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Xenia sighed as she listened to her cousin on the phone. “I’m really sorry, Xenia. I just can’t go now. Alix just had fever and I can’t leave.” Leah said on the other line. Xenia invited her to watch a movie. She wanted to try the cinemas in the area and it happens that Mel Gibson’s new movie is now showing according to the marquee.

“Is that alright, Leah? Do you want me to come over?”

“No, everything’s fine now. Don’t worry.” She heard Leah chuckled. “Besides, it’s Mel Gibson. Watch it now before it goes out.”

“Alright. Thanks, Leah. I’ll be sleeping over at your place right after I watch movie, okay?’

“Okay. Bye, Xenia.” The line went off. Xenia started towards the ticket booth. She entered the movie house and decided to sit at the far end of the seats. She didn’t tell anyone that she’s farsighted. She doesn’t want to wear prescription glasses either. Just as the movie is starting, a man came to sit beside her and offered her popcorn. She turned to see Nick with a wide smile on his face.

“How -?”

“I saw you. Get some popcorn, the movie is good.” Nick told her and lounged himself on his seat.

“But weren’t you in London?”

“I just got home this afternoon. Dad is going back to New York tonight.” Nick replied and offered her popcorn once again.

“Thanks,” Xenia took a handful of popcorn for herself and started eating while watching Mel Gibson having a phone conversation with Julia Roberts on the wide screen. When she ran out of popcorn, she took more again. Just in time, Nick also sticks his hand into the bucket to get his share. They looked at each other and chuckled. Nick took her hand. Xenia felt her hand skips a beat when Nick brought her hand to his mouth and sucked the taste of popcorn from her fingers. “Nick…”

“Buttered cheese popcorn. I’ll bet the taste goes the same with your lips, but let me find it out myself.”

Xenia watched his face goes bigger as it comes closer. He’s going to kiss her. Do something, one thought popped into her mind. She sat there motionless as his tongue slid back and forth over her mouth. Moments later, she kissed him back too. Her fingers slid into Nick’s soft blonde hair as his hands were doing things that felt her nipples aching and tight.

Nick smiled warmly at her. “If this bothers you, Xenia, just shout.” He murmured to her ear.

“I would if I could. But Mel Gibson is far off my mind right now. However, I would like to request if you could stop. We’re in a movie house.”

Nick stopped and stared at her. Xenia could see the long, intense look he’s giving her. Nick cleared his throat but his voice remained husky. “That should do for now,” he held her hand and together, they continued watching the movie in silence. Only their hands savored the remaining passion they had for each other after that heated kiss.

Xenia really wanted to shout from her seat, not for harassment or anything violent but for overwhelming joy. She never felt her heart could feel like this before, only with Nick. She tried to deny it to herself before when she first saw him. She likes this man without even trying on anything. How could that be possible? She’s a woman of the world. She came to Scotland to seek adventures but instead, love found her. The last thought stopped her momentarily. Is it love that she feels towards this man?

When the movie ended, the two were oblivious from a pair of eyes watching their every move. Justine gripped the steering wheel tight. She saw Nick holding Xenia’s hand and kissed her.

“No way, Xenia. Not even you could take Nick away from me and my dreams,” Justine said through gritted teeth. She reached out for her phone and punched a familiar number.


She didn’t understand the movie. That is the first Mel Gibson movie that she didn’t focus on well. Nick is the main distraction, as well as his hands holding hers on the entire movie. After that sultry kiss, they remained holding each other’s hands until the movie has finished. Nick invited her for a late night coffee but she refused. She reasoned out that she still had to go home to Leah’s house because her niece is sick. Nick then, offered to take her home but she refused once again. It’s been too fast for both of them. She wanted to take things slow so as not to be hurt in the process. Nick understands. He kissed her one more time before they went on separate ways.

Now alone in her car, all Xenia wanted is to hit the bed and get some sleep so that she could start dreaming of her and Nick together.

Xenia screamed when a shot suddenly come from somewhere. She looked around and saw a bullet was gunned through the glass at the back of her car. She shivered at the thought that it aimed to hit her on the head. On the rearview mirror, she saw a car with bright headlights following her. She failed to see who was in the car because the lights are blinding her. She’s on her way home and now passing by the dark, lonely highway towards Leah’s house. She increased speed.

Another shot came and it totally shattered the glass on the backseat. Xenia swerved in different directions to distract the gunman from aiming his next bullet directly at her head. She saw a dirt road on the right and made an instant turn. She made it through and turned off the headlights at the same time. With shivering hands, she decided to stop the car on a nearby tree, went out of the car and ran. She heard the car following her made its turn on the same road she has been. Xenia ran quickly as she could, did not mind the tall grasses or any animal she would pass by. Never mind the bruises, as long as she’ll get through this danger alive. She didn’t know that someone would want her dead. She has to make a cover for her own life.

She’s been running for some time now, and her knees are starting to get weak. Unbelievably, she found a high wall that came from nowhere. With her skills in wall climbing and rock-climbing, she found the nearby tree very useful. She quickly climbed up the tree and hold on to the branches that are sticking out over the wall. Another shot came and Xenia is really frightened, aside from being exhausted. Adrenaline rushed a few minutes ago and she’s now doing all the things she could think of just to save herself. She made a big leap on to the wall, stepped and holds on to it until she’s finally on the other side. She jumped quickly and ran once again, trying to find help. She saw a light in a near distance and made a quick prayer of thanks to the Lord.

Her mind and body is now weak, her vision begins to blur. She reached the house with every strength left that she had. She knocked a few times and called for help. The light went on at that area. She couldn’t take it anymore. The last thing she saw was an old woman who was surprised to see her and then everything went black.


Heat emanates from the fireplace and it became her sunlight as darkness enveloped the room. Her eyelids were heavy as slumber tries to pull her back. There was a dull, throbbing ache at the back of her head and a great weariness in her limbs. Her bruised body, stripped from her clothes, was now wrapped in soft, furry comfort.

Xenia pondered on what has happened. Her body shivered at the thought of being kidnapped or worst, getting killed. Eyes still closed, she groaned weakly. She rolled against the soft pillow and she caught a vague half-sweet manly scent. It is somehow familiar but she threw aside the thought because her mind isn’t able to function in this state that she had. Too tired to think, she groaned once again. And between her dreams and consciousness, she had a memory of that scent coming along with strong arms holding her close and her cheek resting against a shoulder. And was there…was there a moment when soft, sweet lips touched her own? She suddenly thought of Nick. She’s must be in a delirious state. Xenia passed out from consciousness once again.

Somewhere during the day, she woke up once again, but not entirely. She still had her eyes closed, trying to feel that everything around is safe. Not even knowing if it was a dream or for real, she felt instant security right within the confines of the bed she’s into. Feverish and witless, she now struggled to open her eyes to see the place. With too much effort, she opened her eyes and found herself in a dark room, lying on a large softest bed she’s ever laid on. Only the fire coming from the hearth serves as light. She slowly sits up and found herself naked beneath the furry covers. A memory passed through her that someone has been thoughtfully taking off her battered clothes, cleansing her body and taking care of her bruises.

She caught sight of a towering black form that rose from the chair and walked towards her. Xenia tried to see the face until she realized that a mask has hid it, his hands were covered with gloves and his huge, cloaked form is more like hunched and disjointed. Fear came through her.
Xenia tried to move farther into the bed to get away from this monster. She clutched the thick blankets to herself to conceal her nakedness.

“I mean no harm.”

The heavy, masculine voice stopped her struggle. She unconsciously bit her lower lip as tears began to fall. “Where am I? Who are you?” She asked the masked man.

“You’re in Dawson Hall. I’m Gene Dawson. Fortunately, you’re safe from whoever is trying to harm you. Unfortunately, you just came across a legal codicil to be my wife.”

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