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The Littrell’s are having a party today. Its Baylee’s fourth birthday. They didn’t think he was going to live. After all Baylee has the same heart problem as his father. But his are far worst than Brian had it when he was a little kid. He has been in and out of hospitals since he was only a year old.

Everyone was arriving. Their neighbor Nick Carter, who also just happens to be one of Brian’s closest friends. Brian’s cousin Kevin and his wife Kristen. And then some family and friends. The more people that started to arrive the more Baylee got hyper and not to mention his older brother Logan went right along with the crowd.

”How am I ever going to keep up with this?” Jordan said giving a big sigh.

”I am sure we will manage Jordan. We always seem to at the end of the day” Brian said giving his wife a kiss on the cheek.

”I think everyone is here aren’t they?” Jordan questioned Brian.

”Yeah, I think everyone but my parents. But the last I heard they were stuck in traffic so they will be here soon. Or at least that’s what my brother said”

”We all know how your brother is sometimes”

”Yeah, I know” Everyone gathered in the family room.

”Baylee….Baylee” Jordan yelled. But there wasn’t an answer. She called again,” Baylee…..Baylee” But there still wasn’t an answer. She soon went searching through the house just in case something had happened to him.
“ROAR!!!!” Baylee yelled and Jordan screamed.

”Baylee!!!! You are in big trouble after this party young man. What have I told you about scaring mommy like that?”

”Not to do it cause its mean.”

”That’s right. Now where is your brother?”

”I don’t know”

”Baylee tell me or else you’ll deal with daddy”

”In there” he pointed to the cupboard. Jordan walked over to the cupboard and opened it up and there was Logan.

”You’ve been caught. Now both of you in the family room or else mommy will cancel your birthday party Baylee”

”No mommy no…” they both yelled in unison as they ran out into the living room. Jordan walked out and saw Brian’s grin on his face.

”That wasn’t funny”

”Sure it was. I cant believe you fall for it every time”

”I only went in there cause what if Baylee falls or something. Or goes into one of those seizers or something?”

”Jordan honey. You just need to chill. The doctors put him on medication for that. Let’s just enjoy his birthday party ok?”


Baylee unwrapped his presents and had some cake and ice cream. As Baylee walked up to his bedroom with all of his cool neat little toys he had gotten. Someone in the room was planning and plotting in their head…no one knew it was coming, but he knew and the only one that knew.