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Summary: All he wants is to get home to sleep off a stomach bug, but life has other plans for JD. Hour one, he gets sick and gets mugged. How can it possibly go down from there? Try getting kidnapped, stuffed into the trunk of a car...
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Fanfiction > TV Series > Scrubs
Characters: J. D Dorian
Genres: Angst, Humor
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 7
Completed: No
Word count: 31704
Read: 6412
Published: 11/02/08
Updated: 01/19/09

1. Hour One by Chaos [ - ] (2245 words)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Scrubs, or any of the characters you recognize. I just want to play with them a bit. I’ll return them, but can’t promise that they won’t be harmed. Sorry. Promise I’ll patch them up as best I can before returning them.

A/N: I’m new to the Scrubs fandom. I’m working my way through the season 1 DVDs and have seen a few key episodes from later in the series (enough to know at least some of the major things that have happened), but it’s quite likely I don’t know a lot of littler things that have been established that I don’t know about it. I also may write some stuff that doesn’t quite fit things that have happened on the show. Hopefully it will all at least sort-of work, though. If not, consider the fic to be AU.

I’ll state flat-out that I don’t write romance (or at least write very little of it). I do, however, have the tendency when I write friendships that they seem…”slash friendly” at the least. There will likely be some JD/Cox friendship (as much as Cox can be friendly anyway) in later chapters as well as some JD/Turk “Guy Love” but nothing more than what there already is on the show. They will not at any point start boinking like bunnies or anything, but may be a more smarmy than they would normally be in cannon. If that’ll bug you, you’ll probably not want to read.

The tone of this fic starts out somewhat light, but will likely have a lot of angst and most likely some suspenseful sequences later on as the “day” progresses.

2. Hour Two by Chaos [ - ] (2894 words)
Not sure if anyone is even reading this, but hey. If you are, and you like it, let me know!

3. Hour Three by Chaos [ - ] (3005 words)

4. Hours Four and Five by Chaos [ - ] (5346 words)
Thanks to the two of you who emailed me to let me know you're reading! This is for you guys!

5. Hour Six by Chaos [ - ] (5977 words)

6. Hour Seven AKA Their Hour 1 by Chaos [ - ] (8045 words)
I did a little bit of experimenting with POV and tense, but I think it’s followable (which isn’t a word, but hey…)

7. Our Hour I by Chaos [ - ] (4192 words)