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“Damn the riches, this is the life!” Xenia muttered with excitement as she jumped off the plane, followed by her instructor. It’s her first time for the real sky dive after a few training sessions. She never felt so carefree and alive like this before. Adrenaline rushed through as rapid winds in high altitude greeted her outside. “I am a bird!” she shouted. Her body pulled her greatly by gravity in such an intense speed.


In a few moments, she reached the altitude in which she’ll have to release her parachute. And then along with her friends who skydive, they slowly went down towards the ground. Managing the moment, she took the chance to savor the sights around her. Lush green mountains are grouped in a distance. Xenia imagined they were curious onlookers witnessing the most daring stunt she had done so far. Looking below is a quilt-like picture of crop fields, which comes in different earth colors. Houses and establishments are like Lego play sets. She saw all of it whenever she’s on a plane but it’s different and overwhelming when she saw the view herself as she plummeted down to earth.

“Alright, Xenia!”


Xenia heard her friends cheered as she comes closer to the ground. With the training on how to land safely, her friends gave her time to settle herself from the parachute that’s still holding her. After all has got through, she met her friends who were there to watch and wait for her. “That’s so cool!” Yvonne exclaimed as she reached and hugged her best friend.

“I never felt better like this before. This must be the fountain of youth!” Xenia laughed. “It’s overwhelmingly fun!” Yvonne didn’t make to try skydiving because of her fear with ultimate heights. But she also had her share of adventurousness, and can only tolerate wall climbing. She wouldn’t be Xenia’s best friend for nothing.

“If only your brother could see this,” Halley added. She is Alex’s girlfriend. Alex is Xenia’s older brother who’s currently on a business trip in their kilt business in Scotland.

“If he learned about this, he’ll be mad. Big time.” Xenia laughed as she left with her friends and started towards her instructor, Ivy. “He even argued last week that skydiving is not covered by my insurance,” she added and shrugged. “So I said, what’s the use of my trust fund anyway? They can pay that for my funeral.”

Yvonne frowned. “Now, that’s too much air, Xenia. I wouldn’t like hearing that from you again.” Xenia just stuck out her tongue at her.

“Alex would be really mad now that you continued with this,” Halley rolled her eyes.

“I don’t think so, because I will go home alive and un-bruised. There’s no need to worry now that I’m back safe on the ground,” Xenia told her. Ivy greeted them.

“That’s right, and welcome back to earth.” Ivy hugged her pupil. “How does it feel, princess?”

“I want to try it again.”

“Oh,” Ivy chuckled and shook her head. “Not for now, Miss Xenia. But I got news for you that you finally earned a license for landing perfectly safe on the ground. You did your homework, eh?” The two shook hands. “Congratulations.”

Xenia smiled with pride and joy. “Thank you so much.”


Xenia looked at the large dining table after she just announced to her family that she wanted to take over the family business in Scotland. It was her back-up plan so that her parents won’t worry too much with her extra-curricular activities.

“Am I hearing this right? Xenia is finally taking a serious move towards the business world,” Alex said, breaking off the silence. It was Sunday and they usually had dinner over their parents’ place in South Hampton. Both Alex and Xenia had their own apartments in New York while their parents are already retired and enjoying life together in their peaceful home in South Hampton. “Have you grown tired of your adventures?”

“No, I didn’t say I’ll give those up,” Xenia replied and smiled sweetly at her charming brother. “I decided that there's a need for me to focus on something beneficial and rewarding. I’m not getting any younger.”

Matthew Wilkins looked proudly at his youngest child. “That’s nice to hear, Xenia. I thought you’re going to decide next on sticking around with the likes of those socialites I’ve been reading on the society pages of the New York Post.”

Xenia snorted. “I never liked them, Dad, don’t worry. You won’t see me hanging out with them.” She reached for something in her wallet, which is in the back pocket of her jeans. “By the way, I finally got my license. See?” she showed everyone her card. No matter how they clearly opposed to her daredevil attitude, she always wanted to share with them a piece of what she has earned from it.

“What license?” Alex borrowed the license card from her.

“License for skydiving. I’m now eligible,” Xenia excitedly replied, ignoring the disapproving look coming from them. She’s used to it.

Alex shook his head and returned the license to her. “Someday, you’ll have to regret doing those adventures, Xenia. What’s your next agenda? In Scotland?”

“Please, Alex. Don’t give her any more ideas.” Olivia Wilkins told her son. She turned to Xenia. “I’m getting worried with this life you’re leading, Xenia. What have we done that you’re not yet satisfied of? Aren’t we giving you enough love? We love you, honey.”

“Don’t worry so much, Mom, but thanks anyway.”

Matthew raised an eyebrow. “And you’re seemed proud about it. May I remind you, young lady that my patience with your daredevil attitude is starting to wear me out? You’re going to fly in Scotland this weekend and manage our business but in one condition.” Everyone looked at Matthew as he spoke. “You’re not going to do anything risky and life-threatening or else, I’ll be seeing you married off to some man within two months.”


He seemed so content and happy with the idea, Xenia thought as she listened. Her father knows that her free-spirited attitude comes with a package of no commitment involved in a romantic relationship. She believed that she doesn’t need a man to depend on. She could rely perfectly on herself and with no one else. Xenia met her father’s look. She knew when Matthew Wilkins is serious. “Is that going to be a forever condition, Dad?” She still managed to challenge her father with that question. Alex just grinned and watched them.

Matthew wanted to smile by his daughter’s courage to ask him but prevented himself not to. He’s serious and he wanted his daughter to see it that way. He’s getting worried of Xenia’s extra activities too. “It will be if you don’t lay down yourself from doing such.”

“What are the bounds?”

“No activities that will reach an altitude of more than twenty feet, whether it includes diving from a plane, climbing a rock mountain, anything that is not covered in your life insurance or whatever it is that correlates with such,” Matthew replied. “That goes the same below sea level. No dealing with life-threatening tools, too.” He continued to blab on as Xenia’s jaws slowly dropped open as she listened.

“In short, be boring,” she said in the end.

“Life isn’t boring at all, Xenia, with or without your so-called activities.”

Xenia groaned.