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Author's Chapter Notes:

Alyssa spends the night partying with the girls for Teri's bachelorette party.


Chapter 27- Girls Behaving Badly


            Another few weeks passed by and with it Alyssa began her second trimester of her pregnancy. It almost blew her mind how fast the time was going by. Now that morning sickness was officially behind her, this new phase of her pregnancy brought up some new things to look forward too. Although she still wasn't very large, she was just beginning to sport a very slight baby bump underneath her clothes. It all depended on what top she wore and what angle she was caught from, but several of her friends and coworkers were beginning to take notice of the change in her body. Making it to this point in her pregnancy sent a large sense of relief through her. Statistically, she'd heard that the first trimester was usually the most likely point for anything to go wrong, so making it through that point helped her relax a little bit.


            She also felt a little more relaxed now that everything was out in the open with Nick about the baby. They hadn't spoken since the day after Labor Day and Alyssa knew that he was upset with her. She still hated herself for being so cruel to him, but she had to make the decision that was best for her child. For a guy who didn't want kids he seemed awfully upset at Alyssa's decision to raise the baby as Sean's, prompting Alyssa to wonder if perhaps there was more to the story. Could Shayla's fake pregnancy scare really have changed Nick's mind? But if he really wasn't okay with the idea why didn't he just say something? she wondered to herself. How was she supposed to know what was going on in his head if he didn't tell her?


            She'd heard through the grapevine that he and Shayla had gotten back together. He'd moved back in not on after she'd told him the truth about the baby. She knew Nick well enough to know that underneath the exterior he really had only gotten back with Shayla because he was upset at her. Nick simply couldn't be alone. He needed a woman to take care of him, and Shayla was more than willing to provide him with that. Plus, Alyssa figured it would be hypocritical for him not to forgive Shayla after she'd gone and hurt him equally as bad. Whatever... she'd told herself. Maybe it's for the best. It might be safer if he hates my guts. Things were easier before we decided to try being friends again anyway.


            Unfortunately, with Teri and Howie's wedding right around the corner, and them both being in a bridal party, they were going to have to see each other soon. The wedding was only a week away now. What made the situation even more awkward was that no one else knew the whole story between them or even knew that they were no longer talking. It certainly was set to be an interesting wedding. Alyssa just hoped that they could try to politely avoid each other. She wouldn't want any drama to take away from Teri's wedding day.


            She hadn't hung out with the girls very much since Sean had left for Iraq and she'd found out she was pregnant. She hadn't socialized much with anyone. Even her contact with Sean had been limited. Things were beginning to start to get more serious over in Iraq and he'd warned her that he wouldn't be able to get online very much for the time being. Although she'd relented, Teri had insisted though that Alyssa join her, Tricia, and the rest of the bridal party for her bachelorette party. Alyssa really hadn't been too enthusiastic about the idea. She was never one for the typical male stripper bachelorette party, and being pregnant definitely made her feel even more out of place at one. It wasn't like she could drink anyway.


            But Teri had been stubborn and in the end had convinced Alyssa to change her mind. Surprisingly, Teri had decided on something much more low key and enjoyable for her bachelorette party. She'd booked a spa afternoon, followed by dinner at a popular downtown LA restaurant, and then possibly a stop at a bar afterwards for a few drinks. Alyssa had managed to excuse herself from the bar part, but had agreed to the first two events, especially after Teri had told her that the spa offered a special pregnancy massage for expectant mothers that was supposed to be to die for. It had been a long time since Alyssa had let her hair down and partied with the girls and with all the drama going on in her life the past few months she figured she could use a ladies night.


            Alyssa knew she had made the right decision the moment that she arrived at the spa and her massage began. As the masseuse worked on kneading the tense muscles of her back, she instantly felt all the stress of the past three months temporarily get pushed aside. She closed her eyes and for the first time in a long time she actually felt relaxed.


            "So how did your final dress fitting go?" Teri asked, from the next massage table over sounding a little worried. "Were they able to fix it to make up for the baby weight you've gained?"


            "Yea... It fits perfectly," Alyssa assured her. "I was sweating it too, but thankfully I still haven't gained too much weight lately. Sorry to panic you the last minute like that. I think I'd have had a stroke if I found out a week before my wedding that one of my bridesmaid's dresses might not fit the bridesmaid. You took it quite well."


            "You know I'm not the Bridezilla type. Things always work out in the end, so why stress? That's my philosophy." Teri was quiet for a moment or two before speaking up again. "So, how've you been doing lately? I feel like I haven't seen you much at all these past few months."


            "Well, pregnancy has kind of taken a lot out of me," she half-lied. "I've just been busy with doctor's appointments and I haven't really been feeling the best with morning sickness and all that fun stuff. Then I just started work again last month and I've been pretty much exhausted. I have a really difficult class this year, so they suck a lot of my energy from me. Plus, it's a lot harder having to do everything for myself without Sean around to help."


            "That certainly does sound like a lot going on," the other woman admitted. "I've just missed hanging around with you lately. I'm really glad that you decided to come out with us. I hope that once you become a mother you don't forget all about the girls."


            Alyssa laughed a little at her friend's insecurity. "I promise I'll try to squeeze in some girl time. All I need is a reliable baby sitter and I'm set. But how are you doing? I mean you're the one getting married next week. How are you so calm? I was a nervous wreck at this point before my wedding."


            Teri just shrugged her shoulders a little bit. "I don't know. I guess it's because I'm not exactly the ‘typical bride.' I mean I was never the type of girl who spent most of her childhood imagining her wedding day. I don't think I ever really counted on getting married period. I was perfectly content in just being in a relationship with somebody and if it happened, it happened. The great thing about not ever planning on getting married is that I don't have any expectations about the big day. So, I'm not really worried about anything."


            "That's a good way of looking at it." Alyssa sighed. Teri's explanation did make a lot of sense. "I was just the opposite though. I was the girl planning her wedding since she was four and I actually wound up a little disappointed in the end."


            "Really?" Teri asked. "How so?"


            "I wanted everything just so and sometimes it just doesn't realistically work out that way. I had to settle for a lot and I was a little disappointed. That's why it probably is better to have lower expectations. The best advice that I can give to you is to just enjoy the day and let everything happen naturally. I really wish that I had let myself enjoy myself more. Sometimes I wish I could rewind time and do it over again," she wistfully explained.


            "You can always do it over again," Teri pointed out. "Look at how many couples renew their vows. Besides you never know what the future holds for you."


            Alyssa frowned. "What is that supposed to mean?"


            "Nothing," she replied in a sing song voice. "I was just saying." She paused for a moment before changing the subject. "So, I take it you've heard that Nick and Shayla are back together now?"


            Alyssa felt her back stiffen at the mention of Nick's name, but tried to keep her cool. "Yea, I may have heard something about it."


            "So, what are your feelings on it?" Teri casually asked.


            Alyssa just shrugged. "None of my business. As long as he's happy. He's a big boy now. He makes his own decisions."


            Teri seemed amused by her response. "Well, I personally think it's a mistake. I don't exactly know the details about why they separated exactly myself, but I'm just not a fan of hers. There's something very fake about her."


            "I thought you said she wasn't so bad?" Alyssa asked, remembering the exact words that Teri had said to her when they were all urging her to go up to congratulate Shayla and Nick at their wedding.


            "That's what I thought originally. She seemed okay at first, but after she and Nick got married she seemed to grow a major stick up her ass or something. I mean I'll admit I've always been closest too you and Tricia. I don't exactly have loads in common with Melanie or Leighanne outside of dating a Backstreet Boy, but when I'm around them we're friendly and we get along decently. But Shayla... I don't know. She just rubs me and Tricia the wrong way. Okay, none of us have as exciting careers as she does, but she just acts like because she's a television personality she's so much better than any of us. And the way she's always hanging on Nick whenever she is around? It's just kind of sickening. She's not very friendly at all."


            Hmm... Alyssa wondered. This was now the second member of the Backstreet family to confide in her about Shayla's superiority complex when it came to the other Backstreet wives and girlfriends. Melanie and Leighanne had already hinted to her that they weren't big fans of Shayla's. Alyssa began to seriously wonder if there really was good reason to dislike the woman other than her being married to Nick. "Well, I've only met her like three times actually. Once was at her and Nick's wedding, then when I bumped into her and Nick at Koi, and finally at Nick's dinner party he threw for Kina. The first two times she seemed nice, but almost too nice like it was an act. Then the last time she was very cold to me, so I don't know. She seems very moody, but who am I to judge? If she makes Nick happy..."


            "So, it doesn't bother you that he's with her?" Teri continued to press.


            "Why should it? It's not like I still have feelings for him or anything," she snapped. "I really don't care what he does as far as his marriage. In case you've forgotten, I'm married too. Happily married."


The more she rambled on the more it began to sound as if she was trying to convince herself of that and she hoped that Teri didn't catch on at all. Teri didn't reply back to her, which made Alyssa feel slightly nervous. At that moment, both of their massages just finished up and Teri sat up, clutching her white spa towel around her chest. Alyssa felt her eyes on her as she herself sat up. "What?" she asked, not being able to stand another moment.


"Nothing," Teri quickly replied as she looked away.




            After a few more spa treatments including facials, manicures, and pedicures, Teri, Alyssa, and the rest of the girls in Teri's bridal party left the spa and piled into the black stretch limo they had rented for the night. "Now that we got all the beauty stuff out of the way the real party can begin," Teri announced as they pulled away from the curb. "There's a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket and I think there should be some sparkling cider for you Alyssa."


            The rest of the girls began pouring glasses of champagne and passing them down until everyone had a glass. Alyssa was grateful to see that there was indeed a bottle of sparkling cider for herself. She was very impressed that the girls had tried their best to include her as much as possible. When everyone had a glass in their hand, they made a quick toast to Teri, promising to get her completely fucked up. Alyssa grinned as Tricia took the honor of pulling out a variety of embarrassing bachelorette accessories of a large shopping bag and all the girls cheered and snapped pictures as Teri proudly adorned everything. Tricia clearly hadn't spared any expense to make her friend look absolutely ridiculous and Alyssa couldn't help but laugh at the result. She definitely could sympathize. She could still remember her own bachelorette party that Meg had been in charge of. Although she'd been grateful that Meg had listened to her one request of no cheesy strippers, she must've figured she'd have to go all out with party favors to make up for it. The last time I put Meg in charge of anything, she thought with a smirk.


            Her attention was pulled back to the present as Teri already reached for the champagne bottle again to refill her glass, clearly in the mood to party. They were now on their way to dinner. "Hey, you know what I want to do?" she asked Tricia and Alyssa her eyes lighting up mischievously. "I want to listen to the Backstreet Boys!"


            Tricia giggled. "Well, it just so happens that I did bring along some Backstreet Boy CDs. Alyssa, could you reach into that bag next to you? The CDs are in there and the CD player is right by you."


            "Sure," Alyssa agreed, as she fished into the bag next to her and pulled out the newest Backstreet Boys CD Unbreakable. She had to admit that she hadn't listened to the CD even though it had been out for a long time now. She tended to steer clear of painful reminders of Nick. It was just easier for her that way. She laid the CD case out onto her lap as she pulled out the CD with her right hand, balancing her champagne glass in her left. As she leaned forward to push the CD into the CD player, the case shut close between her thighs. Once the CD was in place she sat back against her seat catching Tricia and Teri both red faced and snickering.


            "What's so funny?" Alyssa asked, looking confused.


            This caused both girls to laugh harder and Alyssa began to wonder if maybe there was something more in their glasses than just champagne. Finally Tricia managed to compose herself enough to answer Alyssa's question. "Sorry. It's just Teri pointed out that you have Nick between your legs right now and I just find that really funny."


            "Wouldn't be the first time!" Teri blurted out trying to control her laughter.


            Alyssa looked down at the CD case and pulled it out of her lap and back into the bag now completely red faced herself. "You guys suck," she muttered.


            ""Aww... Come on lighten up," Teri insisted. "What good is a bachelorette party without corny sex jokes? Take one for the team."


            "Oooh... I love this song! Turn it up," Tricia interrupted, as she leaned over Alyssa to adjust the volume as an up tempo dance beat flowed out of the speakers.


Walking along the sky
Chasing a glimpse of you
Painting a world with stars I found inside your eyes
Up here above the haze
Everything looks so clear
Wondering what it would be like if you were here


And time takes time
But I can't wait
To tell you how I feel


            "Oh you're the calm when my world is crashing... My heart, my blood, my passion... Whyyyy, tell me whyyyy... You're everything but mine..." Tricia began to sing along with the track.


            "I hold you close when it all goes crazy... And through it all, you'll be my lady...  Whyyy tell me whyyyy... You're everything but mine," Teri chimed in to join her.


            As the two women continued to sing along with the song, Alyssa listened carefully to the lyrics, which as usual with most Backstreet Boy songs always struck a chord with her and this was no exception. Even though it was up tempo and reminded her of something you'd hear in a club, it still hauntingly enough reminded her of her relationship with Nick.


            She must have looked a little dazed because as the song ended she was jarred back into the present by the sound of Tricia's voice calling her name. "Alyssa? Are you okay? You look a little out of it."


            "I'm fine," she insisted, painting a fake smile on her face. "Really."


            "You're not still pissed about the joke I made about Nick are you?" Teri asked.


            "I wasn't pissed in the first place Ter. I'm fine. I promise," she insisted.


            Both girls looked at her doubtfully, but thankfully let the subject drop. The rest of the limo ride passed by uneventfully and before Alyssa knew it they had arrived at the restaurant for dinner. After they got out of the limo they were ushered into a private back room and once they were settled in a waiter came around to take their drink orders. The women perused the menu for a few more minutes and by the time their drinks arrived they were ready to order their meals.


            After the waiter took all of their orders and was out of sight Teri looked around at the faces of the other women at the table mischievously from her seat at the head. "So, I figure what's a party without goodie bags? Which is why I bought a little something for all of you girls. Take it as a little thank you gift for all of you for being in my bridal party on my special day. I hope you like it." She paused to smirk as she grabbed a large shopping bag from her feet. "I know you'll definitely enjoy at least one part of the gift."


            Uh oh... Alyssa thought, knowing Teri to well to know that at least one of the items in the little pink gift bags that were making their way down the table had to be something dirty. At first Alyssa was surprised when she got her bag and first pulled out a white square jewelry box with a gorgeous silver and purple bracelet that would match their bridesmaid's gowns perfectly. But the bag still wasn't empty yet and once Alyssa pulled out the second object she couldn't help but to laugh. "Gee thanks, Teri. Exactly what every pregnant woman needs, a vibrator."


            Teri cracked up at Alyssa's reaction and just shrugged her shoulders. "Who knows? The baby might like it."


            "Actually..." Teri's cousin, Lisa spoke up from her spot at the table. "I have two kids so I speak from experience. You'd be very surprised. Once those pregnancy hormones really hit you'll be doing things you never imagined you'd do. How far along are you again?"


            "A little more than four months," Alyssa answered.


            "Mmhmm..." Lisa nodded with a smirk. "It's that second trimester. I'm telling you."


            " I dunno..." she doubtfully answered. "I can't imagine feeling the least bit sexy with a big ole belly. Besides my husband is overseas-"


            "Then I'd hold on to that vibrator," Lisa interrupted her. "Trust me on this."


            "Uhh ok..." Alyssa answered with a polite smile. She'd heard all sorts of tales about raging hormones throughout pregnancy, but the only kind of hormones she was feeling lately were the emotional ones that turned her into a total basket case. That's totally not going to be me.


            "Alyssa might be okay. She might just shock us all and get herself a little booty call on the side," Teri announced shooting her a knowing glance.


            "What?" Whatever gave Teri that idea? she wondered as she realized that this had been the second or third time that night that Teri had made a comment that had gotten under her skin. Was it possible that she knew more than what she let on?


            "I was just kidding. Relax Lyss," Teri assured her.


            It's a little hard to relax when she's making not so innocent comments like that all day. Alyssa made a mental note to pull her aside later and ask her what exactly was going on. There definitely had to be more to this story.




            After dinner was finished, Alyssa excused herself to get up and use the bathroom. After she was done and excited the stall she was met with both Teri and Tricia at the sink waiting for her. "What's going on?" she asked as she turned on the water to begin washing her hands.


            "We could ask you the same thing," Teri countered, her hands on her hips. "You've been acting all weird and uptight all night. Especially whenever I bring up Nick. I thought the two of you were all best friends lately?"


            "We were never best friends," she tried to argue. "We were just hanging out."


            "But you did admit to us that you were still a little physically attracted to him and if you had the opportunity to sleep with him and get away with it, you would," Tricia reminded her.


            "So?" Alyssa turned off the faucet and grabbed a paper towel to dry her hands. "Yea I did, but it wasn't like it was serious. It was one of those hypothetical things. Not like it was actually going to happen." She attempted to push past the two girls to get through the door, but they blocked her exit.


            Teri stood with her arms firmly crossed over her chest. "Come on Alyssa. The two of you were really close and now we're hearing that since he got back with Shayla the two of you haven't spoken? Something tells me there's more to this story than you're letting on."


            "You know that you can tell us anything Lyss. Like seriously Teri and I are probably the world's least judgmental people. I don't think there's much that you could tell us that would shock us beyond belief," Tricia added.


            Alyssa sighed wanting so much to confess the current mess she was entangled in with someone, but knew that the idea was not a smart one. The more people who knew the situation the more of a chance there was of it exploding in her face. "I don't know anything. Nick and I just stopped talking because Shayla and I aren't fond of each other," she quickly lied.


            "You slept with him didn't you?" Teri boldly accused.


            "No, why would you think that?" she answered a little too quickly.


            "Because I know you and Nick. I know your past and I know that there's definitely been a lot of tension between the two of you. Factor in the fact that Sean is away and you've got to be feeling pretty lonely, I'd say it's pretty obvious."


            Both women glared up at her expectantly and Alyssa knew that there was no way that she could hold up any longer without cracking. Even though she hadn't known Teri and Tricia as long as she'd known Izzy or any of the other girls, they just had a way of reading her way too well. She'd never been able to convincingly lie to them, so what on earth made her think she could start now? "Fine," she admitted throwing up her hands. "I slept with him. Are you happy now?" Not even having the nerve to look at their reactions she grabbed another paper towel to dab away the frustrated tears that she already felt forming under her eyelids.


            It was eerily quiet in the bathroom; so silent that you could hear a pin drop. The silence scared her and she desperately wished that someone would say something to break the tension.


            As if to answer her prayers Teri's voice was the first to speak. "So, how was it?"


            "What?" Alyssa was so shocked by Teri's reaction that she was forced to look up at her face. "Did you seriously just ask me how it was? You mean you're not going to tell me what a horrible person I am for cheating on my husband with my ex boyfriend?"


            "Not unless you want me to. Remember, I'm non-judgmental. Besides... I've always been more interested in the juicy, intimate details anyway."


            Alyssa laughed through her tears. The response was just so Teri. "It was amazing," she admitted. "He's so different from back when we were dating a few years ago. He's so much more attentive and caring, which of course makes him even sexier. You would've been proud of me." The corners of her mouth lifted up into a smirk at the memory. "We did it right on top of the dryer in laundry room in the condo that he originally bought for me when I was supposed to move out here."


            "He still has that place?"


            "And how do you have attentive and caring sex on top of a dryer?" Tricia piped up who had remained quiet for the most part throughout Alyssa's admission.


            Again Alyssa laughed a little, feeling more at ease already. The two women weren't out to judge her. It was beginning to feel like old times again with the three of them swamping outrageous sex stories. "Yea, he still has the condo. He hung on to it as sort of a hideout whenever he needed to get away. That's where he was staying while he and Shayla were separated. And to answer Tricia's question, no we didn't have attentive, caring, sex on top of the dryer. That time was pretty much just crazy and passionate and really, really, hot."


            Teri's eyes widened. "How many times did you do it?"


            "Only twice. Each time was completely opposite too, but both equally amazing in their own way. Like I said the dryer sex was really wild and totally heat of the moment. Then afterwards the second time was slower and more restrained, but like I said he was very attentive which was something that I wasn't used to."


            "Especially because Sean was all like wham, bam, thank you ma'am," Tricia filled in. "It's a wonder he was even able to get you pregnant at all."


As soon as the words left her mouth she froze for a moment and Alyssa noticed her exchange a glance with Teri. Alyssa shifted her weight uncomfortably as her hands involuntarily floated up to her stomach.


‘H...how long ago was this?" Teri hesitantly asked.


Knowing that there was no use in lying now Alyssa looked away as she answered. "June..."


She could practically hear them counting off the months in their heads and knew they were done once she heard them both gasp. "This baby? It's not Sean's, is it?" Tricia delicately questioned.


Alyssa could only shake her head in response before the tears returned. Sensing how emotional this was getting for her, both women stepped forward to embrace her as Alyssa let herself cry. She felt their hands stroke her back trying to calm her down. Finally managing to control herself Alyssa pulled back, wiping her eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm a basket case lately. All I ever do is cry anymore."


"With good reason. Most pregnant women cry at the drop of a hat anyway, but with everything you've got going on, I think it would be weirder if you weren't so emotional," Teri sympathized.


"So, who knows about this? Does Sean? What about Nick? How did you find out?" Tricia asked her all in one breath.


"Sean and I went to a fertility clinic to find out why we weren't conceiving after we'd been trying so long," she started to explain. "We had some tests done, but before we could get the results back, Sean was deployed to Iraq. Shortly after I find out I was pregnant and when I told Sean he was overjoyed. We just thought it was like some weird twist of fate or something. Anyway a few days after I found out I was pregnant, the clinic called me. Turns out that the reason I was having so much problems getting pregnant was because Sean is sterile."


"Ouch. What a way to find out," Teri commented.


"Yea... So that kind of explains my distantness from all of you I guess. I had so much on my mind that I just needed some time by myself to process it all."


Tricia looked at her sadly. "So, what are you going to do now?"


Alyssa shrugged her shoulders. "I told Nick and it didn't go so well. Well, the actual telling him part wasn't all that bad. He took that part pretty well, maybe a little too well. I think he was expecting me to divorce Sean because he felt obligated to take care of me, but that's just it. He feels obligated. He doesn't really want this. The man has been pretty vocal about how he doesn't want kids. Meanwhile Sean is willing to give anything to be a father."


"So, can't you just tell Sean the truth?" Teri suggested. "I mean just because he's not the biological father doesn't mean that he can't raise the child like he's the father. If fatherhood is that important to him he'll learn to adapt to the situation."


            Alyssa shook her head. "Not Sean. First off he'd be devastated if he found out that I cheated on him. But to find out that I cheated on him with Nick? He's made it quite clear that he's not a fan of his. In fact, I've actually sworn to him that there was nothing still there between the two of us. So, he wouldn't take it very lightly at all. Then there's the fact that he's so set upon us having a baby. Our own baby. It would kill him to know that this was a child I created with another man. Anyway, it's too late now."


            "What do you mean it's too late?" Tricia asked.


            She sighed. "I already told Nick that I wanted to raise the baby as Sean's and let Sean believe he was the father. I'll figure the rest out when the time comes. I know it's horrible of me right? I think I really hurt Nick's feelings. In a strange way I think he almost wanted the baby, but then why did he make such a big show telling Shayla he didn't want kids? I really fucked up our friendship big time and now he doesn't even want to talk to me."


            Both women looked shocked before they remembered they were supposed to be non-judgmental and support whatever decision Alyssa made regardless of whether or not they agreed with it or not. "I don't think you totally fucked it up, Lyss. All you have to do is talk to him," Teri assured her. "Tell him you changed your mind."


            "But I haven't changed my mind! I still think that it would be best for everyone if Sean thought he was the father. Sean and I are married and Nick and I? Well, we might have amazing physical chemistry, but we just don't work together in a relationship. Every time we try it only gets messed up in the end."

            "You're older now though," Tricia argued. "Maybe things are different."


            "I thought that when we tried getting back together four years ago and guess what? They weren't. Face it. Nick and I just don't work together. I'm better off with Sean. There's more security with him and he's more responsible. It's a better environment for a child," she pointed out.


            Noticing things were getting heated, Teri put a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. "Well, whatever you decide to do we'll be by your side because now more than ever I think you need some faithful friends. But you're going to have to face him next week at the wedding Alyssa. He's one of Howie's groomsmen. I know I'm a very laidback bride, but I don't want any unnecessary drama at my wedding."


            "Don't worry. We're not going to ruin your wedding day," Alyssa assured her. "We'll deal with it. In the meantime thank you so much for listening to me girls. I already feel a little less stressed since I've confided in you. It's felt like I was carrying around this huge weight on my shoulders."


            "Don't sweat it. Stress isn't good for the baby and despite all the baby daddy drama you got going on, you have to remember that your main goal in all of this is to deliver a healthy baby boy or girl. If you ever need to talk, you can always call on Tricia and I. Just not on my honeymoon. I'm going to be a little busy ‘getting busy' if you know what I mean." Teri wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.


            Alyssa laughed before giving the two women one last hug. "Thank you so much for everything. Now let's go back out there and celebrate. The other girls are going to start getting worried about us pretty soon."


            Teri and Tricia agreed and the three linked arms as they exited the bathroom. This is why I love these girls, Alyssa thought to herself. They always seemed to know exactly what to say to make her feel better. Now if only all my friends could be this supportive and non judgmental. Sadly Alyssa realized that majority of her friends would not be as forgiving, which only reaffirmed her decision to keep the identity of her baby's real father a secret.