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Everybody in the Littrell house was fast asleep. It took Brian and Jordan forever to get Baylee to settle down and go to sleep. No more cake and ice cream for a while.

He slowly crept in the house knowing how to get in. He didn’t have a key but it was very easy. He crept up the stairs and then first into Logan’s room. He carefully picked him up and slowly carried him down the stairs trying not to make any noise. He carried little Logan out to his car. He didn’t make one move. Now it was time to get Baylee. He was going to be difficult. Baylee will wake up to anything….any sudden movement. He had to give him something or at least bribe him with something. He once again crept into the house un-noticeable. Up the stairs he went once more and went into Baylee’s room as he picked him up just as he suspected he woke up.

”Shh don’t say anything. And maybe I can give you something special when we get back to my house ok?” little Baylee nodded his head,” Piece of cake” he whispered to himself as he carried Baylee down to the car. He now had both kids in the car. But there was just one more task yet to complete – the note. As he crept back into the house the dog started to bark. He had awoken the chihuahua Tyke up.

”Shush..” he said, “Shush” he dropped the note on the floor and ran out of there. He got into the car and drove off.

Brian heard Tyke barking so he climbed out of bed and tripped over a few of Baylee’s toys. He walked downstairs and saw no one.

”What’s wrong boy? Did you hear a noise? Or are you having too much fun with that piece of paper there” Tyke just looked at him as he bent over and picked up the piece of paper and set it down on a near by table for tomorrow. He walked back upstairs and he decided to go check on the boys. Sometimes when he would wake up in the middle of the night he would go and just watch his boys peacefully sleep. But he walked into Logan’s room and he wasn’t there. He thought maybe he went into Baylee’s room. But nope he wasn’t there either. He quickly ran back into his bedroom.” Jordan…the boys are gone” he shook her,” Jordan! Wake up!!!” he yelled.

”What Brian? I am tired”

”the boys are gone”

”What do you mean the boys are gone?”

”I hear Tyke barking so I went down…” he didn’t even finish his sentence without flying back down the stairs.

”Brian!” she yelled, but he was already downstairs. Jordan quickly climbed out of bed and ran downstairs after Brian,” Honey what in he world is going on?” she demanded an answer.

”They’re gone….somebody took them. All they left was this note but our lovely dog here tore it up….we’ll never find them” Brian said.

”How? How in the hell did they get in our house? Why would anyone want to take our babies?” Jordan started to panic as she reached for the phone to call the police.

The police were there within moments.

”Mrs. Littrell do you know anyone who would want to take your kids?”

”No…. I cant think of anyone…we don’t know anyone who hates us. Or that I can think of anyway.” Jordan cried. Her boys were gone…the bond that kept the family together has now been taken from them…who would do such a thing?

”Do you have any recent pictures we can give the news in the morning?” the officer asked.

”It was Baylee’s fourth birthday party yesterday. There are pictures of the both of them on this roll of film” she walked over to the desk and noticed Baylee’s medication was still there,” Oh God”

”What is it miss?”

”Baylee’s medication is still here…he needs that…he goes into seizers without notice. He needs his medication every day”

”Don’t worry miss we’ll have them found in no time”

”Thank you officer” Brian and Jordan watched the sheriffs drive away. There pride and joy’s were missing, but where could they be? And who could have taken them?