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Story Notes:
Please do not take any part of my poem, they are easy to do just need the right inspiration please try and don't take my work.
Author's Chapter Notes:
  This poem came to be after a challenge in my favorite yahoo group call Mature fan Club...its a description of how I feel about  the group...

What it Means to be a Mature BSB Fan

by Jacqueline Rivera

BKA: AngelgirlDorough


As a Mature BSB Fans we can enjoy

Late Night Chats.


Act and convey conversations with other

 Mature friends without getting offend by every little thing.

We are able to enjoy desires and fantasize about our favorite Backstreet Boys

without being criticize because we all are in the boat.


Mature BSB Fan is being able to involved immediate family,

 because Mature BSB Fan club is an extended family on the net. 

That love and enjoy each other's company.


So, as you read this little poem remember,

who we are;


 Mature BSB Fans that knows how to have fun!


That's what being a Mature BSB Fan means to me and

that is why I'm proud of calling myself

a Mature BSB Fan.