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The Sequel to Always Something. Turning over a new leaf isn't always so simple, especially since Nick and Alyssa have seen their fair share of heartache and tragedy in their lives. Can they get through the rough patches together and discover an all new level of intimacy and return to the same Nick and Ali we all know and love? Or will the pain of their past prove to be too much to handle for the couple?
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick
Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sexual Content
Series: Nothing's Impossible: A Series
Chapters: 40
Completed: No
Word count: 205305
Read: 61167
Published: 12/17/07
Updated: 12/13/08

1. Chapter 1: The Turn Of The Tide by Teri [ - ] (2604 words)
WOOO it's starting! Nick and Alyssa hold a barbecue =)

2. Chapter 2: Return To Normalcy by Teri [ - ] (2723 words)
So I know I know it's been a while since I've updated and hopefully that won't continue. The holidays were really rough for me and my family so that's one reason why I've been so absent from AC. I hope to hear from everyone soon!

3. Chapter 3: I'm Not The Girl You Think I Am by Teri [ - ] (3814 words)
Woo! Another chapter! Currently I'm working on chapter 7 so I have a nice little cushion going on woo! Okay here we go finally got some momentum going with WSIT hope to hear from all of you!

4. Chapter 4: Bitch And Moan by Teri [ - ] (7085 words)
yay another chapter! Hehe let me know what ya'll think ok?

5. Chapter 5: Morning After Glow by Teri [ - ] (2811 words)
YAY! i'm so on a roll I finished chapter 7 and am working on chapter 8 i hope to get at least 2 more chapters done tonight woo! Hopefully some updating on my personal site as well. If you haven't checked that out please do so!

6. Chapter 6: Listening Party by Teri [ - ] (3843 words)
I know I know it's been forever, 2 weeks actually. I've been horribly stumped and now since I've written over a chapter today I decided to update! I'd like to thank my loyal readers for sticking with the series through thick and thin. You will so not be disappointed! I hope you all stay tuned! And I hope to hear from all of you soon!

7. Chapter 7: Seatbacks And Tray Tables by Teri [ - ] (2514 words)
WOO another new chappie! Hope you all love it! more drama to come!

8. Chapter 8: Unmistakable by Teri [ - ] (3395 words)
Woo another chapter!

9. Chapter 9: Stern Promotion by Teri [ - ] (3151 words)
Woo another chapter! I'm like a third of the way done with chapter 15 (lol Breathe Tri) anyways hope you like. Alyssa gets to go on Howard Stern for promotion of HOC2

10. Chapter 10: Beauty And The Geek by Teri [ - ] (3385 words)
Woo another chapter! I'm working on chapter 16 at the moment and hope to get to chapter 20 this week which would be awesome! anyways let me know what you think and thank you for all your reviews so far!

11. Chapter 11: Unbridaled Angst by Teri [ - ] (2223 words)
Yes I totally meant to spell Unbridled wrong. hehe Anyways here's yet another chapter for everyone! Thank you for the awesome reviews keep em coming!

12. Chapter 12: The Power Of Goodbye by Teri [ - ] (3818 words)
WOOO! another chapter! I just have one more scene to chapter 17 left and then i am going to work on chapter 18 woo! lets hope this streak continues!

13. Chapter 13: Rumor Has It by Teri [ - ] (2868 words)
Yay another chapter! Seems I've started updating once a week huh? lol Well let's hope I can start updating more too. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews so far! Keep em coming they're all much appreciated!

14. Chapter 14: Slow Me Down by Teri [ - ] (2903 words)
YAY AN UPDATE! lol Since I got such awesome Reviews from everyone yesterday I figured I'd be really uber nice and update today! Here ya'll go with Chapter 14!

15. Chapter 15: Seems Like Yesterday by Teri [ - ] (5071 words)
YAY another chapter. I'm working on chapter 19 right now, hopefully I can get that done today and then update again tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

16. Chapter 16: Fan-Damonium by Teri [ - ] (5531 words)
So I've been a teency bit absent from here huh? Well my lovely readers I sincerely apologize, I was horridly burnt out on various different things, neither of which have to do with writing but I just needed a break. So it's been a little over a month and I decided to finally get off my butt and give you some reading material. I really and truly appreciate your patience and loyalty during my little hiatus but I am back now and updates should become more and more regular. Thanks so much all of you for all of your support throughout this series of mine which has won best series from the Never Gone awards thanks to the many votes of my awesome readers! I definitely look forward to hearing more from you all as time rolls on and all your reviews/support and everything are so very much appreciated!

17. Chapter 17: To The Edge Of The Earth by Teri [ - ] (8954 words)
Hey all I'm back again with another chapter! Been busy with work, getting ready for school that starts monday and all that. I thought I'd post another chapter hehe. I'm currently working on chapter 20 which will definitely be interesting to say the least lol. Anywhoo thank you all for reading and reviewing! I hope to be able to reply to all of those reviews tonight after work. But once again thank you so much! Here's chapter 17 for your reading enjoyment!

18. Author Update by Teri [ - ] (210 words)

19. Chapter 18: Turkey Coma by Teri [ - ] (9473 words)
Wait what's this an ACTUAL CHAPTER?! Holy cow! lol Yes it's true I am BACK! And I'm so glad to be back, I've hated not writing but I took a well needed break. School is awesome, have a 4.0 so far and am very happy with that. Also there maybe a certain story coming back too *glances at Mel* hehe but you'll have to wait and see what exactly we're doing *even smile*. Anyways hope you all enjoy and yes I'm seriously back!

20. Chapter 19: In Recovery by Teri [ - ] (11236 words)
Wow another chapter?! Yay! So I finished chapter 20 and am working on 21. I'm really excited to work on this again. And I'm very excited that all of you liked it too. Keep the reviews coming they're so appreciated!

21. Chapter 20: Mr. And Mrs. Dorough by Teri [ - ] (9385 words)
Yay another chapter! I just finished chapter 21 also and if i get a substantial amount of chapter 22 done then I shall post that as well. Thanks for the reviews everyone! I hoep to get a chance to respond to each one of them either tonight or tomorrow! Enjoy!

22. Chapter 21: Silent Night by Teri [ - ] (12947 words)
Sooo I'm updating yay! LOL I've been rather busy and really worn out with school so I haven't gotten as much writing done as I would have liked lately but I guess I can't really help that. I am working on chapter 23 at the moment and had to split it because of a rather ingenious idea I had. Anyways I hope you all enjoy and hope to hear from you all!

23. Chapter 22: Christmas Time by Teri [ - ] (5882 words)
Hey everyone I figured I'd update while I have some time on the weekend. I'm going to start trying to update at last once a week because we're getting into the best part of the story now. I've seriously been looking forward to the rest of the chapters because its got lots of things happening. Weddings, babies, a tour, new houses and of course more snarky dialogue lol. Hope you all enjoy!

24. Chapter 23: City Of Sin by Teri [ - ] (5661 words)
Woo the vegas chapters have begun! lol I hope you all enjoy for the next couple chapters or so. LOTS going down and a BIG huge thank you to Mel, April and my brand new writing buddy Darby! Thanks all three of you for all your encouragement! You rock!

25. Chapter 24: You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em by Teri [ - ] (5451 words)
what's this? another update in one weekend!? SHOCKER! lol Thanks to darby and mel for all their help! Enjoy everyone! And thanks for all the awesome reviews they're so appreciated!

26. Chapter 25: The River by Teri [ - ] (3936 words)
so yes totally short chappie cuz i split my chapter lol. It just made so much sense to split it here but yes thank you all SO VERY MUCH for the amazing response to my last chapter. Keep em coming!!

27. Chapter 26: What Happens In Vegas Doesn't Always Stay In Vegas by Teri [ - ] (8200 words)
I know, I know sorry for the delay everyone. Had a final to do which i aced, and the last scene took me effing forever! Anyways hope you all like! Let me know!

28. Chapter 27: Gone Country by Teri [ - ] (5743 words)
Yay another chapter! Had to split the chapter lol. So more Nashville fun to come next chappie too. I need to write that one now lol.

29. Chapter 28: The Calm Before The Storm by Teri [ - ] (8195 words)
Yay another chapter! It's a fun one, lots of teasing going on. I figured I'd let them chill a bit before the mayhem of the tour gets underway next chapter. Anyways enjoy! As always R&R

30. Chapter 29: Touring Package by Teri [ - ] (5973 words)
Yay an update! Been doing lots of stuff lately, and cowriting with Mel...*evillest of evil grins* Oh yeah baby that's gonna be interesting. I reworked my outline and the story ends around chapter 49 so only 20 more chapters!! But you won't have to wait 20 chapters until the wedding, that is coming up...SOON! Enjoy and I can't wait to hear from all of you!

31. Chapter 30: Shakespeare In Love by Teri [ - ] (4493 words)
Yay another chapter! Lol sorry for the delay I've been so busy with school and such it's been hard to write! Anyways the next few chapters should go by quickly because the wedding is coming...very very soon!! Hope you all enjoy and thank you for all the wonderful feedback!

32. Chapter 31: Earshot by Teri [ - ] (4476 words)
So we have another chapter yay! The wedding is just in a few short chapters so I figured I'd add something a little different to the mix. Hope you all enjoy!

33. Chapter 32: Head Over Feet by Teri [ - ] (5171 words)
Yay another chapter! lol I always say that don't I? Anyways the wedding is nearing and will be here before you all know it. However there's alot to come in the process too! Anyways I hope you all enjoy! Lemme know okies?

34. Chapter 33: Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me A Match by Teri [ - ] (6530 words)
So in honor of October the 15th (aka MY BIRTHDAY!) I thought I'd get a chapter out to all of you! So the title, kinda cryptic and you won't get it until the last two scenes of the chapter but it's just so perfect for it. lol Anyways lots going on this chapter! Surprise appearances and bundles of joy, baby talk and a possible new budding romantic entanglement (possibly lol). Enjoy everyone!

35. Chapter 34: Tux and Cocktails by Teri [ - ] (3993 words)
So we are officially one chapter away from the wedding! Hope you all enjoy!

36. Chapter 35: The Death Of Singledom by Teri [ - ] (4872 words)

ta-da! It's the wedding chapter! Now this is just the lead up and the ceremony so enjoy! The wedding night and reception are next up! Also here is the DRESS! It's perfect for Alyssa and all my beta's agreed lol!

Thanks everyone for reading! And it's FINALLY here...only took me four stories to get to this point! lol!

37. Chapter 36: All You Need Is Love by Teri [ - ] (6737 words)
Sorry for the huge delay, life has been hectic and writer's block has not helped one bit! First of all I have just a few days of school left, just started my fulltime internship/job as a line cook for a brandnew restaurant. So I hope after this week with just work being in the way of taking up my time that I'll have more time to write (and won't need to study anymore woo!) lol. OH! And a very HUGE thank you goes to Darby (cabybakes) for all her help with the speeches! Since she's been in quite a few weddings, she shared some of her speeches that she's given and I "borrowed" a few lines that were simply awesome. So thank her by going and giving her some awesome reviews on her story Casual! Enjoy everyone!

38. Chapter 37: Newlywedded Bliss by Teri [ - ] (3259 words)
Yay a chapter! A short one by my standards but hey it's a start right! Anyways I started a new story, called Will You Be... check it out and lemme know what ya'll think! And this chapter here, is kinda filler and lots o'cheese it's very gouda lol. Anyways certain things will be happening soon that will balance with the super cheese going on. And...some new developments that will definitely be amazing. Stay tuned!

39. Chapter 38: New Addition by Teri [ - ] (4411 words)
So wow another chapter! I'm excited I pulled this one out so fast. Alot of things going on this chapter, especially the ending. I know it's happening fast but in real life it can happen even faster! Anyways Hope you all enjoy!

40. Chapter 39: This Time It'll Be Different by Teri [ - ] (2378 words)
Okay okay I know I've sorta dropped off the face of the earth but I'm back, I hope lol. Enjoy!