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The second drop off, while not as traumatic as the first, was still not without tears and frustration on both parts. Lauren continued to give him the smug satisfied smile from where she stood at her car. He still stood a hundred feet away digging the blades of his car keys into his palm to keep from going after her. He leaned back against the trunk of his vehicle watching as Heather secured his children in the back of Lauren's car and bit back the anger that coursed through him every time the children were taken away from him. He had to constantly remind himself that playing by the rules of the court would only make him look more favorable in the eyes of the judge and this would all be worth it. Fighting for and protecting his kids was worth it. He just hated that he had to continue to subject them to the chaos and uncertainty of their mother in the name of keeping them safe.

When he'd got them back on Wednesday, they had been in dirty clothes and Nick was convinced that she hadn't bathed them the night before. While kids could usually go one or two days without a bath, it still had irritated him to no end that she couldn't handle a small task like keeping them clean. He'd promptly taken them home and after the longest bubble bath in the world for both of them he'd called Kevin to air his frustration. They'd both agreed that documentation was key, so after their baths he'd set to work checking both kids over from head to toe and documenting anything that looked out of place. He also made note of the dates she'd had the kids and the fact that they hadn't been bathed. He made a mental note to start taking pictures of them when he dropped them off and when he got them back. He hated being so petty and having to act this way, but it was part of the process when trying to get custody, especially sole legal custody.

As a gay father with a partner, the odds were already stacked against him in the eyes of the court and he was determined to do whatever it took to be able to show them that he was the more suitable parent. He had no idea what they would do if the judge made them share custody or even worse, gave it to her. His overpriced attorney had assured him that at the very least they would end up with joint custody, but they were doing everything in their legal power to secure custody in his favor. He could only keep up what he was doing and be the best father he could be. He couldn't worry about the what ifs, otherwise he'd never be able to function, especially without Kevin there.

Instead of retreating to the car to let his emotions get the better of him, he stood his ground and watched the mediator speak to Lauren before they both got in their cars and drove away. He didn't breathe normally until he was alone in the parking lot. Once they were gone he took a deep breath and relaxed visibility against the car as the realization that Kevin would be there to give him strength for the next week of exchanges gave him the boost he needed to move on with his day.

Back in his car he sent Kevin a quick text to let him know everything went okay and took off towards the apartment. His first night alone without the kids he'd spent several hours sleeping and the rest playing video games. It was nice to have some time for himself. Time to do exactly what he wanted without having to worry about kids or Kevin. But the freedom he felt from it only lasted a couple of hours and then he just felt empty and alone. It was a feeling he'd experienced so many times before and one he was glad he would never have to feel again once the divorce was final. He didn't miss the irony that his finalized divorce, something meant to bring people together and by default make them feel less alone, was the one thing keeping him in this state. He was counting down the hours until Kevin arrived.

Kevin had an afternoon flight scheduled to come in on Saturday and Nick needed time to get the apartment up to Kevin's standards. Living alone with two kids while in Vegas, his subpar housekeeping skills had reared its ugly head and the apartment looked like a bomb had gone off in it. He didn't want to waste what precious time he got with Kevin with one or both of them picking up so he was determined to spend his childless day making sure the apartment was clean and stocked with food before the older man arrived.

They talked on the phone every night, sometimes for several hours. They always did a small call right after dinner so the kids could all talk to each other and also give Nick time to talk to Maxwell and Mason and Kevin a chance to see Odin and Saoirse. Nick was relieved after the first time speaking to the older boys that they continued to tell him things just like he was there with them. He was concerned his relationship he was building with the boys would suffer during their time apart since they weren't able to travel with Kevin to see them. But after several days of talking to them on the phone it was clear to Nick that wouldn't be an issue. Same went for Kevin. Odin and Saoirse both loved to see and talk to him on the phone and Saoirse could spend hours hobbling around the apartment with Kevin in her hand while she showed him toys and the wall. They took everything in stride and Nick would never be able to thank Kevin enough for the strength and security he brought to his life, had always given to him.

Once back at the apartment, Nick surveyed the damage. He hadn't don't laundry since they arrived and there were days worth of clothes that needed to be washed and dried. He started there first and then moved to picking up toys and taking out the garbage while the clothes hummed away in the washing machine. He fell into his chores and didn't even realize that hours had passed. Once he was finally content with the way the apartment looked, he grabbed his laptop and stretched out on the couch to order groceries. He had just scheduled the delivery when his cell phone rang.

"Two more days baby and then I get to touch you, in every place I've been dreaming about. It's gonna feel so good baby." Kevin's voice poured into his ear, giving him goosebumps at the sound of his sultry voice.

Nick groaned and closed his eyes as he closed his laptop and tossed it onto the floor. "Really, with that voice?" he asked, a little more breathless than he'd been anticipating.

The deep chuckle of his lover filled his ear. "Hey I had to get you back for the other night when you fell asleep on me."

"That's not fair. You know how exhausted I was. I told you that before anything even started." Nick said pouting, remembering the night before when he'd fallen asleep in their middle of their conversation.

"I know baby, I just like to tease you. Are you doing okay?" he asked, growing more serious with concern.

Nick smiled, imaging his lover's crinkled eyebrows as he tried to figure out if Nick was really okay. "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm not used to the quiet. It starts to get to me sometimes after the non stop screaming and laughter of the last few months." he said sadly.

"I'll have you screaming Nicky," Kevin said, his drawl coming out again.

"Jesus, Kev." Nick said with a giggle.

"I'm sorry. I just miss you," Kevin said as he laughed.

Nick bit his lip coyly to keep his smile contained. "I miss you too baby. I want nothing more than for you to have me screaming your name, a few times I hope. We've only got a week to catch up before we have to do it all over again."

"Don't you worry about that tight now baby. Just focus on the fact that I'll be there soon and then we will make up for all the lost time."

Nick sighed and closed his eyes as he pictured his fiancé in his mind. "What are you up to?"

Kevin sighed. "I've been working in the studio today. Trying to get somewhere but it's not working. I don't know what's going on or why I can't focus and actually get something done. The boys are still doing school and then they are going to play video games. Which reminds me Mason wanted to know if you wanted to play Minecraft with him after dinner. I was supposed to ask you yesterday and it slipped my mind. It was the first thing he asked me this morning. "

"Absolutely." Nick said. "I was going to mention it but then I forgot too. I'd love to play with him. But right now I'd like to play with you." Nick said smirking at the look he knew had to be on Kevin's face.

"Don't start something you can't finish, Nicky." Kevin warned but his tone was still playful.

"Who says I won't finish? I fully intend to finish baby, are you going to help me?" his voice deeper as he imagined the countless times they had finished together.

Kevin groaned, a sound Nick lived for and he knew he had the older man right where he wanted him. "You said the boys were still working and you were alone in the studio. Lock the door baby."

Nick kicked off his shoes and stretched out on the couch to give himself more room. He grabbed his headphones from the laptop bag on the floor and quickly connected them to his phone so he could have both hands free. He waited for Kevin to return to the phone, growing more excited by the anticipation.

"Okay, the door's locked." Kevin said as he picked the phone back up.

"Good. Now get comfortable on the couch baby. I'm laying on the couch here. I can't wait until you're here and we can lay on it together. We can watch movies and hold each other. Doesn't that sound nice baby? Do you want me to hold you, or you hold me. Maybe I'd put my head in your lap and you could run your fingers through my hair. I still haven't gotten it cut yet, before long it's going to be as long as yours."

Kevin sighed and Nick could hear him shuffling around and getting comfortable on the couch in the studio upstairs. Nick could picture his long frame spread out on the leather sofa, his legs spread out in front of him while he laid on his back. "Mmm, tell me more baby," the older man mumbled, his voice low and soft.

Nick felt chills of excitement run down his back as he closed his eyes and saw his lover's face. Nothing could be better than the faces Kevin made when he was aroused, when Nick was touching him and making him moan. It gave Nick a feeling of satisfaction to know that he was the one causing Kevin to make those faces and sounds, to make him feel good. He reached down and unbuttoned the snap on his jeans and then pushed them and his underwear down springing his rapidly forming erection free. He took the length in his hand and stoked it slowly while he continued to talk.

"Well if we were laying here together with my head in your lap then I would pull your lips down to mine and kiss you." Nick said and he continued to palm and rub himself. "I miss your mouth and the things it can do to me. I miss your kisses and what it feels like to have you kiss over every inch of me."

"I miss that too baby. I miss waking up and feeling you pressed so tightly against me, the way our bodies line up so perfectly. You are perfect." Kevin's voice was thicker now, a sure indication of his level of arousal.

"Are you touching yourself baby? Are you imagining it's my hand stroking you up and down so good? I love the way you feel in my hand, so long and hard. Knowing it's all for me baby." Nick moaned as he increased the speed of his movements flicking his wrist as he moved his hand quicker. With his few hand he began twisting and pinching his nipples, imagining it was Kevin's skilled fingers instead, touching and caressing them into stiff buds.

"Yes baby, I've needed your touch for days. It's all I've been able to think about. I want to touch you, and sink down so deep inside you while I stretch you and take what's mine. Do you want that baby, do you want my thick cock inside of you claiming you once again?" Kevin's voice was melting his insides and Nick wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to hold on.

"Oh God Kev. The things you do to me, even when your not here baby, your voice is pure sex. You have no idea how hard you make me. I can come just listening to you speak, God I love you." his movements were becoming frantic as he worked quickly to get off, breathing heavy and moaning in Kevin's ear as he went.

"Fuck Nicky." Kevin yelped as he let out a groan. The sound of Kevin coming over the phone was the most erotic think Nick has ever heard and with one last jerk he was shooting his load all over his chest and hand. His eyes slammed shut and he panted hard, desperate to catch his breath.

On the other side of the phone Kevin was much the same and Nick grinned, happy he could satisfy his lover even without them being physically together.

"I love you baby," Nick managed to choke out in between bouts of breath as his heart rate came down and he still struggled to keep up.

"God I love you too Nicky. So much. Two more days baby. We can do it."

The words were everything he needed and Nick still clung to them hours later when the silence of the apartment began to get to be too much for him to handle. He repeated them over and over to himself, remembering how they sounded coming from Kevin and basked in the love they shared and the knowledge that soon they would be together again.


Kevin glanced up at the knock at the door and frowned. Checking his watch he almost fell off the piano bench when he realized what time it was. It was almost after six and he hadn't even noticed the afternoon slipping away from him. He jerked to his feet and quickly crossed to the door. He opened it to find two pissed off kids standing in the doorway.

"We're hungry and you've been in here all day." Maxwell said with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah Dad. It's almost time for me to play with Nick and we still haven't had dinner. What's going on. You've been playing the piano for hours." Mason said, glaring at him.

Kevin had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. He had no excuse for losing the afternoon. He'd never done this before and he immediately felt guilty, but after his phone call with Nick earlier he had been more inspired than he could ever remember and he had set to work on recording the song Nick had written. He was almost done and wanted nothing more than to get it finished before he left to join Nick in Vegas.

"I'm sorry guys. I was working and I completely lost track of time. How about to make it up to you we'll order pizza and you guys can start playing games now while you wait."

Both boys cheered and chased each other down the stairs while Kevin fished his cell phone out of his pocket to call the pizza place. He smiled to himself as he took the steps two at a time to reach the kitchen. After the pizza order had been placed and the gate unlocked he checked his phone for messages. He had several from Nick.

Apparently when he hadn't resurfaced, the kids had called him. The last mess he made him laugh out loud.

"Did I fuck you so good you died up there? What is going on baby?"

He quickly shit a text back, the smile growing as he hit send. "In more ways than one baby."

He thought about it for a second and sent another. "Seriously though, you inspired me so much I got caught up in recording and mixing that the afternoon slipped away. They managed to get my attention and now we're waiting for pizza."

The text back was instant. "Thank God. I was starting to get worried. I love you. I'll call you tonight once Mason and I are done playing and the kids are in bed."

He sent his love back and closed his phone. He went to work grabbing plates and napkins and took them to the living room. They usually only ate at the table but he figured the boys would get a kick out of being allowed to eat in front of the TV for once. An hour later they were fed and he could hear the sounds of his son and his lover playing Minecraft while he helped Maxwell build Legos in the kitchen. His heart was full, the only thing that could make him feel better would be them all together. Just a few more days and he would have Nick back in his arms and all would be right in the world again.