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Brian sat in the hospital with his wife and his son Logan. Brian was enjoying the country life with Jordan they have been married for almost 2 years now.

“Brian would you please tell them to get this thing out of me!!” Jordan screamed.

“Yes dear” Jordan was about to have their second child. They were thrilled just to know they were going to have one more. Jordan had always wanted a family and just to know she has all that is just amazing to her,” Is there anything you can do for my wife? She seems to be in a lot of pain” Brian told the doctor.

“She will have to be patient” he replied.

“Brian!!! I think this is it” Brian and the doctor came rushing in. The doctor checked her stats.

“Okay now Jordan you have to listen to me very carefully when I count to three you are going to push,” Jordan nodded her head,” One, two, three push” Jordan pushed as hard as she could,” Jordan one more time…one, two, three.” Jordan pushed again and heard a little baby start to cry,” You have another boy.” The nurses took a hold of the little boy and cleaned him off and then handed it to Jordan who was smiling.

“So have you thought of a name for him?”

“Well I was thinking along the lines of Baylee.. I think its cute”

“Well I think its cute too” Jordan, Brian and Logan gathered around newborn Baylee. But the journey didn’t end there. They were going to have the ride of their lives.