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After a long hiatus, Nightingale Hill is back! 

Nick doesn't know how or why, but he finds himself in a strange, abandoned place with no memories. His only hope is to head for a castle in the distance, but who is this guy after him? And what's the deal with the little girl Nick finds who is suddenly not-so-little anymore?

On Nightingale Hill

Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Warnings: Death, Graphic Sexual Content
Series: None
Chapters: 22
Completed: No
Word count: 61969
Read: 30685
Published: 01/21/07
Updated: 08/31/14

1. Prologue: In Which Nick Sleeps by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (1163 words)

I wrote ONH for NaNoWriMo 2006, so this here is novel-length fanfiction (though not as long as some of the tomes I've found while glancing around the site, heh). While the general rating is R for some adult content, it doesn't actually occur until about 40,000 words in. So if you mind the R-rating, you're safe reading up to a certain point when I'll put some warning tags. Don't be scared off by the prologue, this IS a Nick fic, he just doesn't make an appearance in the first chapter.

2. Chapter 1: To Be Dead by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (3247 words)
Did you guys miss Nick in that last chapter? This one's ALL Nick -- hope that takes care of you. So I'll be the first to admit that this story is a bit weird -- even I thought so as I was writing it. It turned out even stranger than I thought it would be! Please read and review, I would love some feedback.

3. Chapter 2: Friends, Strangers by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (3390 words)
I got my first review! Thanks a lot, Mel. :3 Your review inspired me to post the next chapter... This one goes out to you! *laughs at song reference*

4. Chapter 3: PB&J by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (3410 words)
I'm terrible at chapter titles. In fact, when I wrote this, I didn't even bother separating the novel into chapters; I just have natural breaks when there is a change in scene. So, if you can think up a better title for any chapter, mention it in the review. ;)

5. Chapter 4: Bye Bye, Baby by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (3320 words)
Hey, I noticed that ONH has been favorited twice, awesome! :3 So this one's for Charlene and kaos55. Thanks, guys!!!

6. Chapter 5: Into the Woods by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (1257 words)
Here's a short one. The next passage after this was kind of long so I decided just to break them into two separate chapters. This one's dedicated to starbeamz2, who gave me a review on the last chapter, yay! :3

7. Chapter 6 Pt 1: In Which Nick Confronts by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (2787 words)
Reading back on all my replies to the reviews, I feel like a broken record: "I'm glad you like it," "I'm glad that you like it," and another "I'm glad" after that. But it's true! I'm so... glad *grin* that everyone is reading, enjoying, and reviewing my fic. This one is for Ashley and Jennifer(Star). Last chapter was the first time I ever got more than one review for the same chapter. Ha, I'm such a newb... ^^; Sorry this chapter's not as long as I promised it would be in the last Author's Notes. I got sleepy editing and decided to just update with what I had ready. Oh, and by the way, there's a little bit of swearing in this one.

8. Chapter 6 pt 2: Getting Some Answers by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (3639 words)
Here's the second half to the chapter I posted last time, plus a little more for your patience. Something happens in this chapter that I didn't exactly plan for, and I felt really weird writing it... but I'll explain more in the next chapter. Bonus points go to Sarah (starbeamz2) for being very close in her review for last chapter. Oh, and shoutouts to all the other people who reviewed and favorited recently, Ashley and FricksBabyGurl.

9. Chapter 7: A Sending Off by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (2678 words)

Sorry for the delay, guys. It's the first week of school, and I haven't had a lot of time to edit the fic. Anyway, this one's an in-between kind of chapter, but it will get more interesting soon. This one is dedicated to Moppy (sorry I don't know your actual name), Sarah, and Ashley.

10. Chapter 8: No Mouths, No Faces by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (2596 words)

Here's the next chapter for you guys! There might be a bit of a delay before the next one because I've got some logistics problems to iron out. ^^; Enjoy and review! Much love to all the regulars.

11. Chapter 9: History and the Flood by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (2637 words)

To Sarah, Ashley, Mel, and Moppy, who have been waiting nearly two months for an update. Every time I logged onto my computer, I felt guilty for not tackling this chapter, which I was having such difficulty rewriting and editing. But here it is for you guys, and now that I've finished this section, we've got smooth sailing for the next thirty pages or so of my fic. ^_^

With special thanks to Elise, my dear Elise, who understands the poor memory-hungry Nick of this story better than anyone else.


12. Chapter 10: Nine and Three-Quarters by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (3534 words)
Here you guys go! I wanted to post another chapter before school got busy again. Updates should come once a week now or, at least, every two weeks. If not, just give me a nudge. :D This one goes out to all my lovely reviewers. *hearts* You girls keep me motivated to keep posting here on AC. I couldn't do it without you!

13. Chapter 11: A Revelation by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (2561 words)
I know, I know I said last time that updates would come every week or every other week! I got sidetracked with school and work, and I'm also currently sewing four costumes for an anime convention at the end of May. To make up for it, I promise to release chapter twelve in less than a week, okay? Love you guys! *hearts*

Uh, this chapter is dedicated to the last person who reviews by the time I post the next one. XD [/silly]

14. Chapter 12: How They Met by FiliKlepto [ - ] Liked (1044 words)


I am a terrible liar and an irresponsible updater. *hangs head in shame* I promised in the last chapter to post the next update within a week, and yet here we are weeks later...

You see, after re-reading the chapter that I was about to post for an update, I realized that after all the time Lene had spent being five years old, she spends very little time being nine-and-three-quarters. And it felt really unbalanced. So I decided to add some more flesh to chapter twelve (yay, more content for the readers!) but then got buried with school, work, and sewing (boo, no time for writing).

As a result, instead of a nice well-rounded chapter twelve full of Nickalicious goodness, here is a stringy, little Nick-less chapter to tide you over until uni gets out in two weeks. I know I keep making promises, but things should pick up again with ONH in June!

This one is for both Ashley and Sarah, who've stuck with me through the dry season. 

15. Chapter 13: Shards of Porcelain by FiliKlepto [ - ] (2452 words)

Now that Harry Potter month is winding down, I have some free time to direct my energies elsewhere. This chapter isn't as long as I would have liked it to be, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

For Julie, Ashley, Sarah, Elise, and Moppy. Sorry to make you girls wait so long~ And to anyone reading this for the first time, welcome.

I'll try not to make you wait so long for the next one. 

16. Chapter 14: Apple Pie by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3610 words)

Would you believe me if I said it took nearly two years to write this chapter?  I got the main idea for “Apple Pie” back in the summer of 2007 and then promptly forgot to work on it when I went to study abroad in Japan for a year.  Then a few months after my return, my computer crashed and stupid me—I forgot to keep backups of ONH.  Fortunately, my wonderful BF recently recovered the files after weeks of combing through my severely corrupted hard disk.  This one goes out to Ashley, who kept asking for more Nick and Lene even when I thought I had let them go forever, and to my newest reader-reviewers kevmylove (Erika) and Carter-Orange (Steph).  Love you guys! <3

17. Chapter 15: Light and Dark by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3083 words)

This one’s dedicated to Julie (RokofAges75), whose amazing writing really inspired me to get back on track with ONH. I’m sorry it took me almost two years to write this =o but I promise you won’t have to wait as long for the next one.

18. Chapter 16: Oblivion by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3759 words)

I am very excited to bring this chapter to you! I'm a liar and a procrastinator, and it takes me forever to update. However, this year I have resolved NOT to be George R R Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire) and make you wait six years before the next update. So here we have a chapter, and I'm about a third of the way through the next chapter, and I plan to finish On Nightingale Hill before the end of this year, so help me God. Thank you, to everyone still reading!

19. Chapter 17: The Chase by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3017 words)

I'm really happy to be posting an update again so soon! This one's for Steph :> It begins and ends with a chase.

20. Chapter 18: Twenty by FiliKlepto [ - ] (1925 words)

When I first wrote this chapter circa 2005 (yes, I've been keeping it from you that long, sorry guys) I was just trying to get out as many words as I could for NaNoWriMo. I have no idea what motivated me to write the shower scene, but I do remember cackling the entire time. All I can say is... Nick's a dirty pervert! ;P

21. Chapter 19: Puzzle Pieces by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3427 words)
I vowed to myself that I would update ONH with a new chapter before Mare finished reading chapter 18 and here we are. Thank you, Mare, for lighting a fire under me. :)

And my deepest thanks to everyone on the message boards who voted for me as one of their Top Ten favorite authors of all time. I tied for 10th place with our founding father Chaos, whose fic "Ground Zero" I admired sooooo much when I first joined AC. I'm flattered and humbled.

Okay, shutting up now. On to chapter 19!

22. Chapter 20: Vegas, Baby by FiliKlepto [ - ] (3433 words)
I did it! I squeezed one more update in before the end of August~ Okay, so it's really down to the wire, but here it is!

Thank you to everyone who's reading for the first time and to everyone who's coming back again.