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What happens when friends become more? You've read those stories, there are millions of them out there where best friends fall in love after years of friendship. This is kind of like that. They've been friends for 8 years going through the trials and tribulations of life and a long distance friendship. Secure in their friendship, afraid of their own feelings for each other. What happens when a stupid pact that had only been an inside joke is taken seriously?
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: None
Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Death, Graphic Sexual Content
Series: Nothing's Impossible: A Series
Chapters: 28
Completed: Yes
Word count: 132548
Read: 54925
Published: 07/10/06
Updated: 07/21/06

1. Prologue: Beautiful Woman by Teri [ - ] Liked (581 words)
(Note: this starts in October of 2004.) This is the first book in the story the sequel is in production.

2. Chapter 1: Men Suck by Teri [ - ] Liked (3458 words)

3. Chapter 2: Meet and Greet by Teri [ - ] Liked (4583 words)

4. Chapter 3: Go With The Flow by Teri [ - ] Liked (2385 words)

5. Chapter 4: Birthday Suit by Teri [ - ] Liked (7701 words)
I wanted to thank everyone for all the awesome feedback! And this is the fun chapter it's Alyssa's birthday...lol enjoy!

6. Chapter 5: Long Weekend by Teri [ - ] Liked (4652 words)
Another update all ready? Yep that's right! Enjoy!

7. Chapter 6: The Chemicals Between Us by Teri [ - ] Liked (7489 words)

8. Chapter 7: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Teri [ - ] Liked (5182 words)

9. Chapter 8: Friendly Advice by Teri [ - ] Liked (5714 words)

10. Chapter 9: Study Time... by Teri [ - ] Liked (4560 words)

11. Chapter 10: Jack And Sally by Teri [ - ] Liked (6675 words)

12. Chapter 11: Land Down Under by Teri [ - ] Liked (2899 words)

13. Chapter 12: More Than A Woman by Teri [ - ] Liked (2914 words)

14. Chapter 13: I'll Be by Teri [ - ] Liked (4151 words)
I'll right I'm going to leave you guys with this one for now, there is about 14 more chapters for this story, and of course I just started working on the sequel. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

15. Chapter 14: Sweet Euphoria by Teri [ - ] Liked (3443 words)
I figured that since I wrote the beginning chapter to the sequel today that I'd celebrate and give you guys another chapter or two here ya go! Let me know what you think!

16. Chapter 15: Swing Life Away by Teri [ - ] Liked (2857 words)

17. Chapter 16: Tying Up Loose Ends by Teri [ - ] Liked (1948 words)

18. Chapter 17: Hurt by Teri [ - ] Liked (2643 words)
Ok ladies grab your tissue boxes, and don't say you haven't been warned!

19. Chapter 18: Moving On... by Teri [ - ] Liked (5783 words)

20. Chapter 19: Tiny Dancer by Teri [ - ] Liked (5534 words)

21. Chapter 20: On the Road Again by Teri [ - ] Liked (5880 words)

22. Chapter 21: Strange Days by Teri [ - ] Liked (2727 words)
As promised here is chapter 21, chapter 22 is also being added as well so let me know what you think!

23. Chapter 22: Dealing With The Pain by Teri [ - ] Liked (12500 words)
Ok here's chapter 22 there's only 5 chapters left before the sequel starts.

24. Chapter 23: Happy Anniversary by Teri [ - ] Liked (9717 words)
Well here is ch 23, hope you all like it! Let me know =)

25. Chapter 24: Fantasy Land by Teri [ - ] Liked (7587 words)
Warning there is a threesome in this chapter so if you don't like that or aren't comfortable then skip this chapter. Anyways enjoy and let me know what you think!

26. Chapter 25: Family Ties by Teri [ - ] Liked (3364 words)
Okay so I've written chapters 1 and 2 and half of 3 of the sequel so I decided to give you all another chapter. I hope you enjoy this, and if I'm able to write up to chapter 5 on the sequel I'll post the last two chapters sometime this week. Anyways enjoy and let me know what you all think ok? Thanks so much again for all your feedback!!

27. Chapter 26: Happy Holidays by Teri [ - ] Liked (3961 words)
Ok here's the last update until Friday. I know, why wait until then? Well two things; one I need to write a bit more on the sequel before I begin posting it, and two there's only one chapter left before the sequel and I want to make sure that I can go straight into the sequel so you won't have to wait a while in between updates. Anyways later this week I'll be posting a character page at the beginning of the new story so you all can get to know the fictional characters and see what they look like (yep there's pictures). Anyways without further introduction here is the second to last chapter of the first installment of A-I-L. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

28. Chapter 27: All Good Things Must Come To An End by Teri [ - ] Liked (1660 words)
Okay ladies I know a little early but I figured that I'd post the last chapter of AIL now and get my MUS 340 test studied for and done (yay internet classes) and then post the first chapter of SWIB. Read on and enjoy, let me know what you think!