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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay yall this is chapter 5 i hope u like it, i will work on chapter 6 soon and put it up.

Okay i have to tell you i am remaking the summery and i forgot (stupid me) to add something to the summery that happens a lot later in the story so i will put that up now okay so R&R.Thanxs
“So who was that… ?”
“Why do you want to know.. Nick” I said smiling
“Oh well you said that she is looking at pictures of us” Brian said
“Oh… and your point is?
“Well are point is that is she a fan?”
“Well duh Nick she is looking at your guys pictures” I said laughing a bit while the other guys just smiled and looked at me.
“So what’s her name Ashley?”
“Why do you want to know Nick… you like her more then me now”
“ooohhh she got you there Nicky”
“Shut up AJ”
“I am Kidding Nick” I said laughing while Nick looked at me sad, but I knew that he was just doing that to get me.. So I played along with it.
“Awww Nick I didn’t mean it I swear!”
“Well Ashley that was mean to say, I don’t even know her” he said while he put on a sad face
“Aww Nick” I said while I gave him a hug and the other guys looked at me and I whispered to them
“He is tricking me, so I am playing along” and they smiled
“ Do you believe me know Nick” I said putting on my sad but worried look
“Yes I do” and he smiled at me and they guys were laughing quietly and Nick turned around
“What is so funny”
“Nothing Nick” then he turned back at me and I gave him a peck on the lips and said
“you wanted me to feel sad so I played along with you” I said laughing and he just looked at me with a smile and said
“how did u know that? Oh and thanks for the kiss” and he gave me a kiss back
“I just knew.. I am smart.. Right? Oh and thanks for the kiss back”
“Yes you are and no problem” Nick said and I laughed cause he kissed me back and for what he said
“awww so cute”
“what is so cute Brian?”
“you and Nick.. You guys look so cute together and when you kissed.. That was cute”
“Brian you are just saying that cause you want a kiss from Ashley to”
“Nick.. What! Why would you say that” and I looked at him and I walked to him and gave him a peck on the lips to
“Happy know.. You got what you wanted” I said laughing while Brian looked at me funny
“aww thanks babe” Brian said in a funny tone
“it’s nothing Baby” I said to him while I was laughing.
“Hey what AJ”
“You and Brian got a kiss from Ashley.. What about us three”
“Oh.. Am I senescing some jealousy here? Oh okay to make it even..” I walked to AJ, Kevin, and Howie and gave them pecks on the lips to
“Okay ya’ll happy now”
“Yeppers” they all said
“Boys” I said while I was laughing. Then I said
“well what do you guys want to do? Since we are here for four weeks”
“well whatever you want to do babe” Brian said
“Okay Baby whatever I want to do it is” I said walking to the TV room. Then all I was thinking was
“I think this four weeks won’t be that bad after all”
“Oh Ashley”
“Yes baby” I said to Nick while I saw him blush a bit
“Oh my god.. Is Nick blushing?”
“Shut up AJ.. Anyways I didn’t answer my question”
“What question baby” I said while I was having fun with this
“who called you?”
“Oh that was my good friend Andreja.. We have been friends for some time now.. She is really nice”
“Oh that’s cool babe.. And I thought you only called me baby babe”
“yea it is.. Oh and sorry Brian.. I mean baby” I said laughing while sitting down on the couch turning on the TV.