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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay here is the 6th chapter and this is mostly with Nick (lol) so R&R and i hope u like it!!!
So as I was flipping through the channels I saw Nick staring at me then I said
“What are you looking at?”
“What I can’t stare at you Ashley?”
“No you can, but why are you staring at me?”
“Well I … I think your beautiful”
“Wha… what did you say?” I said all shocked and I saw the shock in everyone else’s eye’s
“I said you …. You are beautiful”
“Oh my gosh Nick, stop playing, you …. You don’t really mean it do you?”
“Ye…. Yes I mean it”
“what the fu….” AJ was about to say until Kevin hit him in the back of the head to shut him up
“what the heck was that for Kev?”
“Shut up AJ!! I want to hear what there saying”
“Okay geez, you didn’t have to hit me though”
“Shhhh!!” Kevin said.
“Nick…. Are you serious, I mean you actually think that of me”
“yes I do” then Nick looked at the guys then they knew that they had to go, but I knew that he wasn’t the only one that likes me… But why do they like me to?

“Nick…” I said but he put a finger to my lips and said
“shhh don’t say anything Ashley, I really do like you” he said as he came close to me and brushed his lips against mine and kissed me. I felt like just passing out right there, his kisses are so sweet and just kisses me with such great passion. But then he started to get it going, so he took his tongue and he was trying to enter my mouth. So I let him in and he started to kiss me more passionate and It felt good but kind of wrong at the same time
“Nick!” I said trying to stop him
“Ashley, I want to kiss you”
“Nick stop it!” I said as I slapped him on the face and ran out the door. Then they other guys came in and AJ said as Brian ran out the door and the other guys didn’t notice him leave.
And AJ said to Nick
“What the fuck did you do Nick”
“All I was doing was giving Ashley a kiss”
“But where did she go Nick?”
“I have no clue she just ran out of the house, and I didn’t mean to hurt her”
“But why did you do it Nick?”
“I don’t know Kevin…. I don’t Know”
“Hey… Where’s Brian at?” Howie said looking around, then they heard the door close and Kevin said
“Oh No! He went after Ashley”
“Oh My…. I hope he finds her”
“Shut up Nick, it’s your fault that she is gone”
“Like I said Howie I didn’t mean to hurt her, god does anyone here listen”
“Well let’s just hope that they get back here safely” and they just sat down on the couch wondering where Brian was, and especially me.