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Xenia drew a deep breath as she now stood in front of Gene’s bedroom. She already changed into her sleeping attire after taking a night shower and her other evening rituals.

She’s been thinking about this in a long time. She couldn’t deny the fact that she’s thinking about Nick while she’s married to another. She longed for Nick’s presence, as well as his one-time kisses and embrace. But she’s married now and no matter how much she longed for the godly presence of a man, she vowed to stay loyal to her beast-like figure of a husband, or whatever did he looks like. She denied her husband the rights of their vows and yet, there is within her this disabling desire to yield the same to another man.

Before Xenia could change her mind, she turned on the knob and entered the bedroom. It was filled with darkness. She heard a soft sound and felt a movement within the dark shadows. There came next a hoarse, muffled whisper that sounded loud in the room. “Who is it?”

Xenia’s heart fluttered but there’s no way back now. She slowly walked towards the bed and sat on the edge of the mattress. “It’s Xenia.” She loosed the belt and dropped her robe, showing off her silky black nightgown. “Gene, I’ve been thinking a lot and I’ve come to realize that I’m ready. I intend to be your wife in the very essence of the word.”

“A-are you sure?”

As a reply, she leaned forward to take the silken mask away from her husband’s head but the duke’s hand caught her wrist to stop her from doing her intent.

“Let’s leave it at that, Xenia.” Gene said as he pulled up half of his mask and kissed her hand instead. Unfortunately, there was no bright moon that night. The room is totally dark and Xenia couldn’t even tell how his bare lips would looked like. She felt her nightgown being slipped from her until the only thing left is her lace underwear. There are movements in the bed, as her husband seemed to have taken off his remaining garments, too.

Gene’s strength was unexpected as he lifter her easily, taking her and laying her down with him on the bed. She felt his warm body now pressed against hers, his lips caressing her throat with warm passion. It made her gasp; realizing how her husband could roused her to a different feeling she never thought could be possible. A name formed in her lips but squelched it tightly before she could utter it out loud. It was the name of another and she didn’t want to shatter this moment, which has introduced her to a different meaning of love and passion. She cared affectionately with her husband and she doesn’t want to hurt him.

She wrapped her arms about his neck and felt scars along the rippling muscles in his back. This is no doubt her husband, the scarred one and not Nick Carter.

Gene’s caresses grew bolder as he continued his way down, exploring the deeper depths of her being, making her feel wonderful. Xenia moaned aloud and writhes in eager response beneath him. Her husband’s giving her surprises. She’s expecting fumbling eagerness and rough uncertainty. But Gene has been gentle. His hand slowly traveled downward, wandering over every detail of his wife’s body and smiled at the trembling response of his slightest touch.

The darkness of the room has been the silent witness as the two soared together in a blissful passion, consumed towards a goal where their bodies strained, muscles flexing and limbs entwined.

Sometime during the night, Xenia felt her husband rousing from sleep and exploring her body with warm caresses until she would respond and held him close. They would make love once again.

Gene roamed his hands over his wife’s body, caressing and feeling every thing in her. He thrusted himself inside her. Xenia moaned as intimate pleasure surged within, grasping on her husband’s shoulders. She breathed a name and momentarily, the world seemed to stop. Xenia, with her eyes closed, edged herself forward to meet her husband’s chest and kissed his shoulders. Just then, Gene moved once again, loving her until he filled her. Still catching her breath, Xenia felt her husband rising up from the bed and left the room quietly.

Xenia wondered why did he left abruptly. Didn’t she satisfied him enough? What could be wrong from what they were doing then? Just then she gasped as she recalled the time when she was all consumed with passion that she whispered of another man’s name. Nick. Curving herself in a fetal position, she silently cried.


Xenia slowly opened her eyes and felt the presence of her husband at the edge of the bed. He almost covered the sunlight coming through the windows, shielding Xenia from it. She hesitated to take the gloved hand he extended to her but she took it anyway and sat up, swinging her long silky legs over the side of the bed. Gene enjoyed the view as he watched his wife sat beside him.

“Good morning,” Xenia greeted. She couldn’t look at him straight in the eye.

“Excellent morning it is, as you made it so, Xenia.” The Duke of Dawson said. He noticed her avoiding his look and exactly knew why. With the situation they had in this marriage, she still amazed him with her decision to be his wife in full. “Aren’t you afraid of me anymore?” He asked.

Xenia finally looked at the masked man. “I wasn’t afraid much of you. I was apprehended because you were a stranger to me. But through the times that I’m with you and I get to know you, I realized that there’s nothing to worry and be afraid of. You’re a nice person and probably, I’d grow to love you someday. But as of now, I intend to be your wife in every way.”

Stunned at the commitment he sensed from her reply, he resisted the urge to kiss those lovely lips once again. He didn’t expect her to yield her loyalty to him in a short period of time. Now, she’s even trying to break the boundaries that stood between them.

“I’m sorry about last night, Gene.” She bit her lower lip. “I, uh…”

Her husband is just there, looking at her. “There’s still a lot to know about each other and we have a lifetime to do it, Xenia.”

“I wish I could see your face,” Xenia added. “I feel that you’re hiding something from me. I can feel that your face isn’t really scarred at all. I wonder if you…”

“No.” Gene firmly said which has made her stop. Her hands paused in mid-air. She watched as Gene dragged himself, as if in pain, away from her.

The Duke of Dawson turned from her. How could this woman, having spent a night with him, guess what he is trying to hide? After giving herself to him, it has been more difficult to get rid of the mask. It wasn’t important if she moaned another man’s name last night. If she will know the truth, she would hate him and he’d lose everything. That’s far from his mind right now. There are more pressing matters he needs to finish before setting it straight with his wife.

“You’re indeed hiding something from me!” Xenia’s eyes widened. She stood up and quickly dressed up. “Who are you? I now doubt if you even have any impairment or you’re just making everything up. If I’m indeed your wife, I hope you could trust me from what has been bothering you. We vowed to support each other through and thick and thin. Can you give me that chance?”

He made a turn towards her but was surprised when he didn’t expect Xenia’s hands are suddenly on his mask. Before he tries to struggle away from her, it was instantly off.



uh oh... Nick's busted...