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When you realize there has never been anyone important in your life. You’ve never given or had affection and you don’t know what it’s like to love or be loved. What happens when your mission of destruction, is the one that teaches you all those emotions that you’ve been missing out on? When you’ve always been the best of the best and you’ve never failed a mission. Will you choose to continue to be the best or will you choose to love?

Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Howie, Kevin, Nick
Genres: Action, Alternate Universe, Romance
Warnings: Death, Graphic Sexual Content, Graphic Violence
Series: Jacklex Series
Chapters: 32
Completed: Yes
Word count: 65809
Read: 44564
Published: 11/20/08
Updated: 04/01/09
Story Notes:
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1. Prologue by kevmylove [ - ] (616 words)
Another experiment, I'm hoping it works out the way I want it. Thank you Kristal for helping me brainstorm and for the title. love ya *hugs*

2. Chapter 1 by kevmylove [ - ] (1756 words)

3. Chapter 2 by kevmylove [ - ] (2148 words)

4. Chapter 3 by kevmylove [ - ] (1308 words)

5. Chapter 4 by kevmylove [ - ] (1329 words)
Yay thank you for those that like this...I'm having fun making AJ a dick head!!! It's sexy! THANK YOU Kris for all your HELP, this story wouldn't be if not for you!! LOVE YA BF!!!

6. Chapter 5 by kevmylove [ - ] (1695 words)
Thanks again you guys!

7. Chapter 6 by kevmylove [ - ] (1627 words)

8. Chapter 7 by kevmylove [ - ] (1627 words)

Thanks to all of you for reviewing...woohoo!

9. Chapter 8 by kevmylove [ - ] (1762 words)
Thank you guys for taking the tme and interst to read my new project. Also thank you for the reviews. Very appreciated!

10. Chapter 9 by kevmylove [ - ] (1507 words)

11. Chapter 10 by kevmylove [ - ] (2982 words)
Thank you all once again for all your feedback and for taking the time to read. Sorry this one is a little longer than the rest, but it's worth it. I think!

12. Chapter 11 by kevmylove [ - ] (2235 words)

13. Chapter 12 by kevmylove [ - ] (1716 words)
Hey ladies, sorry it took so long to update. I hope you like.

14. Chapter 13 by kevmylove [ - ] (2006 words)

I'm sorry about the font change in the middle of the chapter, i have no idea what the heck that is about. I tried to fix it over and over and it just wouldn't budge. Thanks again for reading and reviewing ladies.

15. Chapter 14 by kevmylove [ - ] (2542 words)
I hope you guys still love Jack!! Thank you!!

16. Chapter 15 by kevmylove [ - ] (1581 words)
Once again thank you for all your feedback, recognition on the forums and I'm sorry that I'm slow on responding to your reviews.

17. Chapter 16 by kevmylove [ - ] (1945 words)
Sorry it took so long, I hope your still interested. Also this is kinda my first real action scene, and I had a LOT of issues with it. So please let me know if it sucked. Thank you everyone for reading and for the feedback.

18. Chapter 17 by kevmylove [ - ] (1511 words)

19. Chapter 18 by kevmylove [ - ] (2153 words)
Yay this chapter came out sooner than I thought, of course once again I have to thank Kristal for helping me out as much as she does...hell soon I might have to turn it over to her...lol!! Hope you like.

20. Chapter 19 by kevmylove [ - ] (2528 words)

21. Chapter 20 by kevmylove [ - ] (2424 words)
Thank you guys for all your feedback, it's greatly appreciated. Also I want to apologize for not always responding to your reviews...it's just my comp is having issues, so sometimes it wont let me respond to everyone and I dont' want anyone to feel bad...cause it seems like I respond to some and not to others! So once again thank you and I DO appreciate all your reviews ladies!!

22. Chapter 21 by kevmylove [ - ] (2542 words)
Thank you ladies for all your feedback, very appreciated!! Hope you like!

23. Chapter 22 by kevmylove [ - ] (2532 words)
Thank you all for keeping up with Jack and all your reviews. I'm sorry I haven't responded lately...I've been a little on the stressed and busy side with my kids. But, please know that I appreciate them very much. Than you once again.

24. Chapter 23 by kevmylove [ - ] (3158 words)
The long awaited moment...I hope you guys like.

25. Chapter 24 by kevmylove [ - ] (2807 words)
Thank you guys, for all the reviews. I love them like always...woot!

26. Chapter 25 by kevmylove [ - ] (2864 words)
Thank you guys so much for the reviews. I have my internet back, so I'm going to start responding to your reviews. I hope you like this chapter, Kristal and I put a lot of work into it. Woot. Thanks hun!

27. Chapter 26 by kevmylove [ - ] (2641 words)

28. Chapter 27 by kevmylove [ - ] (2392 words)
Yay, I'm about two chaps away from the end. Ok maybe it's not a yay, thank you ladies for all your time spent reading and your awesome reviews. I love and appreciate them very much. Thank you!

29. Chapter 28 by kevmylove [ - ] (1693 words)

30. Chapter 29 by kevmylove [ - ] (2434 words)
Hey you guys, sorry it took so long. I haven't written an ending to a story in years...so this is being really hard on me. So hard, that I still have about two more chapters to go. *sigh* I hope you guys like...thank you so much for your support, reading and reviewing. *hugs*

31. Chapter 30 by kevmylove [ - ] (2973 words)
Finally I got the ending done. I'm sorry if it's not what you expected, this is my first ending...in a while. I struggled a whole lot with it, and I was on a roll this morning. So let me know what you think...

32. Chapter 31 by kevmylove [ - ] (775 words)
Ok so this time, this is really the last chapter to Jack. Thank you so much to all of you that took the time to read...I hope you enjoyed it, just as much as I enjoyed writing and reading your reviews. Thank you so much!!