter for support. Nick licked him as he pulled away, smiling up at the other man. Kevin pulled up his pants slightly before dropping to the floor beside Nick.
“Jesus was right Nick. Holy shit.” Kevin said, leaning back against the cabinet. Nick smiled and moved in closer to him. “That was fun.” Nick said shyly. Kevin growled and leaned in for a kiss. “It was more than fun, baby.”

“Has it ever felt this way for you, with other people?” Nick asked softly, refusing to look at him.

“Like this? Not at all. Nothing else comes close to the way you make me feel baby. I think it’s because I love you so much. It’s more than just sex.” Kevin said quietly as he closed his eyes and rested against the island. Nick laid his head against Kevin’s shoulder. “Every time you touch me feels better than the last time. I never want this feeling to go away.” Nick said closing his eyes as he leaned in to the other man.

“I think if anything, it’s only going to get stronger, as we learn more about each other. I love you Nicky.”

“I love you too Kev.”