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People change, relationships grow, or wither. But love lasts forever right? In life every relationship is tested and stretched. Nick and Alyssa have seen their fair share of drama. It's always something that's trying to tear them apart. What happens when this time what's putting them at odds is each other? Can they work through they're own personal demons and relationship issues to survive as the couple we all know and love? Or just as they're ready to take the next step, will it all crumble around them?

(**) Always Something by Lucy Woodward
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick
Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Death, Graphic Sexual Content
Series: Nothing's Impossible: A Series
Chapters: 35
Completed: Yes
Word count: 129558
Read: 54779
Published: 03/09/07
Updated: 12/17/07

1. Chapter 1: Cupid's Arrow by Teri [ - ] Liked (2065 words)
YAY!!! The story is starting!! LOL Anyways updates will be rather slow because I just got a job. But they should be steady. Also please please pray for Crystal (presley) she's on a flight to florida to get her daughter and will be back friday so please everyone hope that everything turns out ok. If you've read Stupid boy then you know her story. Anyways enjoy and as always R&R

2. Chapter 2: Duty Calls by Teri [ - ] Liked (4646 words)
Hey finally a chapter! sweet! lol Pay very close attention to the last half of the chapter....*evil grin* and that's all I'll say about that for now. You can thank Mel for all her amazing inspiration the past few days, she really helped this chapter out alot! LOL Anyways as always R&R *muah* Teri

3. Chapter 3: Happy Birthday Mr. President by Teri [ - ] Liked (2766 words)
Okay I know FINALLY right? Well I've been sick, working, and going to school hence no writing, hopefully I will be writing on Sexcapades tonight if I can get ahold of Mel, though...her internet's been out for a little while so probably not. Anyways I caved and got a domain www.drifting-in-between-dreams.com hope ya'll like it, Mel, Honey and Presley are going to be hosted there, and *nudges Moppy* anyone else that would like to be hosted give me a holler and I'll take a look at you're stuff and if it's good it just may get hosted. As always R&R!!

4. Chapter 4: Pitter Patter by Teri [ - ] Liked (4186 words)
OMG IT'S AN UPDATE!! lol I'm feeling a little better and I thought I'd update before I head into work tonight. Anyways if you didn't notice the title...then don't worry you'll understand later in the chapter. Anyways as always R&R

5. Chapter 5: Guess What?! by Teri [ - ] (2419 words)
OK So finally another update. My health is just been terrible lately with errosive esophagitis (yeah it's painful too yuck!) anyways hopefully i'll be getting better and much more stories to come. hopefully now i can get some work done on sexcapades so we can crank out a new chappy for ya'll. So a huge thank you to Mel and Crys for they're help on this chapter and for pretty much the rest of this story. Anyways as always read and review, and thank you so much for your patience guys!

6. Chapter 6: Privacy Is A Relative Term by Teri [ - ] (3213 words)
Phew I finally got done with this chappy. Took me absolutely forever. I hope that this will end my crappy mood and writing. And since I'm entering my last semester of college it shouldn't be too bad of a wait for the next chappie. As always R&R!

7. Chapter 7: Tabloid Fodder by Teri [ - ] (2547 words)
wow an update! The story is really progressing nicely and things are going to be getting interesting from this chapter on...so as always R&R!!! Thanks everyone!

8. Chapter 8: Life's A Beach by Teri [ - ] (3121 words)
hehe yay and update! So the fighting begins! Stay tuned for more drama hehe and as always r&r!!!

9. Chapter 9: Girls' Day Out by Teri [ - ] (3979 words)
Hey everyone it's Teri here hehe, Anyways here's Chapter 9 of AS. It's gonna get pretty damn interesting as time goes on so please stay tuned, lots of drama and lots of action! Reviews leave me mucho inspired so if you read i'd be ever so grateful if you left your thoughts! even if you didn't like it let me know okay? All I ask is if you don't like it to be kind about it. Okay guys have at it!

10. Chapter 10: Theory Of Relativity by Teri [ - ] (1976 words)
Sooo yay an update. I finally mapped out where AS is going to go and it's really going to be one of the best in this series. And definitely one of the longest! Thank you to all my loyal readers thus far, I love hearing from you and can't wait to hear more as the story progresses!

11. Chapter 11: Self-Image by Teri [ - ] (4471 words)
ANOTHER CHAPTER!? YAY! thank Tri and Mel for helping me with this chapter! it's definitely starting to heat up!

12. Chapter 12: Pink Or Blue by Teri [ - ] (4374 words)
YAY! finally finished chapter 12! Seems I get my best writing done at like 1am? LOL strange. I'm sitting here listening to XM radio and the 90s channel and some of the boys music came on and well it made me giggle and want to update so YAY here ya'll go! As always R&R!!

13. Chapter 13: Happy First Birthday Jamie!! by Teri [ - ] (4887 words)
Hey everyone! wow it's good to be back with a new chapter! hehe wasn't that long but still. I've been outlining the rest of the series. (read: Prequels) Originally I had one LLLOOOONNNGGG prequel planned. I decided to cut it in two just cuz yeah I'm insane. But the first prequel is all outlined as well as AS which I think is going to be the longest in the series. There's lots and lots of drama and fun to come. So I hope you stay tuned! And as always read and review!!

14. Chapter 14: Sexual Frustration's A Bitch by Teri [ - ] (4858 words)

15. Chapter 15: Monster-In-Law by Teri [ - ] (5356 words)
Hehe hey everyone if you hadn't noticed the predecessor to AS, SWIB is november's FEATURED STORY OF THE MONTH!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! hehe A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Mare and everyone responsible for picking it as the featured story! It's been giving me some major major inspiration and soooo here's another chapter! YAY! I hope to hear from all of you, my loyal Nothing's Impossible Series readers as the story progresses! It's definitely going to be the most intense story emotionally speaking so hopefully you like it!

16. Chapter 16: Country-Ville by Teri [ - ] (3793 words)
Wow so another chapter done! YAY! lol I figured this would hold you guys over til I get a chance to write again later this week. I'm in the process of one busy busy week coming up so I won't have much of a chance to write. So I figured I'd punch this one out before I get too busy to update at all! Anyways here is chapter 16 please let me know what ya'll think okay?

17. Chapter 17: Ballad Of The Missing Pooch by Teri [ - ] (2516 words)
Tri this is SOO all your fault! LOL jk I lurvvveee u! LOL Anyways I wrote an entire chapter today in class, yes it was THAT EFFING BORING. anyways things are going to be DEFINITELY picking up as the story progresses. And my plan of getting to chapter 30 by Christmas just might happen.

18. Chapter 18: Big Fat Liar by Teri [ - ] (4270 words)
WOO! chapter 18!! Ahead of schedule too! 17 was supposed to be done tonight, but i finished that a few days ago. Hopefully this will continue and I can get chapter 19 out of my mind tonight cuz yes it's DEFINITELY HEATING UP AROUND HERE! LOL it's gonna get interesting so I hope you all stay tuned and please let me know what ya'll think okies?

19. Chapter 19: Return Of The Bitch by Teri [ - ] (5429 words)
Can I say bitch in a chapter title? oops guess I can hahah! Okay i'm a major dork. Anyways WOO! Chapter 19 is done yay! And now on to the biggest most dramatic chapters. I warn you all now chapters 20 through 32 are going to be MAJOR major drama. Have your tissue boxes ready and loosen your jaws cuz we're in for a bumpy ride! Just ask Tri lol she's been ranting about what I have planned for weeks now lol (love you tri!!!) So *evil laugh* ya'll are gonna be surprised at what I have in store. At least I HOPE you will be. And TEN BILLION points if you can figure out whose playing Nick's therapist and NO tri you can't answer since you already know. Hint it's all in the last name!

20. Chapter 20: Salvation by Teri [ - ] (5070 words)
so wow! Another update so soon!! This is all because the drama is ensuing with this chappy. Have you're tissues ready and jaws well oiled hehe. Don't say I didn't warn ya! Let me know what ya'll think I think this will be a pretty pivotal point for all of you readers out there. So let me know okay?

21. Chapter 21: It's Just Too Little Too Late by Teri [ - ] (3085 words)
Soooo here's the first of 3 chapters i must get done this weekend, cuz they're pretty major and I don't wanna be too mean you know? As always read and review!

22. Chapter 22: When It All Falls Down by Teri [ - ] (2441 words)
Soooo here's chapter 22. Please let me know what you thought!

23. Chapter 23: Noah's Arc by Teri [ - ] (3725 words)
So this is one of the hardest chapters I've ever written so please whether you love it, or hate it let me know. I know many of you will think I'm cruel for all the cliffies but honestly this is going to be the biggest pivotal change in the story that will eventually get better!!!

24. Chapter 24: Gin And Catatonic by Teri [ - ] (2886 words)
Wow just wow thank you for the huge response of the last few chapters. I hope you'll stick with the Nick and Ali saga because even though it doesn't look promising it does get better I swear! After all they are soulmater aren't they?

25. Chapter 25: The Importance Of Family by Teri [ - ] (2801 words)
sooo wow I'm really on a roll. Let's hope this keeps up! And Tri I think I've turned into you! With daily updates! LOL Thank you to everyone for the amazing amount of reviews I've received lately keep it up! It's been really inspiring!!

26. Chapter 26: Bleed It Out by Teri [ - ] (4160 words)
Oooh so I took a day off for the holiday but I'm back! I wrote up chapter 26 today and it seems like a really big turning point for my writing and will certainly help me write the prequels and certain scenes in them. Anyways enjoy and please let me know what you think! Oh and happy turkey day...even though it's a day late!

27. Chapter 27: 4 In The Morning by Teri [ - ] (3318 words)
Yes I totally got the chapter title from Gwen's song of the same name. That and Inconsolable are awesome tracks to listen to as you read the chapter, (just a hint LOL) anyways thanks for the reviews and hope you'll stay tuned!

28. Chapter 28: Angst Isn't a Four-Letter Word by Teri [ - ] (3123 words)
Okay so for the AWESOME response I got on the last chapter I figured you guys could deal with another chapter tonight. I sat down to write and really couldn't stop. Soooo here you guys go!

29. Chapter 29: Being Intimate Doesn't Necessarily Mean Being Intimate by Teri [ - ] (3062 words)
I know weird chapter title but it fits lol. Sorry I've been absent from updating the past few days, got some food poisoning and bam was sicker than hell! I'm okay now phew but am still sorta out of it. Hope ya'll like it!

30. Chapter 30: There's No Such Thing As Progress Without A Little Regression by Teri [ - ] (6265 words)
so my chapters are coming out a little slower right now, it's the end of the semester so please bear with me as I go through finals and graduation in the next couple weeks. Anyways I hope you all like, as you can tell from the title it's not an easy recovery at all.

31. Chapter 31: Shadow Of The Day by Teri [ - ] (2539 words)

Woo another chapter, I finished my group paper in time to bust out another chapter yay! It's a short one, hope ya'll like.

32. Chapter 32: You Can Let Go by Teri [ - ] (6222 words)
woo another chapter....now it's time to study...hope this can tide ya'll over till I'll get a chance to update again. Got finals and graduation the next two weeks so updates might be a lil scarce but I'll try my best! As always thanks again for all the reviews keep em coming!!

33. Chapter 33: Reconnecting by Teri [ - ] (4728 words)
WOO! hope this all finds you well and provides a lil distraction for everyone studying for finals! I wrote more than half my paper today so I rewarded myself with writing and ended up writing an entire chapter! WOO!

34. Author's Note Very Important!!! by Teri [ - ] (112 words)

35. Chapter 34: Rock The Boat by Teri [ - ] (5149 words)
WOO! AS is officially completed! I decided to split AS in half so the rest of the Nick and Ali saga will continue in a new story (banner and first chapter coming soon!) So look for that okies? Thanks to EVERYONE for the reviews and I hope this leaves everyone on a positive note for the upcoming sequel woo!