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Author's Chapter Notes:
I am sooooooooo sorry you guys for the long wait i have sooo busy and school starts for me soon, so i hope u like this chapter. It's kinda short but i am working on the 5th chapter so i hope it will be up soon.
Enjoy this chapter.
So then Nick said
“so Ashley why did your parents leave you hear” I looked at him while I was making my sandwich
“well I didn’t want to go.. like I just didn’t feel like going.. Why are you asking this you don’t like being here with me?” I said putting on my puppy dog eye look.
“No not that I was just asking Ashley”
Oh okay.. Nick”
“Okay Ashley can I have my sandwich now”
“Geez AJ what’s the hurry”
“Sorry Ashley” AJ said while looking down on the ground
“It’s okay AJ” I said while giving him his sandwich and then he smiled and grabbed his sandwich.
“Okay AJ al good now?”
“Yep thank you Ashley”
“No problem” So as I finished making the sandwiches I sat down and started to eat.
“So Ashley when is your Birthday?” Kevin asked
“Umm…It is January 29th” I said
“Really? One day after Nick’s Ashley”
“Yeah I now Brian” I said laughing
“Well you and Nick are the same age and your birthdays are in the same month.. Weird”
“No it’s not Howie”
“Okay Nick.. Whatever you say” Howie said starting to laugh.
“Hey that is not funny Howie” Nick said starting to laugh a little
“Are you guys always this weird”
“For your information Ashley… umm yes we are… just kidding”
“Okay Nick… I knew that you guys have to act serious at times… Right?”
“yeah of course Ashley” Kevin said
“Okay cause I was thinking that you guys didn’t…. just kidding”
“Okay that is what I thought” Kevin said
“Yeah Yeah I am so sure Kevin” I said laughing. Then I turned around and looked at the clock, it said 6:46AM so then I looked at the phone then back at the guys and said
“So why did my dad say for you guys to stay over these four weeks?”
“Well.. Ashley I think it was because he wanted to introduce us to you or something like that” Howie said
“oh okay” then I heard the phone ring then I ran to it and picked it up.
“Hello” I said
“hello hey Ashley”
“oh my gosh hey andreja what’s up?
“Nothing much just looking at the Backstreet Boys pictures again”
“Man… when will you ever stop looking at there pictures” I said
“Hey unlike me you have all these posters and pictures of them on your wall.. Even though I will have pictures of them on my wall soon”
“Okay Andreja… so what else have you been doing other then looking at The Backstreet Boys Pictures” I said a little loud enough for them to hear.
“Like I said nothing much” andreja said laughing
“Oh okay well I will talk to you later”
“Okay Ashley then I will ask you who is staying over with you”
“Okay Andreja” I said smiling while I turned around to see the guys staring at me
“Talk to you soon okay bye”
“Bye” then I hung up the phone.