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Its been weeks now since Baylee and Logan have been missing. Jordan hasn’t been able to go to work at all. It has been really hard to cope with the fact her kids were gone. Brian has felt the same way. As a parent it has been hard for him, but he knows he has to be strong. But how can you be strong if your kids are missing? To him it doesn’t make any sense.

”Brian I am scared for our boys? Do you think this is normal? Why haven’t we heard from the police at all? They said they were going to contact us and they haven’t” Jordan cried,” What if Baylee has a seizer Brian? He doesn’t have his medication”

”Jordan baby you need to chill out. I know I am scared for our boys too, but you have to be strong. Its tough to be strong, but if we aren’t then we may never find our boys. Do you understand me?” she nodded her head yes,” That’s my girl. And you have to remember Baylee is a tough cookie he will pull through with anything that may come his way. Just believe Jordan. Now why don’t you go and lay down for a while. I promise I will come and wake you up if the police called ok? Meanwhile I am going to walk the dog and get the mail.” He said as he put Tyke on the leash.

”Ok Brian. I love you”

”I love you too”

Brian walked out the door with Tyke in hand. They walked out to the mailbox and he took out the mail. And he saw an unusual letter written to him and his wife. He hesitated to open it at first, but what if it was about his boys?
“I hope my boys are ok Tyke” he said as he carefully opened the letter making sure nothing fell out just in case there could be potential hazardous material in the letter.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Littrell,

I just wanted to let you know your boys are safe and sound. No harm has been done I give you my word. And I apologize for not grabbing Baylee’s medication. I should have known. But there have been no seizers. I cannot tell you who I am and nor will you ever tell you. But you have to do something for me before you can even think of getting your children back. I would like 1 million dollars to be transferred to an undisclosed account. I know you have the money Brian. Don’t tell me you don’t. And don’t even think about taking this to the police and believe me I know if you have. You have exactly 3 weeks to make up your mind or your kids are mine forever.

Brian knew he had to take this to the police let alone show Jordan.

”Come on Tyke we need to get into the house now” Brian took Tyke into the house and then raced upstairs,” Jordan you need to get up!”

”Did you hear from the police?”

”No, we got a letter from the person who took the boys. It has to be someone we know Jordan. They know how much Baylee needs his medication. And he/ she said he has been fine. But we don’t know that. And whoever it is wants 1 million dollars and if we take this to the police we’ll never see our kids again”

”Brian! We have to take this to the police! I don’t want to just sit here and do nothing about it. Maybe we can fight this you know? Invite one over thinking he or she is a normal person and then have it be one of those detective people you know? Brian I want our boys home!”

”Jordan I know I do too, but do we as parents want to risk our kids lives?”

”If this means getting them back well then yes”

”Your wish is my command”


Meanwhile he kept a close eye on the Littrell house. Making sure he knew everyone going in and out of that house. The boys thought their parents are on a getaway and that they would be back for them in 3 weeks. He just hoped Brian would stepped up to the plate and brought him the money or there were consequences they were going to play.