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Nick cursed for the nth time as he continued troubleshooting his car’s engine. He knew how to fix it but somehow, he couldn’t figure out right now what’s happening with his brother’s Jaguar. Suddenly, thunder roared in the sky signaling the forthcoming downpour.

“Oh, please,” he groaned. What could be wrong with Aaron’s car?

A glass-tinted Bentley drove the down the road and stopped beside his car. Nick got stuck in an isolated area for so long and the next civilization is five miles away. Of all the misfortunes, he even forgot his mobile phone in his cousin’s house in London.

“Hey,” a woman called. Nick saw her peering over the car window. She threw something in which he caught with his hands. It’s a box of matchsticks. “The Jaguar needs to be roasted in the fireplace. Better get the old junk thrown into the fire than waste your time on it.”

Nick frowned and watched the car parked in front of his car. “Junk, huh?” he muttered angrily. People who knew him never messes up with him whenever he’s in a bad mood. He saw the chauffeur went out, followed by the woman. Nick crossed his arms and watched them come near.

“I’m just joking,” the woman started with a smile. “Let me help you tow the car until we reached the next town.”

“Funny how you insulted me first then offered me help,” Nick retorted, looking down at the brunette. He had this thing with brunettes and this one is the most unusual he’d ever seen. She’s no more than taller than him, just in the right height for a kissing distance, Nick thought amusingly. The woman’s face is a classic beauty and her skin must be silky smooth. “You’re American.”

The woman nodded. “I’m Xenia.” She offered her hand to shook with his.

“Nick,” he replied and took Xenia’s hand. He’s instantly attracted to the pretty brunette but he just couldn’t smile. Her joke still irritated him. “And thank you because I really need to get to the town right now.”

Xenia nodded and instructed her chauffeur to get ready with the thick rope they had at the trunk. Nick looked at it, probably wondering how did she have something like that on hand. “I used that for rock climbing and I brought it along with me.” Xenia shared, adding mentally that her father doesn’t even know that she brought her gears along. She’s not really familiar with the place but she still had intentions of doing more adventures. Nick didn’t comment on her explanations. “Do you live here?” She asked Nick as she watched the two men connect the two cars with the rope.

“As of now, yes. I’m American too.”

“Really? What state are you?”

But Nick didn’t answer her question. He turned instead to the driver and instructed him. Xenia frowned. No one ignored her before, including men. “If you’re ready, we can now leave.” She said and stomped off inside the car.

Nick tried not to smile. “Rich kid huh? Only child?” He turned to ask the driver who has introduced himself as Jordan, probably in mid-twenties just like him.

“Youngest child, Sir. But Miss Xenia is a nice person.” Jordan replied with a smile.

“Well, for you. I still don’t know her,” Nick said then patted the man on the shoulders. “Anyway, thank you. I’ll follow you in my car. I’ll take care of the wheel so that it won’t maneuver on the wrong lane. It might cause us accident.” He smiled genuinely then both decided to get going.


“What do we have here, Nick?”

Nick smiled as he scratched his head. Xenia turned in question at him. They stopped at the first car repair shop they saw when they finally reached the town. Xenia figured out that the old man knew Nick.

“The last time you dropped by the shop, you’re with a woman too.” The old man added his joke.

“That’s a friend, Uncle Marcus, as well as our friend here. By the way, this is Xenia. The car couldn’t start on my way here and she offered me to tow the car.” Nick replied. “Xenia, this is my Uncle Marcus.” The two shook hands after being introduced.

“It’s nice meeting you, Sir.” Xenia said. Jordan told them that the car has already been detached from Xenia’s Bentley. “We should be going by now,” Xenia announced to the men.

“Thanks,” is all Nick could say. Xenia nodded then went inside the car.

“Pretty brunette, huh?” Marcus said as they watched the car drove away. His Uncle is his mother’s youngest brother. Louise Carter, Nick's mother, is the second oldest among the brood of three who were naturally born and grew up in Scotland. Louise met her husband when she pursued studying culinary arts in New York. Robert Carter, on the other hand, is a son of a wealthy restaurateur. The two had a case of love at first sight and were inseparable ever since they got married. Louise gained her citizenship when she married Robert and bore him five children. Her Scottish roots were never forgotten and when she died five years ago due to heart attack, Robert chose to bring her home and be buried in the family ancestral home in that little town in Scotland. His mother’s death brought along some family duties for Nick as the eldest child and since then, Nick is frequently visiting his mother’s hometown. But two months ago has made him decide to change address when his uncle, Louise and Marcus’ eldest sibling, died of cancer. Nick inherited a particular business from his uncle, which now binds him to stay in Scotland and continue the family duties.

“Pretty and a little feisty,” Nick replied to his uncle.

“Watch out,” Marcus advised him. “Next to Justine, you got another woman that will divert your attention. I think she’s the new manager of the kilt business here in town with Leah.”

“I don’t care,” Nick replied as they turned to his kid brother’s car. “Something’s wrong here that I couldn’t understand, Uncle…”