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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here is chapter 8...read end notes of why i didnt add this one for a while...PLZ R&R thanks

So then I looked at Brian and then at Nick and said
“so what do ya guys wanna do?”
“hmm… let’s see know” then AJ said
“hey guys move back let Nick think”
“Shut up AJ”
“Okay” then he was laughing
“Well Ashley do you have an video games?”
“well lets see Brian… I have lots of video games that my brother and sister play, I mean I play at times but not all the time”
“Oh really that cool Ashley”
“Well Nick.. I guess it is but I never really played video games in a while, cause I use to beat my brother and sister in video games”
“nu uh” Brian said
“yes huh, that is so true Brian”
“Oh yeah well show me”
“why? You can’t make me” I said as I was walking slowly to him
“Yes…oh yes I so can” Brian said walking slowly to me
“oh yeah then go right ahead…baby” I said to him in my sexy voice. Then he flashed his sexy smile and came to me and pick me up and asked me
“why do ya have to make this so hard Ashley?”
“cause I wanted to… Gotta problem baby?”
“uh.. Nope not really… I love to pick you up”
“umm babe this is your first time you picked me up”
“oh really… oh well you might want to get use to it”
“oh really…why?”
“Cause I will be doing this often”
“oh okay baby” and I smiled at him and he asked me
“so where is the Nintendo at?”
“umm… I’m not telling”
“oh yes you will”
“okay… it’s downstairs”
“okay.. Come on guys, lets she what she can do” so the guys nodded and they followed Brian downstairs while Brian still had me over his shoulders. While we were going downstairs Nick said to Kevin
“hey Kevin do ya see something going to between Ashley and Brian?
“uh yea I do, well they are good friends and they do seem like they have a good relationship”
“oh okay I was just making sure”
“Okay…why did you ask.. Wait… nick are you jealous of Brian?”
“what me? No… I’m not jealous” but all Nick was thinking of was
“ why does Ashley hang out more with Brian then with me and the other guys? Does she love him a lot more?” Then he just stopped thinking about that and he just thought that we were just friends and that I was going to pick him to be my boyfriend… but who knows.

“Brian put me down this instant!”
“why baby girl?”
“Baby girl? that’s a new one”
“yeah I know, but I’m still gonna call ya babe ok?”
“Okay cool baby… uh but can ya put me down now?”
“well hold on till we get down the stairs”
“ok okay geez” I said smiling while we reached the last step and he put me down and I said
“why thank you baby”
No problem baby girl” then he gave me a soft kiss and then the other guys came down the stairs. Then when Kevin saw us he cleared his throat and said
“well are you guys gonna go play that video game or what?”
“Oh yeah thanks for reminded us Kevin”
“No problem Brian” then Brian grabbed my hand and pulled me to the game room to see how good I am at playing video games
Chapter End Notes:
Ok all i am soooo sorry for not posting..with all these hw and school i havent had time..i know this is short but i was gonna work on it more but i didnt have time so here is chapter 8 PLZ R&R thanks.