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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay all u have been waiting for the 3 chapter LOL Thanx u all for ur nice comments it means alot to me. I hope u like this next one.
"Geez, hey guys cover your ears" Brian said
"Well..someone knock on the door"
"I’m not Kevin" said AJ and Nick at the same time
"Geez, will you guys just move, i will knock"
"Okay Brian"
"Shh..Nick...Hello....HELLO anyone in there"
"Geez what the..." AJ said. I gasped then i screamed
"Who the hell are you..." i said as they all looked at me while AJ was turning down the music.
"umm...umm..Hi" they all said, then i slowly turned around to look at my BSB poster, then i turned back around and said
umm...you guys The Backstreet Boys right?" i said while looking at them and thinking "why are they here"
"umm..yes we are"
"Kevin uh.. what are you and the guys doing here?"
"Well ashley we are here to watch you while your family is away" Brian said moving a bit forward
"and we just wanted to turn the music down a bit"
"oh okay sorry if the loud music bothered you and the guys AJ" i said blushing a bit
"no no don't worry about it, it's okay" Nick said flashing his famous Carter grin at me
"We didn't mean to bother"
"Oh it's okay Howie, i was going to turn it down anyways"
Looking away and sat on my bed again.
"What the.."
then i got up again cause i head the telephone ring
"Oh shit" i said
"Well well well..someone's got a temper"
"AJ sush" i said smiling
"Hello..uh huh.....yeah I’m fine......okay dad bye"
"ugh finally" i said putting the phone done. Then i walked downstairs and went to lay down on the couch
"Hey are you okay" Nick said sitting on the floor sitting next to me
"I am not sure Nick"
Then Brian placed his hand on my forehead
"well ashley your not sick"
"ashley what’s wrong?"
huh..it's nothing AJ"
"Yes there is"
Kevin nothing is wrong"
"Come on ashley tell us"
Okay Howie..Well this has to do with school okay"
"Okay so shoot" Nick said
"Okay it is just that all my friends aren't what i thought they were. I think they are all backstabbers except one, they will all start rumors about me and a lot of other stuff and i have no one to talk about this with"
I said while tears were forming in my eyes
"Oh ashley don't cry" Nick said while giving me a hug.
"Thanks Nick i needed that" then i pulled back and whipped my tears away and said
"Okay i have to ask you guys this. How old are all of you? Kevin you start, then Howie, then Brian, then AJ then Nick okay."
"Well i am 22"
"I’m 20"
"I am 16"
"and i am 15"
And you are..." Nick and Brian said
"who me.." i said laughing
"Yep" Brian said
"I am 15 years old"
"Really same as Nick" Brian said. Then i saw Nick Nick smile cause we are the same age
"So are you guys hungry"
"Sure ashley we can eat"
"okay Kevin, so you guys follow me" i said as they followed me to the kitchen
"so what do you guys want?"
Whatever your having" they all said
"Okay" i said as i pulled all the stuff i needed to make a sandwich.