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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay sorry for the long wait, i was out of town last week and i didnt have time to post more. So here is the second Chapter so leave some Reviews also tell me what u think at ashleykik@comcast.net okay.
So as i reached my room I heard the door open, so i looked down the stairs and i just rolled my eyes and slammed my room door closed.
"what the hell was that"
"I am not sure AJ, but i think it is Jim's daughter ashley"
"Hey wait a second.. Brian.. i didn’t know this" AJ said
"me nether" Nick said
"Well Jim told me not to tell you till we got here"
"Why? Kevin doesn’t he trust us?" Nick said
"I guess he wanted to surprise us"
"Well Howie.. he surprised me and Nick that’s for sure" said AJ smiling then they all laughed.
"Okay now what" i said as i put on the CD that i made
"I guess i will put on Umbrella now" so i walked up to my stereo and put on Number 2 Umbrella, when the song played i turned it up really loud and i walked to my bed and just sat there and then laid there.
"What the hell is that..Again"
"Um..AJ i think it is music" Nick said laughing a bit
"I know but why is it so loud"
"Maybe ashley likes loud music AJ" Nick said
"Maybe" Brian said starting to laugh
"Well who is coming with me"
"um...were exactly AJ"
"Well um.. Howie To go help me turn down the freakin' music" said AJ. Then they all nodded and went upstairs.